Ginger Review 2019: Is This Grammar Checker Software Worth It?

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In this updated Ginger review, we shared the latest pros, cons, features, and the cost of online grammar checker tool which is known as Ginger software. This Ginger review is updated on 01 July 2019 to point out finer and terrible things about Ginger grammar checker software.

Ginger Review

Writing perfect articles is a piece of cake these days. Thanks to a whole bunch of online proofreading tools that are available to us. Nonetheless, with more tools comes more confusion on which one is the right fit for your business.

So we decided to cut down the noise and write a detailed review of the Ginger software (a popular free online proofreading tool) to help you determine whether you need it or not.

So are you ready as we are about to expose the tool and tell you each and everything about it in full detail?

Let’s find out by unpacking the tool in our unbiased Ginger review.

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What is Ginger Software?

Ginger is an online proofreading tool similar to Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. The Ginger software helps you correct all your grammatical errors while you’re typing in real-time. Apart from that, you also get suggestions to rephrase the sentences and make them look more profound.

It’s a lightweight and powerful web app which can translate the text in 40+ different languages. Lastly, with the software, you also get access to a dictionary which helps you look like a pro in vocabulary even if you don’t know the meaning of any words.

Ginger Benefits

1. Better English Communication

Ginger is not only a proofreading software but a swiss knife to improve your English communication skills. With their pool of English learning material, you can not only learn new things daily but also become a complete master at it.

2. Mobile Proofreader 

Ginger is not only available for Windows and Mac but also for mobile which means you can write great sentences and phrases without making any grammatical mistakes whatsoever.

3. Improvised Writing

Ginger software is perfect if you want to improve your grammar writing skills. The tool gives your suggestions on grammar and spelling mistakes found in the write-up. If you’re not good with your grammar, don’t worry because Ginger will make your life easy and help stand out from the crowd.

4. Translator

With the help of Ginger translator, you can translate the text in over 40+ languages. This gives you the ability to write content in one language and distribute it in multiple languages over multiple channels hence touching a larger audience base.

Ginger Free Features

Here are all the features that you get with the free version of the Ginger software:

1. Grammar Checker

Well, if you’re not so good with sentence formation and struggle with writing a perfect article the free grammar checker feature of the tool will help you solve all those small errors from the article and make it look perfect.

2. Ginger for Browsers

ginger browser extension

Once you create a new Ginger account, you can use the free version in the form of Ginger browser extension where the software will check your written content all over the web in real-time.

3. Dictionary

ginger dictionary

For all those who suck at vocabulary, this is a goldmine for you. With the free version of the tool, you get access to a dictionary where you can understand the true meaning of every single word.

4. Translations in Over 40 Languages:

ginger 40 languages

I know most of you reading this article would use the software only in English. But imagine in future if you plan to rotate your content in other languages how easy it would be to do it with the Ginger software.

Ginger Premium Features

Ginger premium includes all the features that you get in the free version of the software and some more additional features which will talk in brief down below.

1. Text Reader

ginger software

One fantastic feature which you miss in the free version of the tool and in fact in any other proofreading tool out there is the text reader. With this feature, you can let the tool read all the text out loud. This helps you in identifying your errors and also learn from it so that you don’t repeat them in the future.

2. Practice on your Mistakes

ginger personal trainer

This is one heck of a feature I mean who teaches you English in your own way. Well, Ginger does. The software teaches you about all your spelling, grammatical errors, sentences structures according to your own understanding. You can say you have a personal English coach teaching you to be better at the language.

3. Sentence Rephraser

ginger sentence rephraser

The sentence rephraser technology is perfect for anyone who struggles to come up with fresh words keeping in mind the context of the article. The tool helps you suggest new synonyms, idioms & phrases and new variations of the sentences all keeping the context of the sentence intact. This feature will genuinely make you look like a grammar fanatic even if you don’t know much of it.

4. Analysis of your Errors

If you’re someone who learns from their mistakes, then you’ll need this feature because it shows you the history of your errors and also sorts them in order so that you know which type of grammatical or spelling mistakes you are often repeating. Once you figure that out, you can then start working to improve it.

In-Depth Ginger Review

In this section of the article, I’ll break it down for you every aspect of the tool including the good and bad about it. So let’s begin.

1. Customization

If I talk about the translation feature which you get in over 40+ languages with Ginger, then it’s not so apt. I mean you have Google Translate giving you much better results than the Ginger software that too for free.

On the contrary, the dictionary option in the tool is handy just because you can add your own words into it. Otherwise, you have the Google dictionary which gives you more data compared to the Ginger dictionary. However, with Google dictionary, you cannot add any words and make it a personalized one for you. 

Lastly, the suggestions given by the software is lame and will only make your article worse (this rarely happens) so keep that in mind. Also, don’t ever make a mistake to click on the fix all errors button because sometimes due to the lame suggestions your article will be ruined instead of getting better.

