Grammarly Student Discount 2020: Educational Teacher’s Offer

In this article, I’m not only here to provide you a Grammarly student discount or a discount for educational teachers, but also, I will walk you through how Grammarly software can help both students and teachers make their lives easy.

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So, all the students and teachers without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into the article!

Before I talk about how the software can help you in your day to day tasks, let me share the exclusive Grammarly education discount for you so that you can save your few bucks.

Grammarly Student Discount (Educational Offer For Teachers)

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not offer any educational discount for students and teachers. BUT, Still, you can get the official Grammarly discount by choosing their annual plan. It’s just like getting a Grammarly student discount.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for students and teachers to get the best discount for Grammarly premium plan:

Step-1. Visit this link or click on the button below to check the Grammarly discount.

Click Here

Step-2. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the browser extension.

Step-3. Now, sign up using a new email ID and head over to the pricing page.

Step-4. Students and teachers can choose the annual plan for the best savings.

You will get it at 70% off less than the monthly plan of Grammarly premium.

Grammarly Student Discount

Grammarly Student Discount

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a good option for every student who wants a robust grammar checker. NO DOUBTS, Grammarly can detect any mistake ten times better than any other grammar checker. It has an inbuilt Plagiarism checker, which will help students to write 100% new essays.

If you want to check the features, then you can try the Grammarly free trial account, but if you want a robust Grammar checker with Plagiarism detection, then here’s the Grammarly student discount that you should grab.

I recommend the annual plan of Grammarly, which can save you approx 70% off than the monthly plan of Grammarly. Take action right now, and click the button above to activate the Grammarly student discount.

What is Grammarly premium?

Grammar checkers like Grammarly premium is the first choice of every teacher and student as it helps them write error-free, effective, and fresh content. The inbuilt plagiarism checker, which is an option of the premium version, helps in scanning the content to detect whether the content is unique or copied from any webpage.

Overall, Grammarly premium is the best fit for every teacher, student, or any employee of the educational institutions who daily write emails. We are here with an exclusive Grammarly education discount, or you can also say Grammarly discounts for teachers. Click on the button above and choose the annual Grammarly premium plan that will cost you $11.66 per month, which is more than 70% less than the monthly pricing option. Act now and grab the official Grammarly discount.

How to use Grammarly effectively?

Here is how you can get the most of out this excellent software:

#1. Browser extension of Grammarly

With the Grammarly browser extension, you can check all your grammatical mistakes on anything you write online. The tool will check for errors in real-time. Moreover, it is available in all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser.

#2. Desktop app of Grammarly

You can download the desktop app of Grammarly and use it anywhere anytime directly from your laptop/desktop. Nonetheless, with the desktop application, you will still need an active internet connection to make it work.

#3. Official website of Grammarly

Best of all, you can use the website. Upload your article or copy-paste it, and the tool will instantly start to scan for errors. Moreover, all the documents in the portal will be saved there forever.

#4. The mobile application of Grammarly

The Grammarly mobile app is a recent invention by the company, and to be honest, it is convenient and useful. For teachers and students, you can check all your Whatsapp messages, or essential documents right in your phone without having to carry your laptop anywhere you go.

Now that you know how you can use Grammarly effectively, let’s now see how it can change your life as a teacher and student.

How can Grammarly help students and teachers?

Grammarly is the best online proofreading tool available in the market for any student and teacher to improve their writing skills. Here is how a student and teacher can get the best out of Grammarly:

#1. Improve writing skills

This might sound simple, but if you carefully notice, we all make a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing articles, documents, or any form of text. After writing the article, we human beings are wired in a way that we start praising our work and fail to find the critical errors in the write-up.

However, with Grammarly, you can forget about your grammar and write as you want because the tool will take care of all your grammatical skills. As you use Grammarly more often after a specific time period, you’ll understand what the mistakes that you make the most are.

That way, you can make a list of all the common errors and start on improving them. You can also read this Grammarly review for a better understanding of this Grammar checker tool.

#2. Select the tone of writing

Grammarly is the only proofreading tool that offers you to select the tone of the article, and if you know to use it the right way, you can do wonders with it.

Let me explain, Let’s suppose you wrote an essay in Grammarly which you want to submit in your school. Now you set the tone of the article as professional. Currently, Grammarly will only suggest you errors that are considered mistakes in the professional world. Similarly, you can do the same by setting other language tones.

#3. Plagiarism checker

Most of the universities and schools check for plagiarized content while checking the documents and assignments. With the help of Grammarly software, you can use the plagiarism checker tool, which scans over 16 billion web pages to find out the copied content from all over the web. This way, you’ll be assured that the assignments, essays, or important documents that you submit are always original.

#4. Enhance vocabulary

I have seen a lot of kids struggle to come with new and engaging words to make the article look lovely. Due to which they start to use a repetitive set of words in the entire documents. Thankfully, with the Grammarly vocabulary enhancer, you can get excellent word suggestion which is highly relevant to the context of your article.

The vocab enhancer will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but it will also make a jaw-dropping impression to other students.

#5. Punctuation checker

If you struggle to make the correct punctuation mark, I know how it feels because I’m horrible at it too. Fortunately, with Grammarly premium, the tool suggests me full stop, comma, colon, apostrophe, and every other type of punctuations.

Read | 14 Best Punctuation Checker Tools.

#6. Improvise on sentence structure

Writing is incomplete without a perfect sentence structure. The suggestions given by the software are hyped relevant and will entirely change the overall structure of your article. As a student, this feature comes in handy when you mess up the article.

#7. Don’t need to check articles manually

Previously, when there was no such tool like Grammarly teacher had to do all the work manually. I mean, they had to check all the documents and articles, which took a lot of their time.

In the modern world, with the help of Grammarly, teachers can now directly upload articles one by one in Grammarly and proofread one article in 10 minutes or less, thus saving a lot of their time.

#8. Special Grammarly pricing for universities

Be it students or teachers for anyone from the university would like to use Grammarly, they can get a special pricing plan from the company.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Grammarly pricing for universities:

grammarly for university students

Grammarly Student Discount

  1. 5 users – $500/yr.
  2. 10 users – $800/yr.
  3. 20 users – $1200/yr.

If you compare it with the premium plan, you get a whopping $40 OFF. Moreover, you can also contact them for a customized plan according to your requirements.

grammarly student discount

Grammarly Student Discount

Grammarly Student Discount (Final Words)

That was all you need to know about how Grammarly can help students and teachers with Grammarly discounts for students and teachers. For all the students and teachers reading this article, I hope you learned something new today and will definitely apply the learnings in your daily life.

If you have any further queries regarding the tool, please drop a comment down below and let us know.

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