15 Most Common Grammar Mistakes You Should Stop Making

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English Grammar is one beautiful thing to be a professional writer, but being perfect is not that easy. Even professionals are fond of making common grammar mistakes in their everyday speech.

People do not buy products with grammar errors and probably will not reply to emails with incorrect grammar, and therefore, one must avoid making grammatical mistakes.

If you are a copywriter or do something related to copywriting, then I am going to share the most common grammar mistakes people make. Grammar is not just a structure of rules that govern the whole language, but it also gives meaning to the entire system of it.

I am not a fan of disturbing the element of language and promote a new set of style what people call “Slang.” It will take a whole week to describe the set of grammar & its rules, but in these 10 minutes of reading, I will only share some common grammar mistakes you must know about.

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15 Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Stop Making As A Writer:

We researched and found that common grammar errors do ruin the motive of the speech, and so one should avoid making these mistakes.

Below here is a list of 15 common grammar mistakes that you should stop making to become a professional writer:

1. Sentence Fragments

In simple language, Sentence Fragment is a group of words that drop the essence of the sentence but certainly does not make a sentence. The main subject or a verb is absent from this type of sentence. It is also known as an independent sentence as it has an independent clause. People often confuse it with conjunctions as it also joins words but not sentences.


Incorrect: Samad wrote 1400 words for the article. Instead of writing 1500 words.

Correct: Instead of writing 1500 words, Samad wrote 1400 words for the article.

2. Subject-Verb Agreement Errors (Singular Plural Mismatch)

It is one of the most popular grammar errors and occurs when the verb & the subject does not match; when the subject is “singular,” & the verb is “plural” or vice-versa. It mostly happens when you are not attentive while writing the sentence, or the set of rules is not clear. Subject-Verb Agreement is undoubtedly necessary to gain the perfect moment of your speech.

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Incorrect: Alex does not has the premium version of Grammarly.

Correct: Alex does not have the premium version of Grammarly.

3. Its OR It’s

Just understand that according to grammar, it’s equal to it is or it has and nothing else. People get confused and insert (it’s) as a sign of belonging, but the correct use of is (its). An apostrophe can change the whole meaning of the speech, and so one must remember this petty error, which happens even with the professors of the grammar subject.


Incorrect: You were absent from the exam. Its not my fault.

Correct: You were absent from the exam. It’s (it is) not my fault.

4. Missing (,) Comma After Introductory Element

The comma is a pause that is important to make after an introductory element to clear the meaning of the sentence and do not confuse the reader. Comma and other punctuation marks have a great value in the professional grammar subject. If you own a blog that covers a decent audience, then making small mistakes like this will surely won’t be appreciated by your audience.

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Incorrect: Apart from the mentioned things I want semrush too.

Correct: Apart from the mentioned things, I want semrush too.

5. Incorrect Modification of a Word

Dangling Modifier is a word wrongly can change the whole meaning of the sentence plus sometimes might not even come up with sensible meaning. It means placing a word separately or incorrectly in a way that does not describe or modifies the word which it is intended to be.


Incorrect: You should not say words harsh to small innocent children.

Correct: You should not say harsh words to small innocent children.

6. Confusing Pronoun Reference

In a speech, when there is more than one variable with the same pronoun distinct, then it becomes essential to clear up the reference. Neglecting this will confuse and frustrate the readers, and you might end up losing your consistent readers. Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to propose error-free and clear content to your audience.


Incorrect: Rohan is shorter than Rahul, knowing this made him really glad.

Correct: Rohan is shorter than Rahul and knowing this made Rahul really happy.

7. Common Words with a Different Meaning

The English vocabulary is enormous, and there are certain words with similar spelling or pronunciation but have a huge difference in their meaning. This kind of error is crucial as they totally change the meaning of the sentence, and it might end up with really bad consequences. To avoid this, make sure you know the exact meaning plus spelling of the word you are using in your speech.

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Incorrect: I excepted his offer as it was a worthy deal.

Correct: I accepted his offer as it was a worthy deal.

8. Missing Conjunctions in a Sentence

There are some sentences that convey two messages, but in a single sentence by joining them together. These joining words are known as Conjunctions. Missing these is a blunder and shows carelessness and stupidity to the audience. Some examples of conjunctions are but, and, or.


