14 Best Punctuation Checker Tools (Free Comma Checkers) 2019

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Best Punctuation Checker Tools

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

It happens with almost all of us that while writing, we forgot to use the necessary punctuations which directly or indirectly change the context of the entire sentence.

How cool would it be if someone could guide you on all the grammatical errors every time you make them?

Well, know you can have an online virtual assistant in the form of a punctuation checker tool which will notify you every time you make any grammatical errors. We have handpicked the top 14 best punctuation checker tools or you can also say best comma checker tools of 2019 which will help you write beautiful articles.

So, are you excited to find your new virtual assistant? Let’s find’em.

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Here is the list of best punctuation checker tools that you can use to correct your punctuation mistakes. Here you go;

Sr. No.Punctuation CheckersWebsite
5After The Deadlineafterthedeadline.com
11Online Correctiononlinecorrection.com
12Hemingway Apphemingwayapp.com
13Spell Check Plusspellcheckplus.com
14Gregory’s Toolgarretson.info

#1. Grammarly

If you make a lot of punctuation mistakes while writing the articles just like me, Grammarly grammar checker could be your online partner to solve them. Well, Grammarly is a freemium online proofreading tool that helps you detect all the grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Official Website | grammarly.com

Grammarly Punctuation Checker Tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

Grammarly has been proven as one of the most accurate proofreading software out there. With the Grammarly punctuation checker, you can eliminate all the commas, apostrophes, semicolons, and periods that aren’t used at all or are used at the wrong place.

Because let’s face it if not used correctly a comma can change the meaning of your sentence entirely. So, if you’re someone who isn’t that great at putting the right punctuation marks Grammarly can be your online assistant.

The tool is free to use and give you a handful of punctuation suggestions with the free version. However, if you buy the premium plan of Grammarly, you get way more punctuation suggestions compared to the free one.

You can read our detailed Grammarly review if you want to know more about this grammar and punctuation checker tool. If you want to try grammarly free trial account, you can click here to create the free grammarly account.

Grammarly Pros

  • Ability to detect a variety of punctuation errors.
  • Error suggestion by the tool is highly accurate.
  • Real-time punctuation checking.

Grammarly Cons

  • Punctuation errors suggested in the free version is minimal.
  • Grammarly will always prompt you to update to the paid plan whenever you click on show more errors tab.

#2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a fantastic online comma checker tool. With ProWritingAid you can do manuscript editing which includes punctuation, grammar and spell checks.

Official Website | prowritingaid.com

prowritingaid punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

The errors suggested by the tool are highly accurate plus with its power of artificial intelligence, ProWritingAid understands the context of your articles before suggesting you any grammatical errors.

One good thing about the ProWritingAid software is, the tool gives you a detailed explanation of all the errors that you make in the articles. With this handy feature, you can learn why did you get the error so that you don’t make it again in the future.

Although, ProWritingAid is a free tool they do have their paid plan which removes all the restrictions that are imparted in the free version of the software.

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ProWritingAid Pros

  • Shows you a detailed description of each error.
  • Error accuracy is up to the mark.
  • The tool is free to use.
  • Available in the form of a browser extension.

ProWritingAid Cons

  • There are certain restrictions on the free version of the tool.
  • The browser extension is only available for Google Chrome.

#3. Ginger Software

Ginger Software is the third tool in our list of the best punctuation and comma checker tools. Ginger Software was started in 2007 and is currently one of the most famous proofreading tools out there.

Official Website | gingersoftware.com

ginger software punctuation checker

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

The GingerSoftware uses patent-pending technology to suggests you punctuation errors in your document keeping the context of the sentence intact. From comma to misplaced semicolons and full stops GingerSoftware detects and suggests everything in between. The tool is fast in performance and will check the errors as soon as you upload the doc.

