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Human beings use different languages to converse with each other. These languages developed over time and now have become more intricate and can be interpreted in many ways. For proper usage of the languages, we need to have a grammar which is the base of writing a language. Often written language has a different style of grammar than the oral languages. Without the usage of grammar, our sentences in any language wouldn’t actually make any sense. When we are in school, our courses pay attention to our usage of language and guide us to use them in the right ways.

Importance of Learning Grammar

We learn to talk from our caregivers. If we are brought up with the help of a nanny, we will often grasp their way of speaking. This can include improper usage of grammar or even the utterance of the wrong words. No one actually pays heed to grammar once they get it done in the school. It just becomes a tool of learning and nothing else. In the current generation, the improper use of grammar and language is rampant and several people are actually unable to write in proper full sentences that have a meaning to them. So, let us see the points which make grammar so important for a language:  

  • The basic usage of grammar is for proper communication. If you speak with wrong grammar, you may convey the wrong message. You will often notice that people who cannot use proper English will often talk in a way that is hard to understand. Grammar gives a language its true meaning. It teaches us the sequence in which every word should go so that it is legible. The illegibility is more pronounced in case of written documents as the speaker isn’t actually present in front of you. So, the reader actually needs to read again and again to find out the meaning. But clear grammar lets you understand the same thing in one go.
  • Grammar is actually just like mathematics. It has a proper syntax and even a wrong point can shatter its actual sense. For proper usage of grammar, one needs to brainstorm and use the words in the correct position. So, learning grammar actually makes you more logical and makes you have a sense of coherence. A person who knows and uses proper English will often catch the mistakes of other people while they are speaking with them.
  • Learning and using proper grammar adds an amount of credibility to your life. When you are an adult and have to present your Resume, it cannot have any grammatical errors. If your use of language is wrong, the person reading the document will find your incoherent and immature. A person who uses proper grammar is also more learned that someone who doesn’t bother to use it properly. If you talk or write in wrong grammar, it can form a lasting bad impression on people, especially if they are your teacher, colleagues or employers.
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    When someone speaks a particular language, they need to be fluent in it so that others can understand them. So, the basic course of learning a language always introduces you to the usage of grammar. If you are able to use the grammar, you will become fluent in the language in a few days. It also makes your learning path easier as you will be able to detect your own flaws when you speak the language. To know fluent English one will need to know the tenses so that they can convey their messages in the best way possible.
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    Learning grammar, in general, will help you a lot in life. It will be a boon for you and for your children in the future. You need to have proper grammar in every exam paper that you write, every research paper that you submit or even at the presentation that you give at your office. So, you cannot actually do away with grammar once you are out of school. Grammar will help you to get marks and also help you teach people if you become a teacher or tutor in the future. People will actually look up to you if you are able to use the language in its truest form.

How can someone learn to use proper grammar?

Human beings end up forgetting almost everything that they learned at school. Some people also come from places where their native language isn’t English, but they do want to learn the language and be fluent in it. So, there are some ways in which they can improve their grammar: 

  • Take up an online grammar course: The internet is a carnival of things as you have an endless amount of options for different things. We often use it in a way that makes it useless. But the better side of the internet lets you avail courses on several things. So, someone who is interested in learning grammar can actually take up an online course on the subject. These courses are often based on the different levels of grammar that a person is aware of. People can either get the free courses or even pay for a good one.
  • Read books in the language: To know the proper usage of a language on needs to read books. These pieces of documents are checked and re-checked over and over again to fix any flaws that may be present in them. To know the usage of contemporary grammar one will need to read books that are being written now or have been written in recent times. People can start with the easiest and go on to the advanced level so that it is easier for them to grasp the thing. Constant reading will provide them with an understanding of the language in a more natural way. They will also remember it as they are getting the lesson through a form of leisure.
  • Listen to the language: As we said above, the written use of a language isn’t always the same as the way of speaking. So, it is important to listen to the language as well. One can do this by listening to songs, radio programs and by watching movies and TV shows. They are also a great way to pick up the accents that are spoken by the diverse people of this world. Audiobooks are also a great way to learn a language without the hassle of reading a physical book. Do not rely on YouTube videos of contemporary artists or stars as they often use faulty or colloquial grammar while speaking.
  • Write in the language: Just like reading is important so is writing. If you do not write on your own, you will never be able to detect your mistakes or write a sentence in a proper way. So, whenever you are thinking of something, try to write it in the language. If there is a problem with it, you will be able to detect it on your own. Writing is a skill that should always develop along with learning proper grammar as it helps in remembering the rules in a much better way.
  • Talk to people in the language: The end goal of using grammar is for better communication, so you will need to converse with others to get it to the best. So, spend a certain amount of time in polishing your grammar skill while speaking to someone. You can actually converse with a friend who is good in the language so that they can catch your mistakes and tell it to you. This exercise will help you in improving your grammar skills a lot.

