15 Best Writing Software 2020: Tools For Book & Blog Writers

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In this article, I will share 15 best writing software & tools for book writers & also give an unbiased overview of each.

High-income skills like copywriting & blogging are now getting more hype than mainstream jobs. Every writer spends hours and hours every day immersed in words, texts, and more texts.

If you are planning to become a copywriter or something related to that, then you will undoubtedly be needing high-performance software to improve your writing skills.

Organizing so many ideas and putting them on the computer is not always an easy task. But with new software and application solutions, writers are increasingly able to increase the productivity of their work, including creating independent publications.

There are hundreds of web-based writing programs to improve your writing, but it is perplexing to choose one from so many potential programs. But do not worry as I have mentioned some of the best writing software for you can rely on for your serious work.

List of 15 best writing software/tools 2020 for blog and book writers:

Digital writing tools does not need an introduction as premium tools like Grammarly are advertising their software everywhere on the internet.

We have separated 15 decent writing software from the massive pool of thousands of digital writing software.

Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the list of the best writing software.

1. Grammarly.com

grammarlyTo be honest, I ‘ve written one article on Grammarly Premium, and that is enough to know its worth. Grammarly is a digital tool to improve writing and deliver quality & error-free work.

Like most of the digital writing tools, Grammarly uses AI, which keeps on upgrading itself with a new set of rules. But being the best takes a lot more than projecting punctuation errors & spell-checks. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

Grammarly actually has two versions; free & premium. The free version is for all, but it is restricted limitations and whereas the premium version depicts every mistake and also offers fantastic features.

Plagiarism is the most helpful feature of Grammarly as it compares your writing from billions of web pages and makes sure that your piece is unique and clean.

If you are looking for the best, then Grammarly is my recommendation for life.

For a piece of detailed information, you can read this Grammarly review.


  • Quality writing experience which also measures the tone of the speech.
  • Unlike many other tools, it checks thousands of words within seconds without any lag.

Also, check this Grammarly discount.


  • The free version shows only 50% of the total mistakes in the whole speech.
  • It is based on artificial intelligence, which is perfect but cannot be 100% correct.

2. GingerSoftware

ginger software best writing software

GingerSoftware was founded a year before Grammarly, and that does make it a potential rival. It is another digital writing software and the first choice of most of the copywriter & bloggers.

The most amusing thing about this digital writing tool is that it enables the user to rephrase the sentence and drop a top-notch quality writing. GingerSoftware allows its users to translate their pieces into 40 different languages and cover a wide range of audiences.

You can access this fantastic tool on your smartphone and write error-free messages on your mobile. Ginger Software is one of the best proofreading software available in the market.

For a detailed guide, check this Ginger Software review.


  • Ginger Software allows you to translate your speech in more than 40 different languages.
  • The interface is user-friendly and can be operated without any technical hassle.
  • It is not only a web-based service but also serves users to improve their grammar writing over a smartphone.

You may also like to check this Ginger software discount.


  • The free version does not project all the errors, and that is one of the significant drawbacks of GingerSoftware.
  • It catches fewer errors as compared to Grammarly premium, but at the same time, it is affordable.

3. WhiteSmoke

whitesmoke best writing softwareWhiteSmoke is one of the oldest proofreading software companies which offers quality work experience plus accuracy.

The WhiteSmoke software is available for both Windows Operating System and the macOS. WhiteSmoke allows you to improve grammar errors such as punctuation & spelling.

It is one of the most used digital writing tools as it is superbly affordable as compared to other expensive proofreading software.

If you are on a tight budget and starting with copywriting, then WhiteSmoke is undoubtedly the best writing tool for you.

As a bonus, it also offers several written templates to create outreaching emails instantly.

You may also like to check this WhiteSmoke review.


  • WhiteSmoke is the cheapest digital writing tool available online.
  • Being affordable does not affect the service quality as it offers quality as well as accuracy.

You may also like to check this WhiteSmoke discount.


  • WhiteSmoke’s interface is a little basic, but that does not affect the quality of service it offers.
  • It takes more time to analyze the speech entirely and to project the errors.

4. ProWritingAid

prowritingaid punctuation checker toolThere are dozens of writing tools out there, but you cannot just make any software as your primary writing tool. ProWritingAid is an online grammar checker and style editor tool that is professionally used by many copywriters & bloggers all over the world.

