Grammarly keyboard now supports swipe typing (New Update)

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Typing mistakes are common in smartphone keyboards. However, not every keyboard does make the correct correction, and most of the keyboards are in it to fix these mistakes. You may have heard about the Grammarly keyboard before to help these kinds of errors. You would love to know that Grammarly now supports swipe to type on your Android smartphone just like the iOS 13.

Swipe To Type Grammarly Keyboard

The swipe typing was in the game since iOS 13 was launched for iPhones. After that, we can see this great addition via Grammarly Keyboard to Android smartphones. It is really a game-changer as the majority of people prefer to use Android smartphones than iPhones. Do you know the secret? Google already supported gesture typing a few years ago, and now It is the core feature of Apple iPhone recently.

Grammarly Keyboard’s new Swipe-To-Type Feature

Grammarly keyboard swipe to type option update is already rolled out to Google Play store. You can quickly update your previous version from the play store for the updated features.

The Swipe-To-Type feature of the Grammarly keyboard will seem familiar to some of you.

Here’s the image that I received through email from Grammarly, Inc.

Grammarly Swipe to type

It is because the same feature was first introduced in the Apple iOS 13, and It is the easiest way of typing. It does take time for some people to get used to it, but once you are used to it. It will only make your typing experience better.

You may have already known that Grammarly Keyboard was launched in December 2017. Since that time, It is serving more than millions of Android users and helping them to not only correct their grammar mistakes but also write efficiently.

After that, in August, they have added Synonyms in their update to find out the duplicate words of the sentence or words we use within our typings.

Grammarly keyboard comes with a sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, and more.

This keyboard includes ‘sophisticated grammar checker,’ along with contextual spelling checker, and advanced punctuation correction. You may also like to get a Grammarly free trial and Grammarly discount.

In the end, If you want to use the latest and new style swipe to type facility on your Android smartphone, then you need to update the current version of your application, and as I mentioned earlier, It is already rolled out on Google Play store.

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