Did I mention that GingerSoftware goes an extra mile to suggest you some additional punctuation errors which you won’t find in any other online proofreading tools? Also, the tool is free to use, and you can install the free browser extension to write perfect sentences on the go. For more details, you can check Ginger review.

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Ginger Software Pros

  • Suggests you additional punctuation errors which are missing in other software.
  • The tool uses patent pending tech to suggests you relevant context related errors.
  • Free to use and available in both browser extension and the web version.

Ginger Software Cons

  • You won’t get a detailed description of errors in the free version of the software.

#4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an excellent punctuation checker tool which got less traction in the beginning but later gathered all the pace to make their name in the industry. WhiteSmoke is an all-around online proofreading tool which helps you in grammar, spelling and punctuation checking.

Official Website | whitesmoke.com

whitesmoke punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

In punctuation checking, the tool checks everything like a missing quotation mark, colon mistakes, missing period, apostrophe, and hyphen. Once you start to notice your mistakes repetitively overtime, the errors that you make will be improved. Also, with the punctuation errors, the tool gives you additional tips on how to write better and also highlights the error.

Big universities, offices, agencies, freelance writers and bloggers can take into account the WhiteSmoke punctuation checker software. Although, there’s no free version of the tool available you can try out the 4-day free trial of the software and know it for yourself.

WhiteSmoke Pros

  • Ideal for everyone who creates content online.
  • Very detailed error suggestions with additional tips on how to improve your overall writing.
  • The tool also checks other grammar and spelling mistakes with respect to punctuation errors.

WhiteSmoke Cons

  • Only paid version of the software is available.

#5. After The Deadline

After the deadline is an entirely free comma checker tool designed specifically for WordPress users. The tool was officially built by Automatic the team behind the world’s most popular CMS - WordPress.

Official Website | afterthedealine.com

After The Dead Line Punctuation Checker Tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

With the After the Deadline aka PolishMyWriting tool, you can check some basic grammatical and punctuation errors. As the tool isn’t paid you get a minimal set of features; however, some of it includes advanced style checking, contextual spell checking, and intelligent grammar checking.

The tool works on the open source technology under the GNU General Public License. All you need to do is copy-paste the article in the editor and click on the "Check Writing" button. Wait for sometime, and the tool will show you all the errors.

The downside of this tool is that it won’t show you any advanced grammatical and punctuation error and is only meant for basic error check. If you’re looking to proofread academic papers and blog article After the Deadline won’t be the right tool for you. However, for hobby writing and school essays submissions you can use it as your go-to tool.

After The Deadline Pros

  • Open source software.
  • Free to use.
  • Fast in error processing.

After The Deadline Cons

  • Errors suggested by the tool are fundamental.
  • It is not recommended for professional writing work.

#6. Paperrater

Paperrater is another excellent comma checking tool which made to our list. The tool comes with features like plagiarism checker, grammar and spelling checker, writing instructions, vocabulary builder and automated scoring.

Official Website | paperrater.com

paperrater punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

The tool uses various color codes to differentiate between the errors. With this, you can easily know what type of errors you commit the most. All you need to do is copy-paste the document or essay in the Paperrater editor and click on the "Get Report" button after which the tool will instantly start to show you errors in the existing doc.

I’d only recommend you paperrater for checking the basic grammar and punctuation errors. For your information, they are promoting Grammarly to correct the advanced grammatical errors.

Paperrater does have a paid plan which comes with an advanced set of feature like plagiarism checker.

Paperrater Pros

  • A free comma checking tool.
  • Best for checking basic grammatical errors.
  • Color codes to differentiate between the errors.

Paperrater Cons

  • Not good to check advanced grammatical errors.
  • Plagiarism checker is only available in the paid plan.

#7. GrammarBase

GrammarBase is a free grammar and punctuation checker tool to proofread your documents and articles online. They do provide a manual proofreading service as well, and that is how to website generates revenue. However, for us, we’d stick with the free version of the tool.