It serves both macOS & Windows users. It also helps you deliver error-free writing on Google Docs & Microsoft Word. Apart from projecting grammar errors, ProWritingAid also helps you to improve the readability of your speech.

It is rated as the best fiction writing tool on the internet, and that makes it a reliable & potential option to go for.

Also, download the Grammarly apk.


  • ProWritingAid delivers quality experience and accuracy to your speech.
  • It projects the error pretty fast and can be operated easily.


  • ProWritingAid is a little expensive as compared to other writing tools like WhiteSmoke.
  • The Plagiarism checker is not reliable as Grammarly caught the same text, which ProWritingAid certified unique.

5. MS Word

best writing toolsMS Word is a writing software produced & developed by Microsoft and is the most used writing software among the professionals.

The employees of most of the corporate companies are instructed to use MS Word for their content writing tasks.

Microsoft Word has some fantastic features, and it is the sole reason that MS Word is the primary writing tool in most of the corporate companies.

Apart from detecting grammar errors, it offers incredible features like WordArt, Templates, Layouts, and many other potential reasons to choose it as a primary writing tool.

You may also like to check this Grammarly student discount.


  • MS Word is super reliable & trustworthy as it is offered by the biggest software company— Microsoft.
  • It offers other fantastic features, and that is why most of the professional copywriters choose it as their primary writing tool.


  • MS Word detects very few grammar errors as compared to other writing tools.

6. Google Docs

best writing toolsI would like you all to know that no writing software would improve your speech if you do not know the basics of the English Language. Google Docs is another online web-based program that delivers a quality writing experience.

I use Google Docs to write long outreaching emails and articles to post on my blog. It detects significant errors like spelling and other grammatical errors. Apart from basic grammar errors, it also features some fantastic functions that will help you to optimize your content.

If you are starting as a copywriter, then you should master Google Docs before purchasing any premium software.

Also, you can write on Google Docs and later check it on any other premium writing tool because Google Docs does not project minor errors. Also, check how much does Grammarly cost.


  • It is undoubtedly the most reliable writing tool in the market as Google offers it.
  • Saving documents and accessing them back through Google Drive is something very convenient.


  • Google Docs is not developed to detect minor grammar errors, but you can use it to clean your speech from significant mistakes.

7. Evernote

best writing software for book writersEvernote is not just a writing tool but a lot more than that. It is one of the best note-taking software in the market as it offers organizing, task achieving, and events management.

If you have a business account on Evernote, then you can chat with your teammates over and assign new tasks from there. It is available for almost all operating systems, and you can also use the web-based version on browsers.

Evernote is a cloud-based service, and so you can sync your data and access it from any device. If you are searching for a tool that covers everything, then Evernote is the best option for you.

You may also like to check How much does Ginger software cost?


  • Evernote makes it easy to access different types of documents in one place.
  • It offers a lot more than note-taking, and these features make it one of the best writing software.


  • The free version does not allow to access most of the features.
  • You need to make a business account to chat with your teammates over the application.

8. Scrivener

best writing tools for writers

Scrivener is another word processing program specially designed for authors. It enables a person to organize notes & documents and provides super-easy access to them.

This is the best writing tool for professional authors as it allows for precise customization of templates & other pages.

It offers on the spot saving, which means anything you write is safe, and the sudden shut down of your system won’t affect your work.

The advanced search features offer precise search phrases in no time. Scrivener has many other features, which makes it one of the best writing tools for writers. Also, check the Grammarly vs. Ginger.


  • Scrivener automatically saves your project, which minimizes the loss of your hard work.
  • Users can add notes just beside the main work area and refer to the notes in the future.


  • Scrivener is undoubtedly not a simple writing tool, which makes it difficult for other people to work on it.
  • The file type of Scrivener is not readable by other systems or software, and to upload it somewhere, you need to convert the file in any universal format.

9. FocusWriter

best writing softwareFocusWriter is another potential writing software which delivers a distraction-free writing experience to its user. The most popular thing about this writing tool is that it offers simplicity.

You can put in your daily tasks and set reminders or alarms as a deadline, which acts as a push to work things. The themes are fully customizable, which reflects the flexibility of this software.

Apart from that, it also offers a smart spell checker, which saves you from making spelling mistakes.