7 out of 10 in the customization category.

2. Accuracy

The accuracy of the software is decent enough I wouldn’t say it’s , but it isn’t the best either. The free version of the tool suggests fewer errors when compared to the premium version.

So for instance, if in the free version you get seven grammatical error and two spelling mistakes definitely in the premium version you’ll get more than this. 

I’d give 6 out of 10 in terms of Accuracy to the Ginger software.

3. Ease of Use

In some aspects, the software is easy to use, but in the other conditions, it is not so convincing.

Let me explain: 

The user interface of the software is pretty darn good and easy to understand as well. However, the error suggested in the tool are shown at the bottom, and also as other proofreading tools use a color code to identify the mistake, you don’t get any functionalities with Ginger making it a pain to understand which part of the error is correct and which isn’t.

ginger errors

There’s a bit of a lag while using the software which I didn’t like considering the software isn’t new in the market anymore.

Lastly, the good thing about the software is the navigation menu is right at your fingertips which means you’ll never have a hard time figuring out things in the software.

ginger navigation 1
ginger navigation 2

7 out of 10 for ease of use just because of the user interface and navigation of the software.

4. Editing

Ginger isn’t very descriptive when it comes to explaining the error, unlike other proofreading tools. However, if you upgrade to the premium version they give you video links on the errors you make in the article so that you can learn from it.

ginger error suggestions

One thing which I love about the tool is, it keeps tracks of all the errors and spelling mistakes which you make and send you a weekly report of it on your email (only if you buy the premium version) just so you can learn from the mistakes. It also highlights your top errors in the list.

8 out of 10 in the editing category for the Ginger software.

5. Support

There’s no live chat or call support with the Ginger software, and you only get email support with it. Also, talking about the knowledge base, they do have a lot of material on their website to solve all your problems, but it’s certainly hidden under the hood of the website making it impossible to find out.

Ginger support

Nevertheless, the support team is active and answers your queries within 24 hrs or 1 working business day.

7 out of 10 in the support category.

Final Summary

Overall, Ginger is a great software to try your hands on. First, try out with the free version and if you feel the need, try upgrading it to the paid plan and see how things work out for you and your online business and decide accordingly.

Where Can You Use Ginger Software?

You can use the software on every gadget you own and make sure the words you write are written excellently.

For Android, there’s a Ginger app which lets you correct all your grammatical errors instantly with just a click.

For iOS users, the Ginger Page app does all the grunt work for you making sure nothing goes wrong when you write anything on the web.

For Windows, you have a native desktop app which you can download and use it anytime anywhere. However, it isn’t an offline app so you’d still require an active internet connection for the app to function.

For Mac, unfortunately, there’s no app built for the Mac users yet. However, you can still use the browser extensions which are available for free except for Mozilla Firefox.

Ginger Free vs. Premium

Ginger is a fantastic piece of software, and the best part about it is a lot of features are available in the free version of the tool already. However, if you want to unlock it to its full potential, you need to upgrade it to the premium version.

Keep yourself in any of the two scenarios and react accordingly:

Scenario 1: You’re just starting out, or you are not a full-time writer or blogger yet which indirectly means you don’t produce a lot of web content just yet which eventually boils down that you can use the free version of the tool without having any second thoughts.

Scenario 2: You are a professional writer or a full-time blogger who produces a lot of content online. In that case, you need a tool which makes sure the content you create is top-notch and not filled with grammatical mistakes. If you’re in this category, you should definitely buy the Ginger software.

How Much Does Ginger Cost?

Ginger is not a very cheap neither an expensive tool and here’s the pricing structure of the software:

Apart from this, if you’re a student, you get a flat 40% discount on all their paid plans

For Grammarly cost details, Click here.

Is Ginger Premium Worth It?


With the premium version of the software, you get unlimited grammar and spelling checks. On top of that, you have access to the text reader, and the sentence rephrases feature which makes your articles look beautiful when you send it to your clients or publish it on your blog. 

Moreover, with the analysis of the errors you make, there’s a huge opportunity for you to improve your grammar skills without hiring an expensive full-time editor.

The price of the software is a bit expensive if you buy it just for a month. However, if you lock in the license for a year, I’d say it’s comparatively very cheap and effective in the long run.

If you’re afraid of taking the leap, try it for one month and see if you find it useful or not. And even if you don’t find any benefits you still have a full 7-day money back guarantee with you.

Ginger Pros & Cons

Let’s find out some of the good and the bad things out the software. Pros:

Ginger Pros

  • A decent tool to recognize grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • A lot of cool features are offered in the free version of the tool.
  • Works seamlessly well with all the major browsers except for Mozilla Firefox.
  • The tool suggests you additional words with respect to the context of the sentence.
  • It also has support for built-in plagiarism checker.
  • If there’s a better phrase available the tool will suggest you a better rephrase with regards to the context of the sentence.
  • Ginger software is a perfect tool for all the non-English speakers out there.

