Download Grammarly For MS Word – A Step-By-Step Installation Guide

If you haven’t been living under a rock and know the importance that content holds in today’s market, you’d be fairly clear of how important Grammarly currently. This specific application, or rather, tool, has helped millions of people across the globe pitch their content across multiple channels for the best of results altogether.

All that being said, it is always best to opt for righting the wrongs right from the stem of it. By that, we mean that it is always best to keep using a good grammar checker while you are typing out the draft itself. With Grammarly, the same can be done quite efficiently because of the fact that it provides with an extension that can be installed into MS Word directly.

What this does is guide you through the grammatical, spelling or even punctuation errors while you are typing the content on Word – much like how spell checker does (only advanced). All that being said, the process of installing the extension can be a tough nut to crack which is why we are going to be guiding you through the process step by step.

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Grammarly for MS Word

Grammarly for MS Word is an Add-In works on Mac and Windows devices to detect and fix all punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes in real time. The Add-on helps you in saving valuable time by focusing you on where your writing needs work. Grammarly detects 10 times more advanced to find critical grammar and spelling errors than Microsoft Word does. All in all, Grammarly for MS Word is a useful tool if you want a robust Grammar Add-on for Microsoft Word.

How to download and add Grammarly Add-On to MS Word?

Before you even think of downloading Grammarly to MS Word or just MS Office for that matter, it is essential to ensure that you do have the version of MS Office that supports this tool.

Without the same, the chances are that even if you follow through the process, you might end up not being able to use this effectively.

In here, we are going to help you learn through the process of how to download and add the Grammarly extension to MS Word without any kind of hassle whatsoever.

Note: MS Word Add-On is not Available for Grammarly free trial users. Click here to sign up for Grammarly premium and select the annual plan for a steal deal.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Install Grammarly Add-on For MS-Word (Mac & Windows Users)

Step-1: Click here to visit the official website of Grammarly and by using CTRL+F search for "Grammarly for MS Word," and after that click on the link you searched for.

Grammarly For MS Office Search

Step-2: Now, This is what the screen will look like once you open the link mentioned above. All you need to do is now click on the “Free Download” option right from there.

Download Grammarly For MS Office

Step-3: Once you click on the download option, another screen open which helps guide you through the process even further.

Download Grammarly For MS Office

Step-4: If you find that the Grammarly extension file isn’t downloading right away, press on the “click here” option mentioned in the previous picture. Once you click that, a pop-up window with the save option pops up.

Step-5: Click on the “Save file” option and wait for the entire file to download completely.

Grammarly MS Word AddIn

Step-6: Once you have downloaded the file, click the file to open it on the folder it has been saved to. Once you click on the “Grammarly Add-In Setup” from your saved folder, another pop-up window for the setup comes up.

Grammarly MS Word Add On

Step-7: Tick the box with the “Grammarly for MS Word” from the options and then press on the Install button as mentioned in the picture below.

Grammarly For MS Word Free Download

Step-8: Once you click on the Install button, the installation process will start through as you can refer to from the image provided below.

Install Grammarly MS Word Add On

Step-9: Once the installation process is done with, the setup redirects you to sign in page to log in with your already existing Grammarly account, or you can even sign up if it is the first time for you.

Grammarly MS Word Sign Up

Step-10: Once you have logged in, simply close any open Word document and refresh and then open MS Word again and the extension would be set up on your Microsoft Office Word.

Step-11: Following everything, you will find the “Enable Grammarly” option on the top right corner of the screen from where you can enable the tool and the same will take care of the rest of the problem that you face while writing through any article or any piece of content, for that matter.

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How Is Grammarly MS Word Add-On beneficial?

Every single process that a person indulges in should have a purpose, Right? The same is the case with this as well. While you are installing the extension of Grammarly onto your MS Word, you might be thinking, “Why am I doing this?”

Well, Grammarly helps polish your content not to leave behind any traces of amateur writing. In short, it accentuates your content and makes it even more presentable.

In order to make it a little better for you to understand, let us walk you through some quick reasoning.

Better Accuracy Of The Content

Whatever piece of content you are writing, you want to ensure that the end product is what you had envisioned it as. It should not just lack any grammatical errors. It should also be devoid of any kind of factual errors as well. While the factual errors are entirely dependent on you, with Grammarly extension on Word, you can correct your mistakes along the process of writing it. It helps in increasing the accuracy and even gets rid of the possibilities of errors that you could be committing along the way unknowingly.

Better Time Saving

If you have used Grammarly before, especially with the Chrome extension or firefox add-on, you’d know that the process of writing and then copying it and proofreading on Grammarly separately can be a time-consuming task. The same can actually be eliminated and save you a lot of time if you simply just download and install the extension directly on MS Word.

What this does is, once you enable Grammarly on the MS Word, it quickly detects the mistakes while you are writing and helps you clarify the mistakes along the process, so you don’t have to do it twice. This also provides you with better legroom to assess the issue around and get rid of any kind of hurdle that could be affecting the quality of your content.

Final Words for Grammarly For MS Word Add-On

All in all, installing the Grammarly extension for your content right on MS Word saves you a lot of time and extra effort. If you want your content to shine through, all the while bringing it better results and conversion, this is your weapon that you need to opt for.

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