Grammarly Features of Premium & Free Account [New & Old] Updated

Are you looking for the new and old Grammarly features of premium and free account? If yes, then we have this detailed article for you which differentiates all the features for you.

Grammarly Features

In this section, I’ll talk about all the features that were already present in the previous version of Grammarly. These are the features with which the software was launched in its early days, and since then Grammarly is continuously adding new features which I’ll talk about later.

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grammar checker

As it’s a proofreading software, grammar mistake checker is the key thing for Grammarly to succeed in this market. The tool suggests you all the advanced grammatical errors like passive voice, incorrect use of the adjective, verbs and nouns, improper antecedent, prepositions pronouns errors and many more.

Moreover, all the errors suggested by the tool are 90% accurate so rest assured you could rely on this tool for all your writing work.

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2. Punctuation Checker

punctuation checker

Grammarly Features

The other old feature which the tool had right from the beginning is the punctuation checker. If you are someone who while writing forgets to use the correct punctuations this feature will save you.

From full stops to comma and colon mark Grammarly covers everything when it comes to finding out punctuation errors. Although, the free plan of the software suggests you a great variety of errors to premium plan is still recommended to buy for all the professional writers and bloggers.

3. Sentence Structure

Writing compelling sentences that attract your readers' attention is crucial for which you need to have the proper sentence structure. If you screw up the sentences no matter how good you write your readers would never be able to connect with you.

With Grammarly sentence structure feature you can instantly correct the incorrect sentence structure into beautiful looking sentences keeping the context of the article in to picture.

4. Built-in Dictionary

grammarly dictionary

If you are okayish in coming up with new words while writing your articles or maybe while proofreading the article if you don’t understand the meaning of any word you can take into account the Grammarly built-in dictionary.

All you need to do is, double click on any word from the document and Grammarly will instantly show you a detailed meaning of it.

Check out this snapshot for better understanding.

5. Grammarly Free Browser Extension

Grammarly Chrome Extension

The free Grammarly extension will work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. The tool will check for all the grammatical mistakes in real-time after you enable the extension. Moreover, the extension is compatible with popular tools like Google docs, Microsoft Office and Outlook to make your writing efficient.

I have using the Grammarly extension from quite some time and trust me; my writing skills have dramatically improved.

That’s all for the old features of Grammarly it’s time we explore the new features of the software.

Grammarly is continuously working on improving their software and adding new features. Here in this section, I’ll talk about the new Grammarly features which they have recently added in the software.

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1. Plagiarism Checker

grammarly plagiarism checker

Grammarly Features

The plagiarism checker was recently added in the tool. Usually, you won’t find a plagiarism checker in other proofreading software. However, in Grammarly, they are continually adding new features to beat up the competition.

Grammarly checks over 16 billion web pages and finds out the content that is copied knowingly or unknowingly from the entire web. The feature can be used exhaustively in universities and schools to check students work, and individual bloggers who hire content writers can also use it. It will ensure that the work they submit is unique and ready to publish.

2. New Grammarly Editor

Although, the previous editor of Grammarly was friendly and easy to use and just like that the new one is even better. 

Check out this snapshot of the new editor of Grammarly 2.0.

grammarly website editor

Grammarly Features

Most of the features and navigation are kept the same. However, the workflow has improved a lot. The design looks modern and is fun to use.

In the left of the editor, you have a couple of option like upload the document, or you can print and download the document. In the middle, you have an editor where you can read and correct the error, and in the right, the tool will show you the types of mistakes like grammar, spelling, punctuation, fluency, convention, etc.

3. Grammarly Keyboard

In 2017, Grammarly released their keyboard for Android & iOS. Since then, up until 2018, the team was working on adding new features and making the Grammarly keyboard more stable.

Grammarly Keyboard

In the Android version of the keyboard they have added a new dark theme, you can also resize the keyboard, add new borders.

On the contrary, in the iOS keyboard, you have features like multi-word completion, emoji search function, updated user-interface and of course the enhanced grammar suggestions.

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4. New Type Of Feedback

Grammarly’s team is constantly adding in new feedback to new grammatical errors so that the users can educate themselves better. 

Feedback like the writing style, split long paragraphs, eliminate wordiness, run-on sentences, etc.

5. Goals & Document Types

Not every article on the web is the same; each article has a preferred tone. Now with Grammarly premium, you can select the tone of your article after which the software will only suggest you the error that is relevant with the tone of your article.

Grammarly Free Trial

The following feature can be fantastic if you are writing a research paper or a fun formal essay or something else doesn’t matter; the tool will take care of it.

6. Document Stats

Grammarly Performance Report

The tool shows you how well you have written the article with the help of document statistics. Additionally, you can also download the report of the entire stats which includes the number of characters, words in an article plus readability and vocabulary score. That way you can figure out your mistakes and work upon them.

Final Words

That was all about the new and old Grammarly features. If you have any further suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below.

For any queries, we would be happy to help you out.

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