10 Common Punctuation Mistakes You Should Stop With Examples

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In this article, I will share some common punctuation mistakes, which you should undoubtedly avoid to deliver a perfect speech or writing.

Being a grammar geek is not just about writing well-structured sentences with intellectual adjectives but a lot more than that. Big Nowadays, copywriting is one of the most high-income skill jobs, and proofreading is the key to be successful in it.

If you are writing a speech or an article for your blog and it has punctuation errors, then your audience will probably leave your blog subjecting it as less worthy.

Usually, people know, but they neglect the fact that a punctuation mistake can totally change the motive or meaning of a sentence. You may also like to check these best punctuation checker tools.

To avoid these punctuation mistakes, one should check their piece twice or even thrice to achieve perfection. If you are curious to know your most common punctuation errors, then read this article till the end and improve yourself.

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Here are 10 of the most common punctuation mistakes people make and how you can avoid them:

There are about 14 punctuation marks in the whole English language, but if the basic isn’t clear, then you might get each one of them wrong. Below here are some of the most common punctuation mistakes to avoid.

1. The Situation with Its & it’s

One of the most popular punctuation errors is the perplexing use of its & it’s. It is undoubtedly the opposite of what one might think.

The “it’s” refers to it is, or it has and is not subjected as a belonging term. Contrary to “it’s,” the word it is used to project a sense of possessiveness.

Misuse of “its” or “it’s” will undoubtedly project an incorrect or senseless sentence.


Incorrect – Its obvious for people to protest against routine rapes in our country.

Correct – It’s obvious for people to protest against routine rapes in our country.

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2. The One with the Apostrophes

People don’t understand the use of an apostrophe and use it whenever & wherever they want. Incorrect use of apostrophes will make the sentence incorrect and might change the meaning of it.

This type of error occurs when the plural form is confused with a belonging speech & vice-versa.

Apart from that, apostrophes are also used to trim up a word; for example, “did not” can be written as didn’t.


Incorrect – That is Rahuls new car.

Correct – That is Rahul’s new car.

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3. Missing Commas

Commas are a crucial part of the punctuation family. It is used in introductory context or places where a pause is required.

People neglect the fact that not applying or missing comma will confuse their audience and ruin the experience on the reader’s side.

To avoid this, make sure that you put comma whenever a pause is necessary or to create a slight division between the same category of words (most examples).


Incorrect – Apart from his naughty behavior he is an excellent learner.

Correct- Apart from his naughty behavior, he is an excellent learner.

4. Where to use Quotation Marks?

We all know that whenever the sentence is subjecting, something important is quoted in the sentence, we use single or double quotation marks.

But people to make their speech more attractive put unnecessary quotation marks, which is certainly wrong according to the grammar rules.

If you want to highlight a point, but it is not a quotation, then you should try bolding or styling that specific test and surely not use quotation marks. Also, check the Grammarly review.


Incorrect- I am the “best student in class 12-D”.

Correct – I am the best student in class 12-D.

5. Commas Are Free to Use

To sound intellectual, people put too many commas as if they are free to use (sure they are), but using it at places unnecessary will only degrade the readability of the content.

To avoid this mistake, try to deliver the message in fewer pauses. Using too many commas will not only make your sentence lengthy but also make it difficult for the reader to understand the motive.

Also, you can avoid this mistake by using a period (full stop) and start with another sentence.


Incorrect- Monty is an excellent gentleman, and a good child, but he lacks in academics, and also have very few friends in class.

Correct- Monty is an excellent gentleman, but he lacks in academic and also has a small circle of friends in class.

6. Hyphen Versus Dash (- vs. —)

People don’t get the difference between a hyphen and a dash and use hyphen everywhere without any second thoughts.

Joining similar phrases or words with – is known as a hyphen. But to separate two ideas on the same subject is called dash (—).

To avoid making this mistake is to clear the concept of both the marks and be attentive while using any one of them.

Example 1:

Incorrect- We live in a country full of anti nationalists.

Correct- We live in a country full of anti-nationalists.

Example 2:

Incorrect- I bear all the expenses; she has all the fun.

Correct- I bear all the expenses — she has all the fun.

7. Too Many Exclamation Marks

Exclamation Marks are fun to use in sentences but only where it is required. Unnecessary use of the exclamation mark will ruin the worth of the whole sentence.

It will only be appealing if you used it on the correct notion. Too many exclamation marks will make your sentence fake, and your audience will not take any of your writings seriously.


Incorrect- I went to South Korea! And rules there are contrary to any other country! I won’t go back there!

Correct- I went to South Korea, and the rules are totally contrary to ours, any other country! Surely won’t going back there.

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8. Colon or Semicolon?

A semicolon is usually mistaken with a colon, and that is the only problem with it. Colons are used when we list some items or subjects.

And while separating a phrase with different thoughts, then you are required to use a semicolon.

Clearing the basic concepts and being attentive while writing will save you from making this punctuation mistake.


Incorrect- I want three things for breakfast; bread, butter, and tea.

Correct- I want three things for breakfast: bread, butter, and tea.

9. Placement of Quotation Marks

We all make mistakes while placing the quotation marks, and that destructs the grammar of the speech.

If you are using quotation marks and there is a punctuation mark (.?!) in the end, then make sure to cover the whole sentence with quotes. This rule differs for the British English Language.

Below here are two examples to clarify this concept to the fullest.

Example 1:

Incorrect- He said, “Do you have an air jet to travel in seconds”?

Correct- He said, “Do you have an air jet to travel in seconds?”

Example 2:

Incorrect- “The cause of her death is depression”!

Correct- “The cause of her death is depression!”

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10. Not Using Comma Before The Conjunction When There Are Multiple Subjects

If you are listing something where there are multiple subjects (words), and as per the rule, you are using the comma after every single listed word but not using a comma (Oxford comma) with the last word before the conjunction, then your sentence is undoubtedly wrong.

Example: I love my mother, dad, brother(,)and sister.

The comma in brackets() is called Oxford Comma.

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Final Words For Common Punctuation Mistakes

I am not a professional grammar professor, but being a copywriter made me learn so many minute things that might be alien to a grammar lecturer.

If you own a blog or work as a copywriter (a high-income skill), then learning minor rules and avoiding small mistakes will help you a lot.

I recommend posting or sharing content with the ease of knowledge and not using high standard words as it will complicate the message of your content.

In this comprehensive article, I shared some of the most common punctuation mistakes one can avoid delivering perfection through his/her writings.

I believe that this article helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject. But if you have any issue or doubt related or relevant to today’s topic, then please comment below, and I or someone from our staff will undoubtedly revert you to solve your issue.

Which listed punctuation error did you make the most or was unknown about?

Also, share this article with your friends and let them increase their knowledge about punctuation mistakes.

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