Download Grammarly Keyboard For Android and iPhone (Working Links)

All of us have some point of time have fallen victim to the dreaded text fail. However, with the launch of the Grammarly keyboard for both Android and IOS users, the game seems to have changed. Grammarly keyboard is a personal editor that can be integrated easily with your mobile browser and apps. Whether you are typing a text message or replying to your client’s mail, you will always look professional even on your smartphone.

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Grammarly Keyboard For Android iPhone

Grammarly keyboard is designed to check your messages whether they are clear and mistake-free or not. Users can also avail Grammarly premium (the best grammar checker) which is equipped to suggest vocabulary and style improvements. The suggestions will be shown along the top of the keyboard. All you need to do is tap on the suggestion. You can even see the explanation behind the suggestion made by Grammarly. You can also try the Grammarly free trial version to check all features of this best grammar checking software.

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Wait, that’s not the end, you can also specify Grammarly whether you want British or American English rules. You can even add new words in your personal dictionary. In a nutshell, the Grammarly keyboard comes loaded with features that will help you to write polished and compelling messages, emails and posts right from your phone.

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Grammarly Keyboard For Android

Android users can download and install the Grammarly keyboard from the Google Play store. It is easy to download and use. However, if you are not sure of the steps to use the keyboard on your Android device, you can read through the steps outlined below.

Step-1: After you have installed Grammarly keyboard on your device, open the app and log into your account. In case, if you don’t have a Grammarly account, you need to create one.

Grammarly Keyboard For Android

Step-2: You need to enable the Grammarly keyboard from your settings to use it. Tap on the globe icon to change the keyboard.

Step-3: Once you change the keyboard to Grammarly keyboard, it will start analyzing your messages and correct your grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly Keyboard For Android

Grammarly keyboard on android makes writing much faster. So you can now type of your messages fast without making any errors.

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Even IOS users can use this fantastic keyboard on their device. All you need to do is download the keyboard from the App store and install it in your device and use it. However, many of you may find it a bit complicated to use it in the beginning but then there is nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. To help you out, we have listed the steps to your Grammarly keyboard on your IOS device.

Go through the steps, and you will get an idea, the screenshots are also provided to make it easier for you to understand.

Step-1: At first, enable the Grammarly keyboard from your settings and allow it full access.

Step-2: Now, open the app and log into your Grammarly account. If you don’t have one, you are required to create one.

Step-3: Once, you are done with the setting, go to any app where you write. Click on the globe icon on the keyboard. This will change the keyboard.

Grammarly Keyboard For iPhone

Step-4: From here onwards after you have changed the keyboard, Grammarly will analyze every message that you write and correct all your grammatical and spelling errors.

Grammarly Keyboard For iPhone

Step-5: There are additional settings too that you can adjust according to your need.

Grammarly Keyboard For iPhone

The keyboard will provide you with suggestions which you can notice on top of the keyboard. All you need to do is tap on the suggestion.

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Final Words

Grammarly keyboard is going to change the way you have been texting and sending emails from your phone. Grammarly has introduced the best smartphone keyboard that you have ever used.

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