Grammarly Alternatives: 7 Best Sites Like Grammarly in 2020

If you’re someone who hates using Grammarly or is not satisfied with the tool in general or maybe you find it expensive, then this article is for you.

In this article, I’ve listed the seven most competitive alternative sites like Grammarly, which will blow your mind. Because let’s be honest, Grammarly isn’t the only proofreading tool available in the market. There are hundreds of other great ones too. From that, I have picked up the seven best Grammarly alternatives for you to decide.

Grammarly Alternatives, Sites Like Grammarly
Grammarly Alternatives

Well, If you’re a newbie or in case you don’t you have money, then you can also go for a free account of Grammarly, which is known as Grammarly free trial account.

So, are you excited to replace Grammarly with a new tool? Let’s find out the right alternative tool for your business.

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7 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Sites Like Grammarly) 2020

Here’s the list of top 7 best Grammarly alternatives or sites like Grammarly that are entirely free (not all) to use.

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#1. Ginger Software

Ginger is the best alternative to the Grammarly tool. It gives fierce competition to Grammarly and is considered one of the best online proofreading tools available on the web.

ginger software grammarly alternative
Grammarly Alternatives

Ginger Software has a fantastic grammar and spelling checker feature, which makes sure all the content you write is entirely written, keeping grammar rules in mind. Apart from that, you also have a Text Reader feature that reads the text out loud for you. For your information, no other proofreading tool offers this feature, including Grammarly.

One feature I love about the Ginger software is the Sentence Rephraser feature, which helps you to rephrase sentences keeping the context of the article in mind. It also helps if you struggle to come up with new words every time.

Lastly, you can translate your written text in 40+ different languages with the help of GingerSoftware. Can you imagine how big of an audience you can touch with the same content in many other words? It would be pretty darn big.

The software checks all the errors in real-time and also has an “Approve all” feature from where you can solve all the mistakes within seconds. However, I recommend you to check all the errors carefully as it gives weird suggestions at times.

As every tool has some shortcomings, Ginger Software is no different. If you compare it with Grammarly’s accuracy, it stands nowhere. The UI is intuitive and easy to use but not as easy as Grammarly. Finally, the free version of the software gives you a minimal set of errors to solve.

For more information about this grammar checker tool, you can check our detailed Ginger review.

Ginger Pros

  • The free version offers a lot of features.
  • Translation in over 40+ different languages.
  • Free Chrome & Firefox browser extensions.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Ginger Cons

  • Lacks accuracy.
  • Suggests lame errors at times.
  • The number of errors available in the free version is highly limited.

Link to Access:

#2. WhiteSmoke

For all the professional writers and authors out there, WhiteSmoke is the ultimate online proofreading tool for you. You won’t believe it, but a lot of people prefer WhiteSmoke over Grammarly because it isn’t just a proofreading tool but has much more to offer.

whitesmoke grammarly alternative
WhiteSmoke (Grammarly Alternatives)

With WhiteSmoke, you get more than 100+ pre-made templates library to create professional-looking resumes, thank you notes, reports, cover letters, and much more. Besides all this, the tool also offers real-time grammatical, spelling, and punctuations errors check.

If you were amazed by the 40+ language translation feature in the GingerSoftware well, WhiteSmoke has over 15 more, which makes it a total of 55 language translator software.

Apart from this, anyone who struggles with grammar or don’t know the correct use of nouns, pronouns, verbs accurately, WhiteSmoke has a dedicated video library to help you learn just that which will cut down your errors into half the next time you write content.

The tool is built on the Statistical Machine Translation platform, which increases the accuracy of the errors suggested by the device.

Finally, WhiteSmoke is a cross-platform software that you can use in Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and can also install the extensions.

Unfortunately, there’s no free plan offered with the tool due to the fantastic set of features provided with it. However, you can still get a free 4-day license to get your hands dirty and try out the software.

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WhiteSmoke Pros

  • In-built powerful plagiarism checker.
  • Available for multiple platforms.
  • Highly accurate error suggestions.
  • The translation is available in over 55 languages.
  • Works with all the popular browsers with the help of a free extension.

WhiteSmoke Cons

  • No free plan with the software.
  • No integration with MS-Word available.
  • Link to Access:

Link to Access:

#3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the third tool in our list of the best Grammarly alternatives to use. The software is almost identical to Grammarly but comes at a way lower price compared to Grammarly, which makes their offers unique.

prowritingaid (sites like grammarly)
Grammarly Alternatives

The best feature of the tool, which makes it better than Grammarly, is the manuscript editing feature. It helps in precisely checking all the grammatical, spelling, punctuations, and sentence structure errors.

The software checks over 20 types of errors like bad English, pronoun missing, overused word, grammar, repetition, dictation, to name a few.

One unique feature about the ProWritingAid tool is saving the document in a house style writing format. What I mean by this is, you can save a particular form for your writing style, which all the other writers working on the same website can follow. Once they are done with the writing, you can quickly check the article using the following feature, which will help you save endless hours of work.

Surprisingly, ProWritingAid is the only tool that offers lifetime access to their tool at just a mere $175. If you aren’t yet sure and want to give the tool a try, you can also go with the $50/yr plan.

ProWritingAid Pros

  • Detailed reporting on all the errors.
  • Available integration with MS-Word and Google Docs.
  • Super easy to use interface.
  • The software has a free version for you to use.
  • Lifetime access to the software at just $175.

