Grammarly vs Gboard: Which is the better keyboard? 2021

Do you want to know which keyboard is better if we compare Grammarly and Gboard? Great! In this post, we are covering Grammarly vs Gboard topic, and I hope you will surely like this post.

Grammarly vs Gboard
Grammarly vs Gboard

There is no saying as to how much Google has had an impact on your life. Without even you realizing it, you submit to using Google services for the most part of the day! Right from searching infinitely absurd questions on Google Search to playing games on the Android platform that is owned and updated by Google, from using Maps to navigate yourself around the world to using Youtube to have millions of videos right there in your pocket.

But these are the major things that everybody knows. Do you know that the default keyboard you use on your Android smartphones is also made by Google? It goes by the name Gboard.

Most users don’t know, but Android provides an open option to install third-party keyboards from the Play Store and use them instead of the Gboard. There are several of these available, though the most notable ones are Grammarly Keyboard, SwiftKey, etc.

So, what seems like an open challenge on behalf of Google, is the option to change keyboards a proof of their confidence or an insight into their arrogance? We shall find out by comparing the Gboard and one of the most upcoming new keyboards, Grammarly, quite thoroughly and try to come to the conclusion of which one is actually better on the basis of pure merit!

Grammarly vs Gboard: Compatibility and Accessibility

When it comes to compatibility and accessibility of an app, it all boils down to how deep the developer’s pockets are. And if that is the game, who can possibly think of beating Google?

Google’s Gboard and the Grammarly Keyboard are both available on Android and iOS platforms. These operating software cover about 90% of the smartphone market, and thus it is safe to say that the accessibility of both of the keyboards is significant but almost similar.

Although when it comes to compatibility and the actual reach, the Gboard is easy to access and compatible compared to the Grammarly keyboard. The Grammarly keyboard only covers the Apple devices running iOS 11.2 or higher, whether it be an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The Gboard, on the other hand, covers a lot more ground by being compatible with devices as old as iOS 10.

Download Grammarly (iOS)

Download Gboard (iOS)

For Android users too, the story remains the same (well, of course). The Gboard supports almost all of the Android devices and thus allows even the oldest customer to use it. In contrast, the Grammarly Keyboard is only available for devices that run Android Lollypop or Android version 5.0 or higher.

Download Grammarly (Android)

Download Gboard (Android)

Grammarly vs Gboard: Language Supports

Gboard runs circles around the Grammarly keyboard when it comes to language support. The Grammarly keyboard supports only one language that is English. However, it may advertise itself as multilingual because it can differentiate between Canadian, English, American English, etc. though we can all deduce how deceptive that is.

Google, being a worldwide organization, has no option but to think of every person that will be using its products and provide support for all the languages. Currently, the Gboard is at 500 language support, in which you can type and edit your phone text. These include all the major languages like English, Russian, Hindi, French, Spanish, and so on, covering effectively almost 95% of the Android user base.

Gboard Languages

The Grammarly keyboard cannot hope to beat the Gboard in this regard, though they CAN improve their specialization in the one language they have.

Error (Typos) Corrections: Grammarly Is The WINNER Here.

Well, you can probably guess who wins this one. Grammarly Keyboard’s sole claim to fame is its expertise in the English language and its commitment to the users that they will never have to face the embarrassment of a typo again. The Grammarly keyboard wins over Gboard by a mile when it comes to error corrections.

Grammarly Typo Error

Not only does Grammarly correct your spelling mistakes like any conventional autocorrect setting, but it goes way beyond that. It will also carry out auto checks on the grammar and the phrases you are writing to correct any kind of tense or voice mistakes in your sentence formation.

It will save you from looking stupid in front of your boss or your client by checking your grammar on anything you write using that keyboard. On the other hand, although Gboard does offer standard autocorrect functions, it cannot outperform the Grammarly keyboard in wholesome error correction.

You can use the Grammarly free trial option to try the free version so that you can experience how does it work. For more information, you can read this Grammarly review.

Emojis, Gifs and Sticker Compatibility: Grammarly vs Gboard

Emojis, Gifs, and stickers have become an essential part of how we express ourselves in a social media conversation, whether it be over Whatsapp or Messenger.

Both of the keyboards fare almost equally in this regard. This is because neither of them has their own big databases of emojis or such media. They let third-party apps incorporate with their keyboards to display such emojis.

While both of them have support for such third party app compatibilities, the Gboard does tend to outshine Grammarly by a tiny margin because most such apps are made keeping in mind the Gboard. Therefore all of them will definitely be supported. On the other hand, the Grammarly keyboard might still be left behind on a few.

Also, the Grammarly keyboard does not have a search option for emojis and gifs like the one in Gboard, which proves to be a much more essential feature than you might think.

Grammarly vs Gboard Comparison
Grammarly vs Gboard Comparison

Available Themes (Appearance): Grammarly vs Gboard

Admittingly, Grammarly does prove to be quite a loaded application, considering that it is relatively new to the keyboard application space. But after all said and done, one can hardly think of it as above Google when it comes to simplistic features like theme options and appearance.