Incorrect: There are two methods of doing it only one of them works well.

Correct: There are two methods of doing it, but only one of them works well.

9. Unnecessary Use of Commas

The comma is used in various places, and it is necessary to use it in between some words. But you cannot just use (,) anywhere you want without any subset of rules. Using comma unnecessary makes your writing less worthy, and sometimes it affects the user experience. Below here are some relevant examples.

Example 1:

Incorrect: He is not fond of watching movies, and TV shows.

Correct: He is not fond of watching movies and TV shows.

Example 2:

Incorrect: You are allowed to choose between bread, & butter.

Correct: You are allowed to choose between bread & butter.

10. Wrong Parallelism of Words in a Sentence

Certain sentences include some subjects or words that have similar meanings but not grammatically parallel. These kinds of sentences always drop a wrong impression on the audience, and so it is vital to the right.

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Incorrect: There is a wide range of subjects like physics, biology, literature and chemist in our university.

Correct: There is a wide range of subjects like physics, biology, literature, and chemistry in our university.

11. Heavy Sentences

Too much binding and connecting of phrases makes the sentence really weighty and challenging for the audience to read & understand the meaning or motive of the speech. The first rule of writing something is to make the reader understand it well, and heavy sentences make it super difficult for the reader to understand the message or motive of the speech. One can avoid making this mistake by dividing the sentence into a subpart or just simply making the point in a few words.


Incorrect: Raj is a complex Indian character in the big bang theory, he is bullied and harassed by other characters but at the end he is the love lady of the show and I really enjoy watching it.

Correct: I really enjoy the complex character of the big bang theory show, and watching him get bullied by other people is fun.

12. Comma Splice

The unnecessary use of a comma to join two independent clauses are known as Comma Splice. Instead of using a comma, the rule says to use a semicolon (;) to join the phrase. People make “Comma Splice” when they make use of transition words like however, therefore, moreover, nevertheless, etc.

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Incorrect: There are a large number of cars in Delhi, however, the government is banning the old models.

Correct: There are a large number of cars in Delhi; however, the government is banning the old models.

13. Mistakes with Colons

A colon is used after a complete sentence to add certain things that describe or adds something relevant to the sentence. People make mistakes by not referring to the words, phrases, and quotations correctly. This creates a little confusion for the readers and ruins the quality of the speech.


Incorrect: Follow these things to score well: be regular, attentive and discipline.

Correct: Follow these three things to score well: be regular, attentive, and discipline.

14. Incorrect Use of a Hyphen (-)

Hyphen is a punctuation mark used to join parts of words, but people forget to use it or sometimes unnecessary make use of the words. Incorrect use of the hyphen is a petty mistake, but it indeed defines the level of knowledge you have in the grammar world. So do not put hyphen until necessary and also do not forget to put it where necessary.

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Incorrect: The people in that specific area are basically anti national.

Correct: The people in that specific area are basically anti-national.

15. Wrong Placement of Tenses

In Grammar, Tense is referred to as the segment on which the time segment of a sentence depends. We can write or speak in 3 forms of time that is past, present, and future. People who do not have proper knowledge of grammar are fond of making these mistakes, which leaves a bad impression and a meaningless message to the readers.


Incorrect: I really like swimming with my children, and I do it last week.

Correct: I really like swimming with my children, and I did it last week.

So these were some serious common grammar mistakes people make in their daily routine. Fixing these errors will drop a positive impression on your regular readers.

Final Words: Common Grammar Mistakes

English Grammar is referred to as a deep ocean of knowledge, and there are millions of things to learn to master this subject.

Although cleaning the basics of grammar is quite easy, one cannot write perfect writing without any guidance from any senior professional.

If you are a copywriter or even a blogger, then you must learn all sets of grammar rules. In this article, I stated some common grammar mistakes that you should avoid in order to deliver quality content to your visitors.

I believe that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your queries with the common mistakes mentioned above.

But if you have any doubts regarding the subject, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will revert to you with a helpful and positive answer in no big time.

Also, please share this piece of knowledge with your friends and help them learn too.

Amongst the mentioned common grammar mistakes, which one do you make the most?

Keep checking the blog page.

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