But human beings do have a limited amount of memory and everyone isn’t capable of remembering every form of grammar. At times we use the colloquial version in our written language and it becomes a mess. As an adult, we will never have a grammar teacher with us all the time. But technology and software have gone ahead of time. Grammar experts and software technicians have come forward with computer applications that can help in detecting the grammatical problem in a written document. These Grammar checkers are quite helpful for people who do not seem to remember everything about grammar.

What is a Grammar Checker?

In the modern age, we are aware of computer and mobile applications. These are programs written by experts to help us in specified fields. We have messaging applications, video, and audio players and much more.

Just like that, a grammar checker is a software which helps in detecting the grammatical errors present in a document.

You may have seen such a service in MS Word, where they underline your mistakes. But that often becomes limited when you have to present several pages at a time. A Grammar checker application, on the other hand, is specifically meant to detect those problems. So, the application is fed in a way that it actually knows grammar better than the average joe.

The user can then go to the individual problems and see if they need to fix the mistakes or not. Grammar checkers are generally used for the English language which is one of the most used languages present in this world. Several such applications have come up in the market and they are both used for smartphones and personal computers.

It is a tremendous help for students who have to write essays and dissertation, which tend to be quite long. 

Grammar checkers are not something new. Even in the 1970s, they were being used in the computers to help in making the written documents free of any flaws. They were mainly in the form of Add-on programs.

But Microsoft wanted to have something different and so they added the feature directly to the Microsoft Word program. Right now, several independent applications have taken their place and they work in a similar pattern but in a more in-depth way. One can find open source grammar checking websites as well which cater to people who cannot pay for premium services.

But applications often include both a free and a premium version. They are made in a way that they will adequately help non-native users of the language to detect their mistakes and correct it properly.

What do you get in a grammar checker?

When you are downloading a specific grammar checker, you will want to know the features that it will have. You do not want to download an application that is unreliable or will show you the wrong grammar. So, the reputed grammar checkers mostly have these features. 

