Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Which should you use in 2021?

In my previous post, I shared that the Microsoft company has launched a new application – Microsoft Editor to take over Grammarly. In my opinion, it is the best opponent to Grammarly, and it has the ability to kill the popularity of Grammarly. In this post, We will be discussing the major differences between Grammarly and Microsoft Editor. In this Grammarly vs. Microsoft Editor comparison, I will share the winner too in the last paragraph. You can read the verdict by scrolling down to the last section of this web-page.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor
Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor

While Grammarly has a significant contribution in dominating the writing industries with the help of its editing tools designed with the latest digital technology, Microsoft is not leaving far behind with its own unique innovation for clients who use Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Editor. Both have their own perks. As per the requirements of the users on proofreading services are concerned, both of these tools have their specific functions to perform.

Microsoft Editor, as well as Grammarly, are both AI-powered tools that aid the users to rectify grammars and spellings. They also share other common elements like having web browser extensions, free usage options as well premium services availabilities, getting suggestions on Gmail, Twitter, or LinkedIn writings, and both are designed to improve the writing practice. But, despite these following similar aspects, they have many differences which we will discuss today.

Grammarly (Introduction)



It is a technology-based US company that uses artificial intelligence and the processing of natural language to develop a writing tool that is used in digital forums. With the installation of algorithms that process machines, as well as deep learning, Grammarly offer grammar and spell checking services as well as plagiarism detection services. They also focus on clarity of writing, concision, and precision, vocabulary usage, tone of delivery, and style.

As it is handled by linguistic prescription, Grammarly offers its users to figure out the message they want their readers to come across. It assists the writers by adding confidence and friendliness in the program that will make them feel comfortable and at ease before confirming their writings to be fully completed.


Microsoft Editor (Introduction)

Microsoft Editor

In the case of Microsoft Editor, it is a new type of digital writing assistant. With the help of this tool, one can write confidently in more than 20 languages and craft impressive prose styles. This tool is optimized to provide user assistance in three most important areas – documents (for web or desktop usage of Word), emails (Outlook for both the desktop app and the web), and by the newly launched web browser extensions.

Alongside some basic grammar corrections and in-depth analysis of the stylistic characteristics of writing, it also provides exclusive feedback in various languages. People can enjoy some extraordinary additional facilities if they subscribe to the premium option. It is mandatory to have a Microsoft account, irrespective of whether the user is using the free or the premium service.


Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor (Features)

At a basic level, both Microsoft Editor, as well as Grammarly, offers the services of finding grammatical errors of writing and point those out for fixation. They act as digital proofreaders. But some distinct features are exclusive to each of them.

The coverage of Grammarly extends across huge platforms – Chrome, Firefox and Edge web extensions, desktop apps for Windows or Mac, Android, and iPhone’s mobile keyboard system, and Microsoft Word plug-in option. Apart from writing improvement, it has an in-built tone detector that reviews the writing and provides the user with feedback on whether the style is chatty, informative, or casual.

Grammarly also has an option in which users can set their goals that are based on writings in a certain way (for example, SEO-friendly articles or writings related to academics). One of the most revolutionary aspects of Grammarly is that it has a plagiarism detection option that Microsoft is planning on introducing in the future.

Microsoft Editor comes with Microsoft 365 to refine the writings done in Word or Outlook. One can use it for limited and basic support to clean up a writing performance. While it certainly lacks some advanced features that are only Grammarly based, it is quite good for general usage. As it uses only a smaller section of net, with availability restricted to few Office products, many users might find it challenging to use it across a wide range of platforms.

Microsoft Editor has very few browser extensions as well, compared to Grammarly. If Microsoft Editor is put beside Grammarly, Grammarly has many more attributes and flexibility. In the case of performance and stability, both of them work in perfect conditions in platforms like Word, Word Online, or Outlook. But due to Grammarly’s extensive reach towards browser extension functionality, it is leading the market now.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor Price Comparison

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Editor is definitely the cheaper as well as the cost-effective choice of the two when the question of cost arises. Although, as we have mentioned earlier, both these products offer free services to the users that support basic grammar improvement as well as informing them regarding the style of the present writing condition.

