Ginger Software Cost & Price | How Much Does It Cost?

Ginger software is an excellent alternative to Grammarly, and for anyone looking for the price of the Ginger software, this is the article for you my friends.

I have discussed the in and out with all the features and pricing of this software to make your job easy.

So let’s not waste time and jump right into the article. Shall we?

Why Should You Go with Ginger Software Premium?

Although Ginger software has a free version to use for a lifetime, there are a lot of features which are missing in it. For anyone who is writing full-time for them, it won’t be sufficient.

If you are confused why you should go with the premium plan of the tool here’s are all the additional features that you will get with the paid plan of Ginger.

  • 1
    Unlimited Grammar Checker.
  • 2
    Translation in over 40 Languages.
  • 3
    Ginger for Browser.
  • 4
  • 5
    Text Reader.
  • 6
    Sentence Rephraser.
  • 7
    Analysis of Errors.
  • 8
    Practice on Your Mistakes.

For a detailed guide you should check this Ginger software review.

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Ginger Software Cost Pricing Plans

How Much Does Ginger Software Cost?

Ginger currently offers three pricing plans which are as follows:

  • Ginger software monthly subscription costs $20.97 per month.
  • Ginger software quarterly subscription costs $13.99 per month, billed as one payment of $41.97.
  • Ginger software annual subscription costs $7.49 per month, billed as one payment of $89.88.
Ginger Cost

You can try Ginger for free as well in case you want to test it out.

Now that you know about the pricing of the software let me show you the exact features that you get once you pay the money.

And by the way, all the plan has similar features; it’s just the difference of pricing depending on the number of months you buy it for.

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1. Proofreading

The most basic feature which is obvious is you get more advanced proofreading ability with the paid plan of the Ginger Software compared to the free plan.

The following feature is available in both the free and paid plan of the software.

3. Rephrase Sentences

Rephrasing the sentences with proper structure can completely change how your article looks. It is a compelling feature which is missing in the free plan of the tool.

4. Translation

You won’t believe it, but with the Ginger software, you can translate your text primarily written in English in over 60 languages. Once you translate the text, you can reach to a new audience base with the same amount of efforts.

5. Available on Desktop

The free version is only available on web browsers. However, the paid version integrates with Gmail, MS office and the app itself can be downloaded on your Windows or Mac OS for direct use.

6. Practice Sessions

WhiteSmoke isn’t just a mere proofreading tool where you put in the text, and the tool suggests you errors. Instead, you can take practice personalized session which is designed keeping in mind the mistakes that you make.

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7. Error Analysis

Not only the practice sessions but with the tool you can also analyze the errors you make more often. After you figure that out, you can start on improving those errors that way you’ll slowly and gradually have a command on the language.

8. Dictionary

If you struggle to come up with new words while writing this feature will save you from the dark. The dictionary feature is available for both the free and paid plans.

9. Text Reader

With the text reader feature, the tool will read your article out loud. Ginger is the only software that has this feature, and this can come in handy while proofreading.

Those were all the features that you get in the paid plan of the software which is more than sufficient to make you an excellent writer.

Final Words

That was all you need to know how much does Ginger software cost. For any doubts on the software, in general, you can shoot us a comment, and we will get back to you.

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