Official Website | grammarbase.com

grammarbase punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

There’s not much to talk about this tool as you don’t get a lot of fancy features, unlike other punctuation tools

GrammarBase has a simple UI. On the homepage, they have the editor wherein you can copy-paste the document or upload the file and click on "Start Checking."

If you want actual human proofreaders to check your content, the pricing starts at $5.45 per page which increases with the deadline you select. Copy-paste the document, select the deadline, enter your details and proceed the payment for manual proofreading.

GrammarBase Pros

  • Free to use.
  • Manual proofreading service.

GrammarBase Cons

  • No clear features mentioned on the site.
  • The editor sometimes doesn’t work.

#8. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is an open source online punctuation checking program which checks grammatical errors in over 20 languages. Right on the homepage, you get the huge editor where you can paste your articles and click on the "Check Text" button to allow the tool to check for mistakes.

Official Website | languagetool.org

languagetool punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

They do have a chrome extension as well which you can take into account while writing content on the web. The extension suggests you punctuation and other grammatical errors in real-time. On using the tool, I loved it as it gives some nice error suggestions.

LanguageTool also has a paid plan for their software if you want to check more characters per month. Oh, and did I mention that there’s the forum support for you to ask all your questions and queries regarding the tool.

Also, the extension isn’t just limited to chrome you get additional add-ons for MS-Word, Firefox, Google Docs, and LibreOffice. Overall, LanguageTool is a great software to give it a try at least for once.

LanguageTool Pros

  • Open-source platform.
  • Add-ons are available for all the major platforms.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gives accurate grammatical error suggestions.

LanguageTool Cons

  • The free version of the tool limits you to check only 20k characters per month.

#9. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is a proofreading tool but not for all. The software is specially designed for fiction writers to check their grammatical and punctuation errors. So, if you’re a freelance content writer, blogger or an author, unfortunately, AutoCrit might not help you.

Official Website | autocrit.com

AutoCrit Punctuation Checker Tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

Now for anyone who is into fiction writing let me guide you through all the features that you get with this program. Firstly, there’s the generic filter, comparison of your writing to the best selling authors, unlimited words checking, AutoCrit score, and custom reports.

Do note that the tool offers a $1 free trial for 14-days. Apart from that, there’s no free plan.

As the software is very niche specific, I couldn’t recommend it to everyone who is reading this. For generic writers, you can always go with Grammarly or WhiteSmoke.

AutoCrit Pros

  • Comparison to the best selling authors.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Unlimited word check.

AutoCrit Cons

  • No free version of the software.
  • Only available for fiction writers.

#10. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck has its unique way of checking out the grammatical errors. With this tool as you paste the text in the editor, you get two options to check for errors.

Official Website | grammarcheck.net

grammarcheck punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

The first one is Free Check what this does is, it checks all the grammar, sentence and style errors. Later, the tools suggest all these errors in different color codes so that you can understand which error it is that you need to work upon.

The second one is the Deep Check what this does is; it checks some of the advanced grammatical errors like dangling modifiers, undecent sentences, passive voice.

However, when you click on the Deep Check button you’ll be redirected to Grammarly I don’t know why they are doing this on their website. 

So, if you want to check only the basic grammar and punctuation errors do check out GrammarCheck. Otherwise, there are other great alternatives in the list which you can try out.

GrammarCheck Pros

  • The tool checks a variety of errors.
  • Color codes to differentiate the error.
  • Free to use software.

GrammarCheck Cons

  • When you click on Deep Check feature the tool redirects you to Grammarly.

#11. Online Correction

Online Correction is a proper spelling correction tool. Moreover, with the tool, you can also solve all the basic grammar and styling mistakes in English.

Official Website | onlinecorrection.com

online correction punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

As usual, the tools give you various color codes to identify the errors. One useful feature is, there’s a checkbox right after the editor where the tool will automatically correct mistakes for you wherever possible. Furthermore, you can also select the dialect of the language in which you want the tools to check the article.

