Grammarly Black Friday Sale 2019 & Cyber Monday Deals [60% OFF]

Grammarly Black Friday And Cyber Monday Offer

If yes, then you have come to the right page because in this article I’ll guide you through everything that you need to know about the Grammarly Black Friday 2019.

Grammarly Black Friday SaleGrammarly Black Friday Sale

Grammarly Black Friday To avail the Grammarly Black Friday sale offer, follow the exact steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Click on this Grammarly special link or the button below after which you’ll be taken to the offer page.

Step-2: Select the package that fits your business. You can select any of the three plans monthly, quarterly, yearly. We recommend you to lock in the yearly plan to get massive discounts on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday festive.

Step-3: Lastly, after selecting the plan you’ll be immediately redirected to the payments page. In there, fill in the required details and proceed the payment.

That’s all you need to do to get the Grammarly Black Friday offer.

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grammarly cyber monday

Grammarly Cyber Monday — Here is the simple and step-by-step guide to activate Grammarly Cyber Monday 2019 offer:

Step-1: Click on this special link to visit the official website of Grammarly.

Step-2: Download the browser extension and after that sign up for the free Grammarly account.

Step-3: Select any premium plan from the list. My suggestion is you should choose the annual plan as it will save you approx 70% less than the monthly plan of Grammarly and this is the best Cyber Monday offer for Grammarly.

Step-4: Now, after selecting the plan, you will be redirected to the payment page. Fill in the required details, and you are ready to use Grammarly premium.

That's it. These were simple steps that you should follow to get the Grammarly Cyber Monday offer.

Benefits of Grammarly: How can it help you?

Grammarly is one of the hottest selling proofreading software on the Internet, but that is not enough to convince you to buy this product and invest your money into it.

However, here I have listed down all the benefits that you get in your business after you buy the Grammarly premium Black Friday offer. Let’s dive right in.

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#1. Improvise Writing Style

With Grammarly grammar checker, you are sure to improve your writing style over time. I can take that guarantee because the premium version is a blessing for all the writers that it will force you to work upon the common errors. Grammarly free trial account is also a good fit for you if you are not a professional writer.

The software suggests you a variety of error types to make your article look fantastic in front of your readers and clients.

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#2. Integrates with most of the apps

You name it, and Grammarly will integrate with that tool. Here is a list of all the tools and websites with which the Grammarly software integrates seamlessly.

Do you have anything left? I don’t think so.

Download: Grammarly Keyboard for Android and iOS.

#3. Plagiarism Checker

Duplicate content is spread out all over the web, and we knowingly and unknowingly write sentences in our articles which match with the ones that are already published on the internet. However, with the Grammarly plagiarism checker tool, you can quickly find out the plagiarized content and get it resolved to make your article 100% unique.

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#4. Easy to Use Interface

You wouldn’t believe, but the user interface of Grammarly is so intuitive that in less than 30 minutes you’ll feel like that you are using the software since ages. The navigation is simple to understand and also how you manage your documents at one place is build fantastically.

Also, Download Grammarly Software for Windows and Mac.

#5. Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Error Suggestions

If the free version of the software suggests you five grammatical and two punctuation errors, the premium version will suggest you almost double that. Moreover, the types of mistakes suggested in the premium version is just unbeatable. You get unclear antecedent, use of passive voice, advanced vocabulary suggestions, fluency of words, conventions, etc.

Apart from that, you get advanced punctuation errors like missing comma, colon, apostrophe, full stop, etc.

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#6. Detect Repeated Words

One of the very handy features that the tool offers it detecting repeated words in your article. Let’s say for example if you “basically” word in every two to three sentences your write Grammarly will identify this occasion and suggest you better words keeping the context of the sentence in the picture.

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#7. Library of Tutorial and Video Guides

Grammarly has an entire pile of free tutorials and video content which not only helps you solve all your common grammatical errors but also get rid of it forever. Moreover, on their blog, they publish weekly tips which are power packed to make your writing style more stylish and beautiful.

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#8. Browser Extension

It would be annoying to check all the articles by going to the Grammarly website every time you want to proofread something. But not anymore because with the free Grammarly extension you can install it and let it run in the background. The tool will check anything you write online in real-time.

#9. Grammarly for Mobile

Recently, the company also launched their mobile application which is a standalone app which means you can now edit, write and save everything right from your mobile screen. Furthermore, it will also check all the words in real-time that you write in your cell phone.

#10. Powerful Spelling Checker

Oh boy, I cannot stress enough on this one. Trust me I’m horrible at writing correct spelling at first attempt. Frankly, if I did not have Grammarly, no would read my articles for sure. Thankfully, with the help of Grammarly spelling checker, I’m able to correct all my spelling mistakes at ease.

#11. Built-in Dictionary

If you’re proofreading an already written article and while reading it if you come across some words which you have never heard it before, you can make use of the Grammarly built-in dictionary. To know the meaning of a complicated word all you need to do is double-click on that word and the software will instantly show you it’s meaning and also other synonyms which belong it.

#12. Replace Human Proofreader

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional editor to proofread your articles. Well, now with the help of Grammarly software you don’t need a human proofreader anymore. The software will do all the heavy lifting for you at one fourth the price of what you usually pay to a human editor to find errors in your articles.

Grammarly Pros and Cons

Grammarly Pros

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to understand UI.
  • Fantastic plagiarism checker.
  • A built-in dictionary.
  • Shows your advanced grammar and punctuation errors with vocabulary enhancements and sentence correction.
  • Available for all the major browser extensions.
  • The software can be used on the mobile, native desktop app and the web.
  • Fantastic support.

Grammarly Cons

  • A bit expensive but you get a massive discount on this Black Friday so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Shows wrong errors at times.
  • It is highly priced.

Grammarly Pricing

The pricing plan of Grammarly is divided into three plans which are as follows:

  • Monthly cost - $29.95/month.
  • Quarterly cost - $19.98/month.
  • Yearly cost - $11.66/month.

ALERT: To get the best out the Grammarly Black Friday 2019 offer we highly recommend you to go with the yearly plan as that will save you a lot of money.

If you are a university who is looking for by Grammarly, you can check out the Grammarly educational plans. They also have Grammarly Business for huge organizations.

Final Words

So that is it guys for the Grammarly Black Friday 2019 sale and Grammarly Cyber Monday 2019 Offers. The page covers almost everything that you need to know about the offer. However, if you still have doubts before making your final purchase do share it with us and we will definitely help you out with it.

We hope you buy the best deals for your business at a very cheap price on this Black Friday sale season.

Last Updated: 15 August, 2019.

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