Grammarly Is Going Beyond Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

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As you might already know, Grammarly offers both a free and the premium version of the software.

The free version of the software is great for beginners; however, it has many limitations compared to the premium version.

Premium version of the software suggests you a variety of errors for you to correct in your document.

In this article, I'll show you all the advanced grammar check features which are offered only in the premium version of Grammarly. I'm sure these advanced grammar checks will surely make your article stand out from the crowd and make it more professional.

Recently, Grammarly releases some new features for the premium version of the software.

So, without wasting any further time, let's dive right into the article. 

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Grammarly is Going Beyond Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Grammarly is Going Beyond Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

With the new version of Grammarly, the company is adding more advanced AI features to understand the intent and other important things in an article and suggesting errors in a way that suits every article.

The new version comes in 4 feedback styles, which helps you understand why Grammarly feel it’s an error. Each of these feedback styles comes with its unique, underlined color.

#1. Basic Correctness

The correctness feedback style corresponds to spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors defined in the red-underlined color.

While analyzing any article, the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are the core of any write-up. The early version of the software was purely based on this mechanics, and it’s still a powerful core feature offered by the company.

Grammarly’s aim with this feature is to make the articles clean and mistake-free completely.

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#2. Clarity

Writing great articles always boils down to how easy it is to understand. Having a sentence grammatically correct doesn’t mean that it’s easy to read.

Clarity feedback suggests you errors like wordy, overly complicated, and hard to follow the mistakes in the blue underlined color.

While reading an article, you might feel that you are reading the same sentence again and again but in a different format. Alternatively, the other way round is, after you complete reading a sentence you might feel — wait what did I just read. Both of these issues come under the clarity problem.

In the Grammarly Editor, on the right side, you’ll see a section for clarity that will show you errors that related to the issues mentioned above.

Your readers won’t face this type of issue ever while reading your article thanks to new Clarity feature added in Grammarly premium.

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#3. Engagement

This feedback style deals with how engaging your overall article is. Usage of blend words, repetitive words can make the article look dull and boring to read.

No one likes to bore their readers.

Well, it can be annoying if you tend to use the same words again and again in the entire article. However, to solve this issue, Grammarly now suggests you synonyms of words that you use more often. Grammarly also pinpoints monotonous passages that make the articles a bit off-topic.

With this new update, Grammarly now not only focuses on creating mistake-free articles but also offers clear suggestions to impress the readers instantly.

Engagement errors are shown in green color in the new Grammarly premium editor.

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#4. Delivery

Grammarly New Grammar Check Features

The last and most advanced feedback suggestion is Delivery. These errors are shown in purple color.

Delivery feedback suggests you to boldly craft the message, attitude, and tone of any article.

Articles can be of two types - informal and formal. If you’re writing anything for your customers or employees, you need to be professional in your writing tone. However, if you’re writing to your close friend, you can change that tone and keep it in a friendly way.

Using the right words with the right tone is required to keep the article healthy and appealing. That is why the advanced AI of Grammarly understands this and suggests you the best possible combination of words that relates to the tone of your article.

That’s everything you need to know about the new update offered by Grammarly.

3 Advanced Features of Grammarly Premium

Precisely, you get 11 features that you won't see in the free version of the software. These 11 features make Grammarly premium worth it product for power users like professional writers, freelancers, and even students and teachers.

Let's quickly have a brief overview of each of these advanced features.

#1. Future Real Conditional

Future real conditional is an incorrect use of the verb in the sentence.

Real example: If we will leave now, we will arrive early.

A sentence starting with "if" always needs to have a simple present form in it. So, in this case, "will leave" is a simple future form which is grammatically incorrect.

The correct sentence is this case is, if we leave now, we will arrive early.

Now, the same error won't pop up in the free version of Grammarly, and if you're a professional writer, such type of mistakes make you look unprofessional. Hence, the premium version of Grammarly saves you much pain.

#2. Incorrect Verb Tense

As the name suggests, the wrong verb tense is the improper usage of tenses in a given sentence.

Real Example: She has just finished setting up the romantic dinner before Jack came home.

In this example, "has just finished" needs to be in the past perfect tense. However, currently, it's in the present perfect tense.

If a sentence includes two events, at an unspecified time, you have to use the past perfect tense with the action that happened first.

So, in this case, the past perfect tense will change "has just finished" to "had just finished."

The present perfect indicates that something has happened in the past. However, the past perfect indicates that some action occurred before another action.

In my opinion, no other online proofreading tool gives such kind of detailed grammar error suggestions. Only Grammarly premium offers you in-depth grammatical mistake analysis.

#3. Future Real Conditional

When you start a sentence with an introductory word, phrase, or clause, you must use a comma.

For example, sentences starting with if (clause), however (introductory word), or before the party (phrase) it is required to put a comma.

Real Example: When he had tried to open the discussion Arthur put him off.

Here, after the word "discussion," there should be a comma. The sentence contains a phrase that sets the stage. As it's a long-phrase, it must be followed by a comma.

Final Words

Grammarly, as a tool, is continually evolving. They are constantly improving the software and making rapid changes for their users to get the best experience in online proofreading.

If you ask me, whether the premium version of Grammarly is worth it or not, I'd say 100% it's worth it. You get a lot of functionality to make your article the best in class which is missing in most of the other proofreading software. 

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