Grammarly provides various premium services from which a user can choose the option which will be convenient for him. For starter, there are three plans which give its user style, readability as well as vocabulary checks on a detailed report.

  • Monthly plan – $29.95 per month or $359.40 per year.
  • Quarterly plan – $19.98 per month or $239.80 per year, $59.95 has to be paid every four months.
  • Annual plan – $11.66 per month, $139.95 per year as a whole.

In contrast, Microsoft Editor works with Microsoft 365 that gives its user full access to all Microsoft Office suites. Not only that, for a subscription of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year if paid annually, one can enjoy 1 TB cloud storage in One Drive. Needless to say, this cost covers all the advanced capabilities of the Microsoft Editor as well.

Grammarly also covers more advanced tools such as high-level tone and plagiarism checker. One can either subscribe to Grammarly Business or Grammarly Premium. While marketing teams use the former, the latter is normally used by a single user.

Presently, Microsoft has made commitments to include new features in Microsoft Editor, so, over time, it will prove to be a qualified competitor of Grammarly.

User Friendliness: Grammarly vs MS Editor

When the factor of user-friendliness is concerned, Microsoft Editor and Grammarly have their own advantages as well as complications. Whether it is related to price, performance, reliability, or any other specifications, to determine which one is user-friendly, a determination is done by these terms.

When looked closely, Microsoft Editor should not be considered too much to be a player against Grammarly. Grammarly has some additional features of tone detection or plagiarism checker, which Microsoft Editor does not possess.

The system can be used over a broad field of business and other professional forums as well as it covers a wide range of various platforms. The extensions it has are remarkable and provide high performance. It also has the facility of using its app in smartphones. So, in a sense, Grammarly is quite user-friendly in terms of flexibility and performance.

On the other hand, Microsoft Editor does not give its users these kinds of advanced solutions, and it is, in fact, quite restrictive. But on the bright side, a user does not need to spend a thrifty amount to avail advanced corrective features as one needs to do in case of Grammarly. Subscription to Microsoft 365 is a bonus, and therefore, Microsoft Editor is user-friendly in terms of affordability.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Which Should YOU Use?

If a person is an average user, Microsoft Editor will be a good choice for rectification and improvement purposes. Due to its cheap rate and with the inclusion of all Office 365 products, it helps its user to make the writing readable in a flowing manner.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind while using Microsoft Editor is it only good to serve the purpose of daily work on general usages. For people who are regular or basic users like students or parents, Microsoft Editor is apt for them.

It is due to the reason that while doing any assignments or projects which usually require Office products, Microsoft Editor comes easy with its free service to guide its users through the foundational skills as well as valuable feedback needed to improvise the writing quality. For these sections of people who want to have a more in-depth assessment of his work, he can opt for the Microsoft Editor subscription, which is considerably cheap compared to Grammarly.

In contrast, Grammarly is designed in a manner that aids people who are dedicated users to form serious goals to improve their writing styles and skills in a long-term aspect. It is very informative and responds according to the users’ necessities with the help of a tone detection option. Grammarly is made for professional users like editors, writers, or academic scholars for whom plagiarism is a mandatory issue. It serves well with helpful suggestions to make writings more refined and also helps to target the kind of style the user wants to follow.

The Verdict: Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor

Though Microsoft Editor serves for a general-purpose and more to look after the skills for layman usage, it hardly stands a chance against Grammarly, which is created to meet professional’s expectations and sharpen their writings accordingly. This tool is continuously updated and upgraded with new and latest technologies to provide better-than-the-last service that will make serious writers confident and have hopes on their writing skills.

For me, Grammarly is undoubtedly expensive, but since the moment this application had been launched in the market, it has won the hearts of the people who are dedicated writers and serious with their writing professions. It has far more reliable as well as stable features than Microsoft Editor and not to mention, additional elements which leave Microsoft Editor, despite its affordable price, quite in the dark zone. So, the winner of this comparison is Grammarly.

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