11 Best Firefox Add-ons Extensions For Productive Writing

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What was just made to call people around, is now used to mail, watch movies, and even create excel documents on-the-go. The phone is so much more than just a phone now—isn’t it?

And that sums up the nature of the 21st century we live in. Being in the golden age of technology, we now demand maximum productivity and more functionality out of pretty much everything we see.

Firefox is no different. An age-old web browser, The Firefox is still used by millions around the world. There were thousands of extensions that you could use on Firefox before it got the Firefox Quantum upgrade in 2019. While the update was long overdue, it has now restricted the compatible extensions to only those made on its own programming interface, WebExtensions, which was rolled out a few years ago.

The update has made the browser faster, more suitable for multitasking, and better at handling the memory of your device. But a little disadvantage that you might face upon upgrading would be that you would not find most of your favorite extensions on the store. You will have to re-download every last one of your extensions and find replacements for the ones who have not updated their platforms to WebExtensions.

Nevertheless, the newly upgraded browser is bound to give you the best experience you have ever had on Firefox. And thus, you need to find out what extensions work best in unison with the new version.

Here is the list of best Firefox add-ons and extensions of 2020 for writers and bloggers:

Best Firefox Add Ons And Extensions

We have carefully curated this list to include 11 of the best firefox add-ons with a combination of the best productivity extensions as well as interface-augmenting extensions. Do have a look and tell us if we missed an important one.

1. Grammarly

grammarly firefox add-on

Of course, the top name on this list is Grammarly. There is no doubt in our minds that this is the most used and loved extension for pretty much any browser out there because of the sheer benefit it gives to its users.

First of all, you can easily install this without any hassle. Then you can review any content online with the help of Grammarly. The best use of this extension is reviewing content for any grammar or spelling mistakes, while you are entering them in any field box in your browser.

For instance, this extension will not let you send out an mail without telling if you have made a stupid grammatical mistake in between. This stops you from embarrassment on many occasions and is one of the most helpful addons available for Firefox.

But while most of the functions of this extension come free, many functions are restricted for premium plan customers. So keep in mind that you might have to pay for some of the services if you use Grammarly. You can also get your Grammarly free trial here.

Download Now

2. Ginger Software

ginger software firefox addon

Now Grammarly might have a large fan base, but there are people who find their experience with Grammarly dissatisfactory or expensive (around $30 a month isn’t cheap, you know). If you are one of them and if you are on the lookout of a good alternative for Grammarly, you should definitely try out the Ginger extension for Firefox.

Ginger not only proofreads and corrects your mail, but it does this, so for anything, you might be posting on any social media platform too. You can have your posts automatically proofread while you are typing them in the post boxes of different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Ginger also offers one-click correcting so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of reviewing every mistake you made throughout the document. For more details, you can check out this Ginger Software review.

Update: Right now, Ginger Software is not available for Firefox.

3. ProWritingAid

prowritingaid firefox addon

ProWritingAid is another one of the many alternatives for the market leaders Grammarly. It will also check all your content that you write on your browser, whether it be on your mails or any social media platforms. It can also correct every mistake that you missed to rectify with the click of a single button. But what is unique with the ProWritingAid is that it will also help you grow as a writer rather than just keep on rectifying your mistakes for you as the other addons do.

As a professional writer, you always want to know what grammatical errors you made or what grammar rule you didn’t know about so that you don’t repeat it again. This extension gives you proper reasoning and explains to you the rule because of which it deemed the phrase wrong. Also, it adapts to your writing style, and you can instruct it to give you recommendations to write your content in a different tone.

This is one of the Firefox recommended extensions that should at the top of your download list if you have come back to firefox after a long haul. For more information, you can read this ProWritingAid review.

Download ProWritingAid

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4. WhiteSmoke

whitesmoke firefox extensions

Another successful language checker—WhiteSmoke, has had immense success and acclaim on Google Chrome, and now it is available for Firefox Quantum Browser too. It proofreads all your documents and postings online, including your mail, and corrects each of your mistakes at the click of a button.

You can even work with different styles of writing, and the software will adapt to your own writing style and give suggestions based on that. A unique feature of WhiteSmoke is the plagiarism checker. It often happens that when we writers research topics, we unintentionally tend to write almost the same lines.

