Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge Browser

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Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge:

Grammarly is the world's best editing and proofreading tool. It provides you with advanced features that can help you improve your writing. The tool is designed to correct your grammatical and spelling errors in your sentences. With the use of Grammarly, You can write effective sentences without any mistake. Writers primarily use this tool. It has proved to be of great use to them. Other users of Grammarly comprises of students and bloggers. If you want you can also use the app to write social media posts, emails, and text messages.

The app is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version of the app is equipped with more features than the free version. If you are a professional writer, it is advised that you opt for the paid version. However, students can make do with the free version as well. The good thing about the app is that it is straightforward to use. You will not face any complication while using the app. Grammarly is better than any other editing app available out there. To be more precise, no app can match the level of Grammarly when it comes to detecting errors. The app can catch errors that most of the other apps can’t. Well, this is what makes Grammarly dear to the users.

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Download Grammarly For Microsoft Edge

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Grammarly app also provides an extension for Microsoft Edge. Users can improve their writing with the use of this tool. Most writers are known to use some editing app when it comes to writing. If you are looking for the best service, Grammarly is your option. You can also try grammarly free trial of this grammar checker tool without paying a single penny.

 The Grammarly Microsoft extension is available for free. If you are looking forward to downloading and install the extension in your Microsoft Edge, you are at the right place. Go through the steps below to get the extension.

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Step-1: The very first thing you need to do is launch Microsoft Edge. Go to settings and more icon located in the upper-right corner and then choose Extensions. Click on the link 'get an extension from the store.' If you don’t find the link Extensions, update your Windows 10. Also, if you cannot locate the Grammarly extension, go directly to Grammarly for Microsoft Edge. Click on the Get button and the download will start.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge
Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge
Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Step-2: Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the extension, it’s time to launch it. Click on the blue launch button.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Step-3: A message will appear on the screen that reads, 'you have a new extension notification.' Click the turn it on option.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Step-4: This will activate your Grammarly extension for Microsoft Edge. Before you start using Grammarly, you should take a quick tour of the app by clicking on the 'take a quick tour' button. This will help you to learn the features of the app and also how to use it.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Step-5: If you already have a Grammarly account, all you need to do is sign-in. If you didn't have any, then create an account using your email id.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

From here onwards you are ready to write. Grammarly will check your work and detect for possible mistakes and underline it. You can either fix it on your own or take the suggestion provided by Grammarly. Follow the mentioned steps and get Grammarly extension installed on your Microsoft Edge.

Download Grammarly Extension For Microsoft Edge

Final Words

Grammarly is undoubtedly the best grammar checking tool available out there. Writing with Grammarly can give you a brilliant experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur writer; you can still use Grammarly if you want.

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