20 Funny English Words You Should Know Before You Die 😂

Are you looking for funny English words? If yes, then you’re on the right page.

Funny English Words
Funny English Words

The English Language has an enormous range of words, but there are some words you use as slang or just for fun, but you do not know that they are really some legit words with meanings. Also, check these weird English words.

In this article, I am going to fill up your dictionary with some funny English words, and I dare you to use them in your daily routine. Let us cut the crappy introduction and directly move further to the list.

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Here are 20 funny English words you’ve never heard before:

I am not sure how well you will accept these, but I certainly guarantee that each one of the listed words is genuine and legit.

1. Gubbins

It is an object or part which is obsolete and has no value. Gubbins can be used to subject someone who is stupid or doesn’t do anything. Apart from that, it is also referred to as the part of the fish which are not edible. You may also like to check the Grammarly free trial.

2. Cattywampus

Popularly used by the people of the Southern United States. This word means something which is not correctly organized or arranged in the correct order.

Example: Rahuls’ cupboard is such a cattywampus place.

3. Brouhaha

Not talking rubbish, Brouhaha is an actual word. I have personally used this word a lot on my social handles. The meaning of this word is “an uproar or an overexcited respond.”

Example: After winning the primary price of the annual function, Rohan made a brouhaha.

4. Donnybrook

It is misjudged as poverty, but Donnybrook is referred to as a riot or even as an uprising argument. Apart from its meaning, Donnybrook is also the name of a place located in Ireland.

5. Nincompoop

I know what you are thinking :P, and I can understand why did that strike your mind. Popularly used in the late 19s, Nincompoop is an adjective that is used to subject a person who is foolish, stupid, and useless. You may also like to check this Grammarly discount.

6. Ratoon

Certainly not an anime character or a manga hero. The petty shoot which rises from the ground as a part of the root of a plant is called Ratoon. These are mostly found in cultivating & forest covers.

7. Bibble

No! I did not misspell the Bible. Bibble is an actual word that is used as an adjective to the noise made by people while eating, chewing, or even drinking.

8. Pettifogger

It is strictly not a breed of a frog or some other animal. Pettifogger is used to subjecting lawyers who have little skills in their stream. It is like a newbie term amongst the lawyers. Also, check the Grammarly cost.

9. Bumfuzzle

A term used in the starting & mid-nineties and is still rolling amongst the teenagers. Bumfuzzle can be undoubtedly subjected as a synonym of perplexed, confused, or disturbed. Bumfuzzle is a state of mind where the person is not capable of understanding anything.

10. Gardyloo

I will explain the story behind this water later, but its meaning is to warn someone before throwing waste or water from above. Now the story, people of Edinberg shouted “Gardyloo” before throwing garbage out of their houses. You may also like to check the Grammarly student discount.

11. Yarborough

A sure legit word also stated on Google as proof. Yarborough is a word used in a card game when a person does not have a card above the number nine.

12. Hocus-pocus

Did I bring some nostalgia to you? No, it is not a magic spell from the harry potters. It refers to something foolish or with no sense.

13. Canoodle

Canoodle is just another cool name for cuddling. It is just another name of getting close to someone. So use this term while conversing with your love, but I guarantee that this won’t turn her/him on. You may also like to read this Grammarly review.

14. Taradiddle

A disgusting lie or something with no sense. It is also referred to as the conversation in which people exaggerate their income or wealth with no real proof.

15. Collywobbles

You might have heard or even used this term in your routine lifestyle. Nowadays, it is used in colleges to tease or make fun of someone. Collywobbles is referred to as the weird ache in the stomach, which creates a sort of noise in the stomach.

16. Abibliophobia

No! It is not an incurable disease or flu, which might cost a person, someone, his life. It is an adjective to describe people like you and me. People who are afraid that this article/content/story or something to read will end, and they will run out of things to read. Now just switch to Instagram and change your bio. Also, check this Ginger review.

17. Bumbershoot

A simple word regularly used by many people who live in wet areas of the world. Bumbershoot refers to an umbrella and is quiet cooler than the normal subjective name.

Example: It’s raining outside, and I must take my Bumbershoot to college.

18. Lollygag

This word is really an interesting word in this funny English words list that I personally use in my conversations. Lollygag is referred to as a person who is completely wasting his time in useless stuff. People confuse it with chilling, which is not a big thing as it can be used as that way too. Lollygagger is the person who does lollygag. You might also like to check this Whitesmoke review.

19. Pandiculation

This usually happens while you wake by having a heavy sleep, and when you stretch your body, and the bones or muscles might go rigid for some time. It is basically a way of yawning & stretching after a heavy sleep.

20. Snollygoster

It might sound positive or enjoyable, but it is not as per the meaning. Snollygoster is subject to a person (mainly politicians) who promises a dozen of things and does not keep up with the promise. I hope now you know how to abuse your state politician, who does not work on your problems. Also, check the Ginger software cost.

Fina Words (Funny English Words)

The English language is a vast subject, and there are around forty thousand words that are not even being used in the mainstream. It is essential to keep up with new words that are common in social media and mainstream life too.

In this article, I shared some funny English words you cannot resist using in your routine life. I hope this article helped you and increased some amount of knowledge to you.

But if you have any problem or doubt regarding the subject we discussed today, then please comment below, and I or someone from our team will surely respond to that comment with a positive & helpful reply.

Also, if you have some humor but legit words, then please share it with us below.

According to you, which is the funniest word mentioned in this article?

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