Synonyms have Arrived in the Grammarly Keyboard! [New Feature]

Synonyms in the Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

Grammarly has recently introduced the new feature known as the Grammarly mobile synonyms — A New Way to Find Magnificent Words.

If you’re someone who loves chatting on the phone or you have to write long emails daily, you’ll fall in love with this feature.

When you write a word in your Grammarly keyboard, from now on, you’ll see additional synonyms supporting your main word.

This feature will help fast writers to get new ideas while writing. From now on you can convert your bland sentences into an engaging one.

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Not only that, you’ll see multiple suggestions of a single word which makes it more enjoyable to use.

Apart from that, if you want to see synonyms of the words that you typed earlier, all you have to do is move your cursor, and all the suggestions will change according to that.

Grammarly Keyboard Synonyms

It’s a powerful feature to diversify and use the words in a way which sounds professional yet engaging.

The good thing about this feature is it is available to all Grammarly free users.

How to Turn on Synonyms in Grammarly Mobile Keyboard?

To turn on this feature on your mobile, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open up the Grammarly’s keyboard app on your device.

Step-2: Now, head over to Grammarly Settings.

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard Synonyms Setting

Step-3: Turn on the switch next to synonyms.

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard Synonyms Setting

That's it. This is how you can turn on Synonyms in the Grammarly keyboard

Final Words

Grammarly is always looking for ways to make your writing better by adding such small and useful features.

Although, the current version of the Grammarly Keyboard was great in terms of the features available. However, the new synonyms feature will add more versatility to it.

I hope you’ll like this update and keep referring our site for the latest updates like this related to online proofreading tools.

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