  • Spell Check: A language is made up of innumerable words. A grammar checker often has its own dictionary which helps them in picking up the spelling mistakes in a document. In English grammar checkers, people can also change their country so that the checker can make changes adequately. The wrong spelling will often be underlined and the checker will suggest the alternatives that a person can use in its place. This feature helps the writer to actually know their mistake so that they do not repeat it the next time they sit down to write a document.
  • Punctuation checker: One of the most crucial parts of writing a language is the use of punctuations. You have to be very careful about interchanging the punctuations as they can change the meaning of an entire sentence. Grammar checkers will also include the feature where they show the user their improper use of punctuations. The application is also able to predict a punctuation to the user. A properly punctuated document has a better appearance and is easy to read when compared to a document that isn’t punctuated at all.
  • Syntax and Style check: As we said above, grammar has proper utilization and syntax. In the English language, you have to use proper tenses, prepositions, adverbs, pronouns, etc. to actually make a sense out of it. A sentence needs to have a proper form to convey the message in details. A grammar checker will check the syntax and tell you if you have written the right thing or if it requires some changes. People often do make silly mistakes without realizing them. The syntax checker will point these and let them know for future reference. Improper usage of idioms and phrases are also a problem in written language. Grammar checkers can easily find them and point them to you. Correction of active and passive voice is also an important feature as people tend to do a lot of mistakes in it. The style is another key point in writing a language. You will find that an official document doesn’t carry the same style as a novel. So, some checkers can also suggest some style options to enhance the document according to the subject or topic.
  • Cliché and repetition check: Most people write in the colloquial way of speaking, but this isn’t desirable for a written document. A good grammar checker can pick up the clichés that a person is using in their document and it can help them to rectify it by giving them some alternatives. The same thing goes for repetition where a person uses the same phrase or some set of words over and over again. A written document becomes boring and dull when this is done to them. This feature is generally available in the premium version of the grammar checkers.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Vocabulary is a big thing in a language. There can be numerous synonyms for the same word. Whenever someone writes a large document like an essay, they need to make it as stylistic as possible. One of the best ways to do so is by using a diverse form of vocabulary. This also helps in the presentation of the document as it appears neater and creates a good impression about one’s hold on the language. Premium versions of grammar checkers will often help a user by suggesting them better alternatives to a word that they have written in their document.
  • Plagiarism checker: Plagiarism is a debatable topic in the current age. The internet has made people lazy, but it is also the tool which people can use to plagiarize things. But the internet can also help in catching this plagiarism. So, some premium versions of the grammar checking apps include a plagiarism feature. They help in detecting the plagiarized content while someone else proofreads a document.
  • Quality Check: A grammar checker can also rate the quality of your writing. They will grade you accordingly and suggest you ways in which you can make it even better. It may also tell you the number of sentences, the number of words and the number of paragraphs that you have used in the document.

The Benefits of Using a Grammar Checker:

By now we have discussed everything that you needed to know about a grammar checker and also the way that it works. Now, we need to analyze the benefits that the grammar checker will provide to us. We cannot just sit with it and use it just for the sake of it. The grammar checker has to give us some benefits so that we really have a motivation to keep it on our phones or our personal computers. So, here are some of the benefits that a grammar checker generally has in our lives: 

  • In school, college and university, we need to submit essays and papers on a daily basis. These are large documents that we have to write in a short amount of time. It is a fact that the grammar in these documents wouldn’t be perfect. A grammar checker can actually help in detecting these problems and help you in correcting them. The paper will be near to perfect when you use the checker. It can even make it better by adding vocabulary and phrases that you would have never thought of.
  • Grammar check comes handy when you have to proofread the grammar of a document. It is a saviour for teachers and professors as they have to go through several documents in a certain amount of time. The grammar checker will help them go through the process as fast as possible. If the grammar checker has the plagiarism detector, then they will be able to see if a student has copied anything from another source.
  • Writers will also find the grammar checkers to be their best friends. They can go about checking their document as they write so that they are aware of the silly mistakes or syntax errors. They should definitely subscribe to the premium services as it will help them the most in their work.
  • The grammar checker is important when someone is writing an official document or a presentation. The documents need to be perfect as you are giving it to someone who is your employer. The impression needs to be nice. Grammar checkers can do the work perfectly so that your boss has a great impression about you.
  • Grammar check is also important for writing letters or emails. Even though email is sent using the internet, you cannot possibly send it with wrong grammar. So, Grammar Checkers can be used to analyze the email correctly before you finally send it off to the recipient.
  • ​In general, using a grammar checker will make you aware of the grammatical mistakes that you are most likely to make while writing in a language. The highlighted areas and the explanations are the best way in which you can analyze your use of the language. With time you wouldn’t even need a grammar checker if you properly pay attention to the application. We will suggest you get the premium version as it gives you the most insight into your work.

The internet is full of grammar checkers which are either in the form of a website or an application. But you cannot use all of them as most of them aren’t up to the mark. But some among them have proved to be really good and people from all over the world use them regularly. So, let us know about some of them so that you people can also use them:

#1: Grammarly

grammarly grammar checker

​Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker of the current times. It is convenient to use as it is available in several platforms including Microsoft office and Chrome. It is used for the English language and is available for the countries of Britain, America, Australia, and Canada. Grammarly has a free version as well as a premium version and both of them work equally great.

Official Website: 

They have recently launched a keyboard for Android OS and it helps the users to type correct grammar while texting or writing emails. Grammarly even has a plagiarism checker which is perfect for teachers and professors.