Though Grammarly does let you change the theme, with its two options of light and dark themes, it is nowhere near the number of options you will find on the Google keyboard. The Gboard will let you choose from dozens of colored themes, and to allow you to personalize your keyboards. It even enables you to put an image in the background of your keyboard, right from your gallery.

Grammarly and Gboard Themes
Grammarly and Gboard Themes

Other than just simple appearance, the Gboard wins at being user-friendly too. It gives you seven different options to adjust the height of the keyboard according to your own preference. Compared to this, Grammarly will only give you three different height options.

Grammarly Gboard Appearance

Another unique thing about Gboard, which you will not find on any other app, let alone Grammarly, is that you can change it to a one-handed mode where the size and orientation of the keyboard will change optimally for single-handed use. You can adjust it to left or right too. In addition to the one-handed feature, you might also find the floating feature to be unique and useful, in which the keyboard will show in front of the apps and let you see a considerable amount of screen behind the keyboard.

Gboard One Handed

Built-in Search Engine Support

Being Google has its own perks, which Grammarly can never have. Well, at least not until they build a world-class search engine and take their company’s valuation to the top 10 companies in the whole world! Google has what you may call the most unfair advantage in the world. It has the world’s largest search engine at its disposal, which it can integrate into pretty much anything.

The same way Google has made a search box available to you right in your Gboard, where you can simply click the Google sign and type in your query. The answers will be displayed in cards in your keyboard itself. The purpose behind this is to solve your simple queries like meaning or the synonym of a word that will help you write whatever you are writing.

Gboard Inbuilt Search Bar

You can also search for curious questions that you get while writing. For instance, if you are in the middle of a conversation with your friend and you are not that aware of a current affair or your GK is not all that good, you can easily find the answer right there in your keyboard! This just might save you from all the embarrassment of being unaware.

Clipboard Manager

One thing most people are unaware of is that the clipboard of the phone, where the text you copy from somewhere goes, is not a function of your phone but its keyboard application. The clipboard is quite an essential functionality because unless you just came from 1980, you WILL think of copying and pasting as one of the essential features in any device.

While both of the keyboards under review here have clipboards (there’s really no point in making a keyboard application without a clipboard), there seems to be a stark difference in their functionalities. The Gboard has a dedicated clipboard manager that Grammarly lacks. Using this clipboard manager, you can see and copy your texts even after 1 hour.

It saves all the texts in its database for 1 hour and you can copy a sentence for that time even after you copy another text over it. What’s more is that — you can even pin some of the copied texts, which will then remain bookmarked on clipboard forever! So now, you can mark the texts you use the most. For instance, you can pin a website page URL, or a joke, or some quote that you really like. This way, you will be able to access it whenever you want at the touch of a button.

Here is how you can enable the Gboard clipboard function.

Gboard Clipboard Manager

Keyboard Layouts

One might think of keyboard layout as an unnecessary characteristic to consider when comparing different keyboards, but let us tell you that it matters more than you might think. Why do you think the keys on your keyboard are not just placed in order from A to B?

There is a whole science behind it that is too long for us to explain here. Though what you need to understand here is that you should not be taking your keyboard layouts for granted and that the layouts like QWERTY are specially designed for you to type easier.

In this regard, the Gboard gives you access to 7 different types of layouts, whereas the Grammarly keyboard only has the standard QWERTY layout built-in. The options that you can choose from in the Gboard are QWERTZ, AZERTY, QWERTY, Dvorak, and PC.

Gboard Layout

Having seven layouts can be helpful, in both, trying out the best one that goes with your particular brain chemistry, and also in giving you the option that you might already be on the lookout for! We recommend you to try different layouts for at least one week each. You might notice a stark difference in your typing speeds.

Grammarly vs Gboard: Who is Our Winner? (The Verdict)

Based on our experience, we can clearly conclude that Gboard comes out as an elusive winner over the Grammarly keyboard. In 8 of the merit grounds, we have tried to compare both the mobile keyboards in, and the Gboard comes out as the clear winner in 5 of them, whereas the Grammarly board trumps Gboard in only one of the grounds, that is error correction.

The keyboards have been found to be almost of the same performance in 2 of the grounds.

Though the Grammarly keyboard does have the unique feature of making grammatical error suggestions (whereas Gboard can only point out your spelling mistakes), it still is a relatively new, small and an initial stage keyboard application that does not begin comparing with Google’s Gboard that is multi-featured for the use of a more mass audience.

You will find the Gboard to be a more complete and wholesome keyboard with all the features you need and more.

Any product or service we use, there are plenty of alternatives available for everything. And in the fast-moving world, we live in, every bit of efficiency counts. Our purpose is to be on the lookout for the alternative that saves us the most amount of time, the most effort and energy and lends the most amount of convenience.

I hope you guys will surely like this Grammarly vs Gboard comparison. Please share your thoughts with us using the comment section below.

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