Considering all the features, I can say that choosing FocusWriter is undoubtedly a wise choice. You may also like to check the Grammarly for word.


  • FocusWriter allows you to open more than one document at a time, which helps in referring to other notes.
  • My favorite perk of using FocusWriter is the alarm/reminder feature that helps you complete your work on time.


  • There is no option to select any template or to even create one.
  • FocusWriter does not support viewing old versions after saving the new one.

10. Fast Pencil

best writing toolsFast Pencil is a cloud-based online writing service that allows you to write & publish ebooks. I don’t have much to say about as it is just like any other web-based writing tool.

The unique thing about Fast Pencil is that it enables a user to publish & sell ebooks, which is a good source of income.

It allows you to collaborate with other authors to work together. It is a good source of making money and gaining knowledge.

If you are starting up with copywriting, then you should try Fast Pencil. Also, check 14 Best Punctuation Checker Tools (Free Comma Checkers).


  • The only writing tool which allows you to create & sell ebooks in the market.
  • It also lets you collaborate with other people and do great work.


  • The interface is not user-friendly, which decreases the morale of the author.

11. Freedom

best book writing softwareFreedom is an online writing software that focuses on delivering a quality experience with a distraction-free writing area. You can access Freedom on all your smart devices like laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. If you are an author and want to write books, then Freedom should be there in your potential list.


  • Freedom’s sole purpose is to provide a distraction-free platform to write a quality speech.

12. Pages

best book writing software

Pages is a word processor developed & offered by Apple, and it is enough to subject it to as a reliable writing tool. But we should also look at what it offers. Pages is a flexible writing software; it allows users to drag & drop content (image/video) to the work area.

It also features a calm workspace and environment to write without getting distracted by anything peacefully. It is officially available for macOS, but users can access pages through its web-based server. You may also like to check these best proofreading tools.


  • Pages offer quality writing experience with hassle-free media integration.


  • The software is only compatible with macOS and is not available for Linux or Windows.

13. yWriter

best writing toolsyWriter is another book writing tool that is absolutely free and offers terrific writing experience with no distractions.

The best thing about yWriter is that it divides the whole novel/story into chapters & scenes, which saves a lot of time and lets you focus more on writing than in formatting.

If you are confused between so many writing tools, then you should quit thinking and start trying. Also, check these best plagiarism checker tools.


  • The developer of yWriter is an author, and so you won’t regret using it.
  • yWriter displays word count on the page, which is really a helpful feature.

14. Dropbox Paper

book writing softwareYou might be aware of Dropbox and probably use it for sharing and downloading files to your computer or laptop.

Dropbox also offers an in-built tool called Paper, which can be subjected to as a writing tool. It provides on-time collaboration with teammates and delivers a fantastic workplace for professional workers.

If you are a freelancer and want to collaborate with someone else in a project, then Dropbox’s Paper is the right tool for you to go for. Also, check these best grammar checker tools.


  • Dropbox is absolutely free for everyone, and it allows you to collaborate with your teammates in one place.

15. Open Office

best writing toolsLast but not least, Apache Open Office is undoubtedly the best tool for professional workers to create presentations for seminars.

It is the leading open-source office source to create different types of projects. In a recent update, they offered flexibility with fonts and introduces a wide variety of fonts to choose from.

If you are still struggling to find a reliable source to write & work at, then I recommend trying Open Office as it covers a lot more than what you require. You may also like to check these best 15+ Weird English Words.


  • Open Office offers a variety of animation & transition effects to improve your content.
  • You can even export your content in .pdf file format.

There are some of the best writing software which we handpicked especially for you.

Final Words

Writing has always been a great passion for many people, but now it is also subjected as a high-income skill. People are earning thousands of dollars by copywriting.

These online writing tools play a crucial role when it comes to delivering high-quality articles to the client. Apart from that, authors are also opting for these tools to get rid of manual formatting.

In this article, I have shares 15 best writing software for writers, and I believe that this comprehensive article satisfied your search.

But if you have any doubt or issue regarding today’s topic, then feel free to comment below, and I or someone from our staff will certainly reply to you with a positive & helpful answer.

Which writing tool are you going to choose for your primary work purpose?

Also, please share this comprehensive article with your friends and help them gain some knowledge too.

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