Grammarly Premium Free: COVID-19 Offer For Nonprofits & NGOs

There are not many people in the world who have not been affected physically, emotionally, and economically in this ongoing pandemic. The only difference is that some have been affected more than others.

NGOs, nonprofits, and charitable organizations fall in the category of institutions that have suffered the most, seen from an economic survival point of view, and Grammarly has stepped in to make their lives a little easier.

Grammarly Premium Free For NGOs and Nonprofits
Grammarly Premium Free For NGOs and Nonprofits

What problems are these organizations facing?

These organizations are seeing their revenue and charity sources dry up because of two major reasons.

  • Some part of their regular donation sources has been diverted to funds catering to problems dealing with Covid-19 like healthcare for poor, sanitization measures in slums, doctor accessibilities in slums, and increasing testing in underprivileged sections, etc.
  • The other part is being lost because of personal business losses to so many people that they are left in no condition to make charities financially stable. To make matters worse, NGOs are being forced to carry out their fundraisers online, which, let’s face, is not all that lucrative to a donator. There can’t be any charitable galas or concerts or award shows etc.

A report from the Nonprofit Finance Fund said that unlike financial businesses, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations are generally more susceptible to bankruptcy and can only sustain low revenues for so long. It said that there might be only 25% of NGOs that may be able to sustain for more than six months with the current cash in hand with each one of them.

Considering these organizations are extremely vital for society as a whole, this becomes a serious issue as any! The ultimate loss is being incurred by the people who benefit from the good work these not for profit organizations do.

What is Grammarly Offering in this COVID-19 Pandemic?

While Grammarly may not be able to make a stark difference in the current scenario, it is working in any small way it can towards providing a helping hand to these suffering institutions.

Grammarly is offering its services for free to all registered NGOs, nonprofits, and any other charitable organizations. This is their way of showing how empathetic they are towards the problems being faced by some sections of the society in these horrific conditions.

Grammarly is now a mature company with 11 years of age and around 20 million users who trust it with their daily proofreading. Their algorithms and databases of rules started with just the simple goal of proofreading correcting grammar, but it has evolved to become much more than that for its millions of users.

You can use Grammarly free trial version by using this link.

With the integration of artificial intelligence-based schemas, the software can now even suggest better phrases by judging the tone of your writing!

While their services, even for free, may not seem to be all that useful to any company or institution at first in the pandemic scenario, they will prove to be an important supplement to all other efforts of those organizations to ramp up revenue and stay afloat.

There are thousands of organizations that use the Grammarly Business account. They pay for this service because it saves an incalculable amount of time for their employees and increases their overall productivity.

Since Grammarly realizes that nonprofits are barely able to stay out of bankruptcy in this challenging time and thus would not be able to pay for their services now (when they need it the most), they are happy to make its contribution to the society by offering its premium services for free!

Grammarly is giving its premium service free of cost to NGOs and Non-Profits until December 31st!

This way, nonprofits can save on time spent in proofreading and writing up pitches to invite funds and donations. If time is money and Grammarly is saving time, it is essentially offering money as charity to these nonprofits.

The Hope

After the pandemic, Grammarly was flooded with responses from leaders all over the world. They testify to the fact that they use Grammarly in their office, which helps their employees greatly in saving time and lets them put it to good use somewhere else. This is one part of the benefit that Grammarly hopes to provide for NGOs with this generous offer.

The other part of the mission behind Grammarly’s offering is reducing non-core expenses of vital institutions that are working only for the benefit of the society. The motivation behind this is that the people at Grammarly think that the people trying to help other people in these difficult times should not be worried about the extra expense of doing so.

Whether it be writing pitch emails to potential investors or reports of their work or requests to the government, Grammarly can be extremely handy for these organizations and works towards an effective approach for documentation.

Also, Grammarly’s mission behind this is not entirely two dimensional. It knows its services are not going to make that big of a difference. Thus the objective is not only to give benefit to these organizations directly but to create a united ecosystem where businesses can come forward and help in any way they can, no matter how big or small their contribution might turn out to be.

Eligibility Requirements

This offering is open to any non-governmental organization, nonprofit organizations, or charitable foundations that work for social good and alleviation of social evils like poverty, etc. and are registered with the concerned authorities in their countries.

They can be from anywhere in the world, in any country. The offering is designed only for organizations that have more than three people in their teams. To sign up for your organization’s free account, you just have to visit their homepage and look for the nonprofit option!

If you are an educational institution, Grammarly will not be providing free benefit to your organization, but it has always offered a discount to all the educational institutions. You can look for that option on the website. Government institutions are not covered under these benefits right now.


1. Would the process of applying for this benefit be a hassle?

The process of applying for this benefit is absolutely easy and can be done in no time at all. You only need to click on the respective link on the website and fill out the form. Grammarly has even skipped the step where they ask you for your financial information before signing up for free service.

This means that they genuinely want to help society and do not hope to retain even a single customer after it is over. If you want to apply for the benefit after you have paid for the service already, you can contact their customer support team and ask for a refund.

2. Does an individual qualify for this benefit?

No, an ordinary individual does not qualify for this benefit until and unless he or she works in an NGO or nonprofit which is registered with the respective government.

This is Grammarly’s way of helping the people who absolutely need a helping hand right now, and thus individual accounts are not yet made free.

You will need email id of that particular organization to apply for this service free of cost.

3. Can I make a personal free Grammarly account if I work in a Nonprofit?

This service is made available only to teams of 3 or more people. Thus individuals working even in a nonprofit organization cannot claim the benefit. However, you can still apply for the basic account which Grammarly already provides free of cost to anyone.

If you so feel that the basic account is not ideal for your requirements, you can always drop a mail to the customer support attaching your relevant documents and ask to be accepted as an individual.

4. Can I get a refund if I paid for this year already?

You could get a refund if you paid for this year after January 1st towards any date up to December 31st, 2020. You just need the relevant proof of payment for the service, and you need to contact customer support with your official institutional email address.

5. Are small businesses eligible?

Grammarly realizes how important as well as vulnerable small businesses are, but unfortunately, as of right now, this benefit is not extended to for-profit business entities. You can avail of a discount for the premium service if you pay a lump sum amount for the whole year.

To apply for this offer, you can visit this link:

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