How to Write an Essay in English – 7 Easy Steps (2020 Guide)

Are you planning to write an essay in English but don’t know how to begin?

If the above problem sounds familiar, then you’re on the right website because, in this article, I’ll show you the exact steps for writing a killer essay that everyone would love reading.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into the article.

To write an essay in English, you need to:

  • 1
    Choose a topic.
  • 2
    Create an outline.
  • 3
    Write an engaging introduction.
  • 4
    Write the body paragraphs.
  • 5
    Complete with a strong conclusion.
  • 6
    Proofread your essay.
  • 7
    Add the finishing touches.

1. Choose A Topic

how to write an essay in english

In most cases, you'll be assigned a topic to write. If you're free to choose your topic, select the one which you're confident writing about.

Before you create an outline (which is the next step), visualize about the topic and understand what all needs to be covered so that anyone reading it would have a complete in-depth understanding.

Decide the type of essay you'd want to write. Will you start with a strong claim, or an engaging story or maybe convince your readers about a point of view.

The initial understanding of the topic will give you a stronghold on the subject, which will enable you to write a solid essay that will impact.

Just after you get the topic and before you start creating an outline, you can do a brief research about it. In the research phase, you can collect sources from where you'd cite the information and save it in your notepad for future reference.

2. Create An Outline

how to write an essay in english

The next step in writing an excellent essay is creating an outline. It is the most crucial part that will decide how well you'll craft the essay.

You'll write down all the points which you'll include in your essay.

For creating an outline, you can make use of your research which you did in the first step and also do some brainstorming on the topic. If you're allowed to use the Internet, you can also see what other people have written on a similar topic and take some inspiration from them.

The best way to create an outline is, divide your essay into three parts, mainly the introduction, body, and the conclusion. In the body (which is the main part) you can add in three main points which will decide the entire flow of the essay.

On a blank paper, write down all the pointers so that while writing the essay, you don't get confused and have a clear flow in your mind.

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3. Write An Engaging Introduction

how to write an essay in english

An introduction is when you want to make your readers stick to your essay and read it till the end. If the introduction of your essay is boring no one is going to read it any further.

Your introduction shouldn't talk about any fluff. Instead, it should talk in bits and pieces about the topic which gets the readers to read further.

It should be a brief overview and a signal on what you will talk about in the essay.

The best way to start the introduction of your essay is by using a strong story with which all your readers can connect. Introduction is all about the hook.

One important thing to keep in mind while writing the introduction is, it should correlate with your essay and shouldn't go off-topic.

Also, keep in mind it should be scannable and easy to read because not all your readers will understand it word by word.

4. Write The Body Paragraphs

how to write an essay in english

The body is the nitty-gritty of your essay. It is where you disclose the topic in detail and make your bold claims. Be sure to cite your claims (always).

Your outline is what you'll use the most to write the body part of your essay. Each section of your outline will become a complete section of its own.

All your points should support each other to create a perfect flow in the mind of the reader. Also, try and include practical examples in between for them to understand the topic thoroughly.

Just like the introduction, keep your body scannable, which can be skimmed easily.

Writing a perfect paragraph for an essay without having a solid outline can be a nightmare, so it's always recommended to have an outline.

5. Complete With A Strong Conclusion

how to write an essay in english

The conclusion is where you end your essay with a thoughtful summary. Your conclusion should have at least three to five lines of strong message that you want your readers to understand for that particular topic.

Make sure you align your conclusion with the intro and body part of the essay to maintain proper flow.

Don't make the mistake of introducing any new ideas in the conclusion part of the essay. All you have to do is give your final words around the topic and leave your positive or negative opinion which you want to convey in the essay.

The conclusion is the time when you restate your points which you claimed in the introduction, but now you have all the proof to claim them.

6. Proofread Your Essay

how to write an essay in english

A lot of people writing the essay feels like just writing it completes their job. Well, that's not the case. We all make mistakes and a lot of it while writing.

After you complete writing then first draft your essay (which isn't perfect, of course), the next part is to proofread it aggressively.

If it's an online essay, you can make use of online proofreading tools like Grammarly or WhiteSmoke to find out all the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes within the essay.

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If the essay is written on paper, you can take the help of your friend or read it loud on your own.

Proofreading is very crucial to find the hidden mistakes in your writeup.

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7. Add the Finishing Touches

how to write an essay in english

The last thing before you complete your essay is small things like making sure all your paragraphs are easy to read.

Apart from that, you also need to have a proper structure maintained in the essay. Read the guidelines and see if everything is maintained according to the instructions provided by your teacher or the university.

Your paragraphs should make complete sense when read. For instance, if you're writing a practical guide on how to cook pizza, make sure all the steps mentioned in the essay are in the correct format.

I'm repeating this, don't forget to proofread your essay before finally submitting it to the teacher. Most of the people avoid proofreading, so take advantage of this and use it the right way.

Bingo! You now know everything to write a great essay which all your readers would love to read again and again.

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Final Words

All the points mentioned in the article on how to write a perfect essay in English are equally important. Don't take any of them lightly.

Your outline is the game-changer, and the better you research, the more in-depth your essay will be.

Always focus more on researching the information rather than writing because writing naturally improves when you have a lot of information to share with your readers.

I hope this article helped you learn everything about writing an excellent essay. If you have any further doubts concerning the topic covered, feel free to drop a comment down below and let us know. We'd be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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