You can ready our detailed Grammarly review if you want more information about this grammar checker software. 

They keep on giving offers from time to time to their regular users. You can try grammarly free trial as well if you want to check the basics of this grammar checker app.

Another great thing about them is that they give you a weekly and monthly analysis of Grammarly usage and it talks about the quality of the content and also the most common mistakes.

Try Grammarly For Free!

#2: Ginger

Ginger Grammar Checker

This is another great application-cum-website that helps you in checking your grammar and spelling.

Ginger is available in Windows, Mac, iOS as browser extensions for Chrome and Safari and also as an Android keyboard. The application has a ton of grammar checking options in it. It is the complete thing that can be used by anyone who wants to write a perfect document in the English language.

Other than the normal Grammar checker they also have the sentence rephrase option, a translator, a word predictor, a dictionary and several other things.

Check this unbiased Ginger review for a detailed information about this grammar checker tool.

They also have a section where they teach you the right English grammar and it also includes an online proofreader. The best thing about Ginger is that they give their services for free and you can download the application after checking their quality by putting a content on the website.

Try Ginger For Free!

#3: Hemingway App

hemingway grammar checker

Hemingway is the simplest of the editors that you can use in a document. Their website is as useful as their desktop application. You can directly write on their website and they will point out the places where you need changes.

They mainly deal with misuse of passive voice, improper use of adverbs and phrases. Other than that they tell you which sentences are hard and very hard to read. They provide a score for your content which tells you about the quality.

The interesting part of the editor is that you have to make the changes on your own. It is best for people who have a hold over the English language and wants to use something that will increase the readability of their document.

Just visit their website and put your content to do everything for free and we are sure that you will be happy with it.

#4: Whitesmoke

whitesmoke grammar checker

Professional writing requires the utmost amount of dedication. But when you are writing huge contents, you are bound to make mistakes as a human being.

WhiteSmoke is designed in a way that it detects the hidden mistakes and helps you in correcting that. Right now the application is available for the Windows OS, Mac OS, and all the popular browsers. Along with the Grammar the application checks for plagiarism and a translator. Currently, they have launched a mobile application for Android as well as iOS. 

Check this WhiteSmoke review for a piece of detailed information about this grammar checker tool.

The best feature about them is that they highlight your problems and gives you a suggestion on top of it. WhiteSmoke isn’t free so you will need to pay them a certain amount to use their services. It is one of the best platforms for people who write on a regular basis. They include an English lesson with their packages so that a user can enhance their hold over English.

Try WhiteSmoke For Free!

#5: ProWritingAid

prowritingaid grammar checker

When you download or use the ProWritingAid you don’t just get one check, but you get three-in-one. These include a grammar guru, a style editor and a writing mentor in just one package. The best thing about their service is that they are available on numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, several browsers and even Scrivener. They have three packages among which the first one is free and the other two are paid. Their prices are quite reasonable when compared to other similar services. Anyone from a novel writer to a blogger to an office person to students can take help of the tool to correct their grammar and actually enhance their content. They have a feature that helps you find the right words. When you make a mistake, they highlight it to you, but along with that you also get to learn about the mistake and the way to correct it. The editing is super fast and you will actually like working on their platform.

Try ProWritingAid For Free!

Do we really need to use a grammar checker?

Using a grammar checker is totally up to one’s personal preference. If someone is fluent in a language, then they may not need to use a grammar checker. But human beings often make mistakes and so most people will need to use the checker. A checker actually helps a lot in making a documentary presentable in front of the readers.

In the professional world, presentability is a huge thing that everyone needs to follow. So, using the grammar checker doesn’t become an option. But one must remember that the grammar checkers have also been designed by human beings. Which means they can have errors as well.

So, it is important to choose a grammar checker that is reputed and have been reviewed by a certain number of people. For example: Grammarly.


In conclusion, we can say that a grammar checker is a tool that provides you with a lot of help when it comes to writing. It is especially helpful for people who aren’t fluent in the particular language.

It is a boon for several people and we hope to many such applications in the future. The internet has made everything quite easy and it has brought a revolution to the writing community.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand grammar checkers in the best possible way.