Grammarly Cost: Is It Worth Buying Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Cost: Is It Worth Buying Grammarly Premium?

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Language is an important part of expressing ourselves to the whole world. It is needed while we are speaking to someone and also when we are writing something. The language that we talk often tends to have colloquialisms, and the grammar isn't always perfect. But it does reflect into our writings. Along with that, we aren't always able to write in perfect grammar.


The evolution of grammar checking apps has helped people to write better than ever before. They help them to present papers and write-ups that are perfect in grammar and syntax. One of the most famous grammar checking app is Grammarly, and people from all over the world use it.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a grammar and syntax checking application that is made for people who use the English language. It is valid for four dialects including the British, American, Canadian and Australian English. The app is also used for plagiarism checking and spell checking.

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Grammarly premium use more than 400+ grammar rules to check the documents that someone submits on the website. It was first released in 2009. Currently, an app exists for the Apple and Windows OS. Apart from that Grammarly browser extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. One may also get their app for Android and Ios smartphones. A Grammarly keyboard also exists for Android and Ios users.

Several people from around the world use Grammarly. So, the company has actually kept two types of basic services on their app. The first one is the free one where the users can check the basic grammar of a document for free. It does the job well if you do not need a perfect document. But their premium services are best if you want a document that has impeccable grammar, syntax and everything else. You definitely need to pay from this premium service that they are providing.

Here are the cost subscription plans for grammarly premium:

  • Grammarly premium monthly cost is $29.95 for a month.
  • Grammarly premium quarterly plan cost is $19.98/month and it is billed as $59.95 as a whole.
  • Grammarly premium annual plan costs you $11.66/month. In total, they will be charged $139.95 for the whole year. 

Grammarly also introduced Business plan which is perfect for an organization or even a family who have 3 or more members. This plan costs $15 per month for each member of the group. This provides an all-around discount and also gives them extra tools for essential management.


It is always great to have some bonuses when you are tight on your budget. Though Grammarly is already providing their Premium services at an affordable price it is never bad to have a steal deal. The company does give the sale to their members from time to time especially during the holiday seasons. There is offer on different subscription websites as well during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Along with that, you can also source Grammarly coupons from different blogs and websites or even through advertisements. So, if you do want to avail Grammarly, definitely check out for them before you finally make the purchase.

What are the functions of Grammarly?

It is very important to know the functions of an app before you actually purchase them. There are times when people buy these subscriptions and never end up using them. So, here are some key functions of this app:

Checks Grammar in a Wholesome Manner:

The main utilization of Grammarly is definitely for its immense help in the grammar section of the English language. The app helps in checking up to 300 grammar rules in the premium version. So, it is definitely something that will help in making the text or document free of all grammatical mistakes. This includes everything from the wrong usage of tense to the incorrect usage of voices to basic sentence constructions. It gives the information in detail, even with examples so that no one repeats their mistakes.

Plagiarism Check:

One of the most problematic parts of writing is the fear of having plagiarised content. So, the company has included a plagiarism checker in their premium version. It searches through the internet to find any similarity and provides scores as well as an explanation if there is any match.

Human Proof-reader:

An app is quite effective but it isn't perfect. People may often feel the need to have a human do the work of proofreading for them. Grammarly has this service where people can submit their document and the company helps them in the chosen amount of time. People do have to pay for it on the basis of the number of words present in the document and also the time period of doing the work.

Performance Check:

The new version of Grammarly has included an enhanced version of the performance check. This is an effective way to judge the quality of one's content. The check tells you the number of characters, words, and sentences that have been used in the document. Along with that it also tells the reading time and the speaking time of the document. Apart from this, they offer a readability score for the document. They give this scored after comparing your document to the ones shared by other users on the same platform. One can even download a pdf format of the performance report.

Goal Setting:

This is a brand new feature that has been included in the Grammarly app. In this, the app wants to know more about the context of your document. This will help them in providing better grammar suggestions. The user can select the intent, audience, style,and emotion of a document. One may also the domain of use if they are a premium member. This is still in its experimental stage but they will definitely try to enhance it in the near future.

People who can use Grammarly:

Right now, there are several apps in the market. Every one of them has something new to offer to their users. But it is important to know about the people who can really get help from the app. Grammarly is such an app which will help a lot of people. So, let us see some of the people who will get benefited from the app:

1. Students:

Students who are in the middle school, high school, college and above that will find Grammarly to be of immense help. They often have to write essays, term papers, dissertation and other things which require a lot of research work and patience. So, Grammarly can help them in their journey of having good grammar while they can concentrate on their studies. It is best for students who do not use English as their first language. The plagiarism checker also helps them to see that their paper is completely free from it.

2. Writers: 

Writers have to work on several pages at a time and their documents tend to be quite large. They do spend their time on grammar but it isn't always possible to follow every rule. So, this app can definitely help them in correcting their mistakes after they have finished their work. The human proofreading feature will also come handy as then they can get it done by just paying an extra amount. The writers can belong from any category, be it a content producer or someone who writes extensive novels. At the end of the day, they will need the help of such an amazing app.

3. Teachers:

We may often think that teachers have an inbuilt app in them which will help them to have impeccable grammar but it is far from the truth. Often teachers from different fields may need to show their paper or give tasks to their students. The handouts should have good grammar so that it has a good impression on the students as well as the parents. Grammarly will help them to have that write grammar and correct syntax for their documents. It is also important for professors who often present papers in different conferences and workshops.

4. Office goers: 

Office is a place where you need to present your best self. You cannot give a bad impression to anyone who is present there. While writing an email people often fret about the syntax, spelling and basic grammar. Grammarly can help them to correct their mistakes through the browser extensions. So, the next time that they write an email they can focus more on the content rather than having tension over the grammar.

Final Words: Grammarly Cost

In conclusion, we can say that the cost of Grammarly is definitely all right for the numerous benefits that they provide to their users. So, anyone who was thinking about buying the subscription should definitely invest in it if they want to present writings that have good grammar. The app is nice and it will definitely help a lot of people in presenting a good impression.

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