If you want to check text in other languages besides English, they do have a bunch of sites linked in the footer of the website. Please have a look at it too.

online correction punctuation checker tool

Online Correction Pros

  • Autocorrect features saves you time.
  • Color codes to identify the errors.

Online Correction Cons

  • Not highly accurate.

#12. Hemingway App

Hemingway is a freemium desktop based punctuation checker tool. You can use the free version of the software directly on the website. It also rates your content based on the writing score checker out of 10.

Official Website | hemingwayapp.com

Hemingway Editor

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

There’s a native desktop app which is available for both Mac & Windows OS and costs only $19.99/lifetime. With the paid plan they have some advanced features like directly publish content to WordPress & Medium, no internet connection required, functionality to directly export your files in .doc format and many more exciting features.

Although, the free tool is great for beginners you cannot solely rely on it as your only proofreading tool.

The reason being, it is not a complete software in itself if you’re a full-time professional writer. For that, you need to go with either Grammarly, WhiteSmoke or the GingerSoftware.

Hemingway App Pros

  • Works without the Internet connection.
  • Ability to directly publish on WordPress & Medium.
  • The paid plan is cheap and offers great features.

Hemingway App Cons

  • No browser extension is available.
  • Not a complete software as it lacks useful features.

#13. Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is just another spelling and punctuation checking tool which you’d find on the web. It is free to use. Just paste in the article in the editor given on the homepage and click on the green "Check Text" button. Apart from this, there’s nothing more you can do with this tool.

Official Website | spellcheckplus.com

spell check plus punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

The website is monetized with ads which you see in the free version of the tool. If you don’t want ads, you can buy the pro version which starts at $14.99/lifetime that will remove all the ads.

The reason which we have included in our list is, it is free and does the job well. The tool is only recommended to school and college students who are looking for a free alternative to proofread their essays and articles.

Spell Check Plus Pros

  • Solves all the basic grammatical errors.
  • Free to use.
  • Best for school and college kids and personal use.

Spell Check Plus Cons

  • Annoying ads.
  • Not meant for professional writing checks.

#14. Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool

The last tool in our list of comma and spelling checker tool is Gregory’s Punctuation checker tool. The tool isn’t that great but does the job. Well, I went ahead and copy-pasted close to 1000 words to see how it output the errors.

Official Website | garretson.info

gregory punctuation checker tool

Best Punctuation Checker Tools

After clicking on the "Analyze" button I quickly got two messages they are as follows:

  • 1
    "Your sentences are somewhat shorter than the normal."
  • 2
    "You use considerably fewer commas than is typical of academic writing."

Well, to clear my doubts I rechecked it this time with new 1000 words of content, and sadly, the tool shows me the same errors. So, I wouldn’t recommend this tool to anyone. You can only use this tool if you don’t have any money but still want to check the errors in your document.

I also saw this horrifying image from the website itself.

gregory punctuation checker tool

Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool Pros

  • Only commendable feature of this tool is, it is free to use.

Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool Cons

  • Not much efficient in suggesting the errors.
  • Shows the same error for the text you check.

Which is the best Punctuation Checker tool?

The clear winner is Grammarly.

Why is always Grammarly the winner?

Well, Grammarly is a mature software which suggests you intake errors found in the article. You can completely rely on this software to check all your grammatical errors which include spelling, punctuation and sentence styling errors. 

Besides that, the user interface is simple to use plus you can upload your documents, change the dialect and many more features.

Overall, Grammarly is a complete online proofreading tool which every writer should have in their toolkit.

It might be expensive to spend $29.95/month, but if you see the ease and the value it provides in return, you won’t find the amount expensive.

Final Words

Those were our top 14 picks for the best punctuation checker tools out of all the gazillions of available software. We hope this article helped you in finalizing the right tool for your business. Do let us know in the comments down below if you have any further queries we’d be more than happy to assist you.

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