Ginger Cons

  • Needs an active Internet connection for the software to work.
  • Expensive for anyone who doesn’t have additional resources to buy a proofreading tool.
  • Once in a blue moon, the phrases and grammar suggested by the tool don’t match the context of the sentence.
  • The suggestions given by the tools is comparatively less when compared to its competitors.
  • No native app support for Mac users.

Can Ginger Beat A Human Proofreader?

No doubt Ginger is a fantastic piece of software which can rectify most of the critical grammar errors, however, if you compare it with a professional editor the software stands no chance. Ginger is still an automated tool which shows weird suggestions at times and if writing is your professional career you cannot rely on just a mere tool. In fact, you need a professional and well experienced human proofreader who makes sure everything is well over perfect in the articles.

Simply put, Ginger software cannot beat a human proofreader at least not at the time of writing this review.

What is Ginger Refund Policy?

Well, Ginger offers a full 7-day refund policy. If you bought their service and aren’t satisfied with it, you can ask for a full money refund. It’s a no questions asked refund. However, anything after the seventh day wouldn’t be entertained by the company.

If there’s any mistake in the billing from their side, your case would be considered exceptional, and they’ll contact you for further assistance.

Do I Recommend You Ginger Software?

For sure, I do recommend you the Ginger software.

Here’s why:

Ginger is an excellent software for bloggers, freelance writers, small business owners, copywriters, and students. If writing is your full-time or part-time job, you need a software like Ginger to take care of all your spelling and grammatical mistakes. Apart from that, you also get other functionalities like native desktop app for Windows and support in your Android mobile.

The free tool is great if you’re trying out and just testing the water in your writing career. However, if you earn the majority of your income from writing work be it blogging or freelance writing then having Ginger software in your arsenal is a must.

Although, the tool is expensive if you plan to buy the monthly plan. However, if you lock in the yearly license, it costs you less than $7/mo.

Ginger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

All the potential buyers have a general set of questions in mind which they ask on forums and other online communities regarding the Ginger software, so we thought of combining all of them and make a list of all the frequently asked questions here.

Q1). How to Download Ginger Software on Mac?

Unfortunately, there’s no native app which you can download for Macbook. The Ginger software only supports the native app for Windows at the time of writing this review on Ginger.

Q2). How to Get Ginger Software for Free?

Well, you cannot use the premium version of the software for free if you’d like to use all the premium features of the software you need to pay the price for it and buy the software. However, most of the features are free in the software which you can use anytime anywhere for free.

Q3). How to Uninstall Ginger Software from Windows?

Follow the below-mentioned steps if you’d like to uninstall the Ginger software.

Step-1: Open up the Start menu.

Step-2: Now search for the control panel and choose "Add or remove programs/ Programs and features."

Step-3: From the list of all the installed applications search for Ginger. Finally, right-click on it and choose "Uninstall."

Q4). How to Remove Ginger’s Chrome Extension?

Step-1: In the top right corner of the screen click on the three dots which is for Chrome Settings.

Step-2: Now go to Tools -> Extensions.

Step-3: Search for the Ginger extension and disable the slider in it. If you like you can also remove it.

ginger software extension uninstall

Q5). Is Ginger Software Safe to Use?


Ginger is a very well-known online proofreading software in the market. The software is legit and completely safe to use, and it’s available in both free and paid plans.

Q6). Is Ginger Software Free?

To a certain extent yes the software is entirely free to use. However, if you wish to use all the features, you need to pay for the premium plan which starts at $29.95/mo.

Q7). How to Use Ginger Software in Outlook?

All you need to do is install the chrome extension of the Ginger software, and after that whenever you write any emails in Outlook, Ginger will automatically start to check for the errors in real-time.

Q8). How Much Ginger Costs You?

Well, Ginger software operates on two pricing structures. The first one is entirely free to use and the second one comes with the monthly, quarterly and yearly pricing models.

Here are the pricing plans of Ginger premium:

  • Monthly plan cost: $20.97/month.
  • Quarterly plan cost: $41.97 ($13.99/month).
  • Annual plan cost: $89.88/year ($7.49/month).

NOTE: If you’re a student you get flat 40% discount on all their paid plans.

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Final Words

I hope you loved our detailed unbiased Ginger review. If you did, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Also, if you have any queries or are stuck in making the final decision drop your problems in the comments and we’ll try to answer them.

Software NameGinger
Software ByGinger Software
CostUS$20.97 per month.
Main FeatureGrammar & Spell Checker
CEOMaoz Shacht
FoundersYael Karov and Avner Zangvil

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