Grammarly Chrome Browser Extension Download (Working) 2020

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Grammarly Chrome

Grammarly chrome is a viral and widely used browser extension that helps enhance the quality of your overall content. Even the smallest of spelling mistakes and unwanted punctuation errors have the possibility of bringing the quality of the content down. It is thus essential to read and edit the content until it’s perfect and lacks any mistakes in it.

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Grammarly Chrome Extension

For the most part, Grammarly can be used on any of the platforms, be it Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or anything else. The only thing to know in this is to ensure that you install the Chrome extension to make the process of checking the problems quite easier and seamless as well.

The Grammarly Browser Extension for Chrome Browser

With the Grammarly Chrome extension, it does become a lot easier for you to access the tool and be able to fix the problems in your content. For the most part, the process is easy, but if you are finding yourself unable to decipher it, we have got you covered with it. For a detailed guide, check out this Grammarly review.

How to Install the Grammarly Chrome Extension?

The process of installing the Grammarly extension on Chrome is a matter of a few steps. If you are here finding yourself confused with the same, we do have some easy ways to help you out with the process effectively.

Step-1. First off, You need to visit the official website of Grammarly.

Step-2. Now, click on the green “Add to chrome” button to start downloading the Grammarly Chrome extension.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Step-3. After clicking on the “Add to Chrome” link, you will be redirected to the Grammarly extension web page of Google chrome web store. Now, again click on the “Add to chrome” option in this popup window.

grammarly extension


Step-4. Now, click on the “Add extension” option to start downloading Grammarly chrome browser extension.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Step-5. Here, after following the above process, the download process of Grammarly extension will start.

Step-6. Once you have done everything correctly and the installation process has been done correctly, you will find that the Grammarly icon pops up on the top right corner of the screen beside the bookmarking options.

Step-7. If you find that button already there, click on it once and ensure everything is turned “ON” under the requirements. Select the language you want to write and correct your texts in, and from there out, you are good to go in using the same for your proofreading requirements.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

So, this was the simple and straightforward process to install Grammarly extension on chrome browser. Make sure you have a working Grammarly account to use the chrome extension of Grammarly. If you didn’t have, then create one free Grammarly account.

Yes, you read it right. They offer a zero cost service for new users, which is famous as Grammarly free trial service among people. Use this grammar checker, and let me know about your experience with this tool.

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How to Use Grammarly Chrome Extension?

Now that you have installed the Grammarly Chrome extension, the next question that does pop up in everyone’s mind is how actually to be able to use it to enhance the content.

Let us go through the steps now, shall we?

Step-1. Firstly, once you have installed the Grammarly Chrome extension, click on the icon present in the top right corner of the screen.

To install the Grammarly extension: Click Here.

Step-2. From there, turn everything on and also have a look at “I write in” option to change the version of English from American to British or other options like Canadian and Australian English.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Step-3. Now, use any site where you mostly write. For example; Use Facebook and start typing a new post, and you will see a green Grammarly icon at the right bottom side.

Step-4. Grammarly extension will scan your written text and indicate all mistakes with the red underline. Click on that red underline and see the suggestions from Grammarly.

Grammarly Chrome Extension Setting-1

Step-5. If you are a premium user and want to check plagiarism or if you’re going to change some settings, click on the Green Grammarly icon, which is located at the right bottom side, and now you will see a full-screen Grammarly popup window.

Grammarly Chrome Extension Setting

Step-6. Here, you can change the settings and also you can test your content for plagiarism.

Grammarly Chrome Extension Setting

That’s it.

*Note: Make sure to cross-check the type of changes that are indicated by Grammarly.

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Grammarly Chrome Extension (Final Words)

All in all, if you are using Grammarly and want to get the Chrome extension, get it without any delay because the same does make the process easier and a lot more streamlined. If you wish to get the very best results from the same, it is always best suggested to follow along with the steps mentioned above for better best kind of accuracy. Remember, having a mistake-free content is crucial for better quality and authority.

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