ProWritingAid Cons

  • Fewer suggestions are available in the free version.
  • Complete report generation takes way too long.
  • The extension is only available for Google Chrome.

Link to Access:

#4. Hemingway

Hemingway is an all in one desktop app which has nothing much to do with Grammarly. Hemingway helps to make your content better as a whole.

hemingway website like grammarly
Grammarly Alternatives

Let me explain:

If you’re someone who loves to write long sentences, Hemingway app will help you cut it down into proper sentence structure. The following feature has both good and bad outcomes. The good is you have an appropriate arrangement of the article overall, and all the readers can skim through the article. However, the bad part is you will not be able to cover an in-depth article with the help of this application as it will always restrict you.

One fantastic feature of the app is you don’t need an active internet connection to proofread the article. It means you can make your articles error-free, even sitting at a beach in Miami without the Internet.

On top of this, the Hemingway app also connects directly with your WordPress blog or the Medium blog, where you can publish stunning articles with just a click of a button. Moreover, you can also import text directly in .doc format, preventing you from always copy-paste the articles in between two applications.

As I said, it’s an all in one tool to make your overall content look beautiful, so you also get options to bold, italics, underline, and put heading in your document.

Lastly, the software costs you $19.99 as a one-time subscription fee, which is crazy low compared to the other tools listed here.

Hemingway Pros

  • Super cheap.
  • Makes your overall content look beautiful.
  • No need for an Internet connection to solve the errors.
  • Directly connects with WordPress and Medium blog.
  • Sharing the documents with your colleagues is easy.

Hemingway Cons

  • Accuracy is horrible.
  • No browser extensions are available.
  • No web version of the tool available either.

PS: I wouldn’t recommend the Hemingway app as your all-time proofreading tool if you’re a professional author or writer. Nonetheless, if you’re a student and need a decent software that solves minimal errors from your document that too at a low price, go ahead and get yourself the subscription of the Hemingway app.

Link to Access:

#5. Scribens

Scribens is a free grammar proofreading tool. So, anyone looking for a free Grammarly alternative Scribens is the one.

scribens grammarly alternative
Scribens (Grammarly Alternatives)

Scribens claims to solve 10X time more errors compared to what you get with Microsoft Word. But if I compare it directly with Grammarly, it is simply not worth it. However, if I talk about the good points of the software, then the UI is clean and easy to use. The grammar checker is perfect, provided you want to check all the fundamental errors. Lastly, you can test unlimited words with the software as there’s no limitation of words.

Well, there are several shortcomings of the tool, which is that the tool is inaccurate; there’s no plagiarism detection option, no translation feature. Sadly, the customer form doesn’t work too.

If you don’t have the resources to allocate for a paid proofreading tool, I’d likely recommend you to give Scribens a try.

Scribens Pros

  • Easy to use UI.
  • For basic grammar checking, the tool is decent enough.
  • No limitation for daily word count.

Scribens Cons

  • The suggestions are not highly accurate.
  • No support for plagiarism detection.
  • No translation feature.

Link to Access:

#6. Reverso

Reverso is a free Grammarly alternative. As you might expect, it’s a free tool, and you won’t find a lot of handy features in the tool. Nevertheless, it’s pretty good software if you want to solve the basic grammatical errors.

reverso sites like grammarly
Alternative Sites Like Grammarly

Besides this, the tool is widely popular due to its quick translation feature. You can convert your text from English to French, Spanish, German, Chinese, to name a few. Additionally, the dictionary feature in the tools comes in handy when you want to get new words idea while checking the write-up.

The software comes with an Android and iOS app for you to use on the go. Also, you can install the free Chrome extension to improve your writing while you write on the web. I love the simple user interface of the tool because it is so easy to understand and use.

Reverso Pros

  • Free to use.
  • Available for mobile devices, web version and in extensions.
  • Free translation available in various languages.
  • A very intuitive dictionary to use.

Reverso Cons

  • A limited set of features.

Link to Access:

#7. PaperRater

PaperRater is the ultimate tool in our extensive list of suitable Grammarly alternatives. PaperRater is a decent tool, but I wouldn’t recommend it to you like your daily driver while proofreading the article. The reason for that is, the features in the software are limited when compared to Grammarly.

paperrater sites like grammarly
Alternative Sites Like Grammarly

The software gives you suggestions on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and rephrasing the sentence. Moreover, if you plan to use the free plan of the software, the good part is you don’t need to create an account, which means you can use it directly.

One thing I dislike about PaperRater is that you always need to use the web version of the tool while checking your articles as they don’t have support for free browser extensions, unlike other tools.

Apart from that, in the free version of the tool, you can paste the content of up to 5 pages. Whereas, with the premium plan, you’re allowed to extend the limit up to 20 pages.

There’s a fantastic plagiarism checker that comes with PaperRater. The sad part is, it only shows you the percentage of plagiarized content found in the article when using the free plan. To know which sentences have copied content in it, you need to buy the premium plan.

PaperRater Pros

  • Cheap in price.
  • No need to create an account.
  • In-depth feedback on vocabulary.

PaperRater Cons

  • No extensions are available.
  • Plagiarism percentage is shown in the free version, which isn’t sufficient.

Link to Access:

Final Words (Alternative Sites Like Grammarly)

So, that was our list of the seven best Grammarly alternatives (free and paid both), which you can choose as your daily driver. If the article helped you in finding the right tool for your business, please consider sharing it with your other friends. Also, for any questions or queries, drop a comment down below, and I’ll try to address them asap.

Last Updated: 23 December 2019.

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