This might be a moment of shame someday when you might be accused of plagiarizing your content. But WhiteSmoke saves you from that embarrassment by telling you in real-time, the percentage of plagiarism as you write your own content. For a detailed guide, read this review article.


5. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Now digital marketing has been all the rage in the past few years. Companies have flourished by putting up ads on apps, websites, and social media platforms. The only people who suffer are the users.

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to play an online game, and an ad pops up, disrupting your flow, and sometimes even damaging your progress?

Well, we hate it too. And there’s now a solution for that.

Adblock Plus is one of the best productivity extensions for firefox browser. It will instantly block any popup ad on any website you open. You will save a lot of your valuable time as well as you can stay focused on the work you are doing.

Download Addblock Plus

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6. Momentum

best firefox add-on

The Firefox update had its toll even on the new tabs page, the interface of which has been completely changed. With momentum, you can replace the new interface back with the ever so relaxing screen with a landscape theme. Along with the functionality of making your browser look beautiful, you also have the option of adding some quick links to the new tab page, such as weather forecasts, stock positions, etc.

Download Momentum

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7. OneTab

best firefox addon

One Tab is all about saving your RAM when you are operating through dozens of tabs. In cases when we do research, we often notice the considerable lag the computer has when the tab count goes over six. It happens because it uses up a lot of the memory of your device in keeping the tabs open. OneTab gets rid of that problem with a smart solution.

It makes a list of all the links that are open in the browser and present them to you as options in a list. When you click a link, you open the page again. This saves a lot of time that loading and lagging might have taken.

Download OneTab

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8. Pocket

best firefox extension

Pocket completely justifies its name and acts like a little pocket for you where you can put all your virtual stuff. You can save all kinds of links in Pocket, including links to your favorite articles in a particular blog, your favorite videos on YouTube, your favorite posts on Twitter, and so on.

Basically, you will have the luxury of finding all your favorite stuff on the internet in one place. You will not have to remember each and every site you go on because you can just put them in your pocket.

Download Pocket

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9. FoxyProxy


FoxyProxy is an award-winning VPN service and probably the most popular among its vast number of competitors. You can buy VPN and proxy servers of over 110 countries from this extension and save your identity while you browse on your Firefox browser.

You can quickly turn on the VPN service at the click of a button every time you want your identity to be hidden. It saves your privacy from getting exposed to unwanted people over the internet and keeps you safe.

Download FoxyProxy

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10. Disconnect


The Disconnect is one of the most popular privacy solutions in the market. It saves your personal information and data from being collected by unwanted websites and bots on the internet. These bots put your data in databases that are sold to other companies who then spam you with sales calls.

You can put an effective end to that by putting Disconnect to work. This extension will also save you from unwanted tracking over the internet. You can now browse safely and securely with the Disconnect firefox extension at work.

Download Disconnect

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11. LastPass Password Manager


With personal accounts being created on almost every other site nowadays, remembering passwords is becoming a daunting task. You simply can’t hope to remember hundreds of passwords for hundreds of different accounts on a plethora of websites and apps. And if you try the age-old method of putting the same password for every account you have, you put yourself and your sensitive data at a lot of risks.

The solution is LastPass. The most popular password manager available on the Firefox extension store is Lastpass, which gives you the facility to let you forget all your passwords and remember just one. You can provide one time accesses to other people, save other data on your LastPass account, safely manage business accounts, and so on.

With LastPass, you will have a new standard for cyber safety for yourself and your business. You can even curate lists of employees that have access to certain passwords in your account and don’t have access to others.

Download LastPass

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The Bottom Line

So, this was all about the best firefox addons and extensions for writers and bloggers for productive writing. I hope you guys will surely like this list of best firefox browser extensions.

I am sure these Firefox addons can save you a lot of time. There is no need to proofread your text manually if you’re using Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, or WhiteSmoke.

Using LastPass firefox extension, there is no need to remember all of your passwords as it helps you save those details and provide you access to all those password-secured sites without using their login details again.

If you are facing any trouble while using any of the above Firefox extensions, then please comment below. I or someone from my team will assist you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to share this best firefox extensions list with your friends and knowns and keep visiting Grammarchecker.online.

Thank you.

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