Is Using Grammarly Cheating? (Here Is The Answer)

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Do you use Grammarly for your written pieces? Are you worried that you are somehow cheating on your essay or article? Do you think that — Is using Grammarly cheating? If yes, then why don’t we discuss this matter together?

Many students get worried that using Grammarly will be considered cheating if they use it to correct their essays or article.

The short and straightforward answer to this question is — No! In most cases, using Grammarly is not cheating.

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There are exceptions where Grammarly can be considered as cheating.

To understand this, let us first focus on the basics.

What is Grammarly?


Grammarly is an online website that checks the grammar of the text that is written or uploaded in it. It checks spellings, grammar, and punctuation in the text. It also gives suggestions for replacing words and phrases that may be overused and unnecessary.

It has two versions. The first one is a completely free version that offers the correction of spelling, minor grammar, and punctuation.

The paid version of Grammarly is known as Grammarly Premium. It provides advanced grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks, along with plagiarism detection.

You can also set your objectives for the target audience of the essay to help you build it in the desired way. This involves focusing on the tone, delivery, and use of words.

For a detailed guide, read this Grammarly review.

What does Grammarly offer?

As discussed already, Grammarly offers some prime features such as grammar and punctuation, plagiarism, spell check, and writing style.

In the case of grammar and punctuation, grammatical errors and punctuation errors are detected. The corrections are given along with it, and so is a small lesson that explains the error and correction.

Plagiarism checks and alerts you for any minor or significant matching text from other online documents. It gives you an estimate in the form of a percentage that depicts how much of your essay has plagiarised content.

The spell check is responsible for any spelling mistakes that may be present. You can also select the preferred language in the settings to select your preferred variations of any spelling.

The algorithms of Grammarly analyze the writing style, and it makes suggestions based on this. It helps to keep your article fresh and crispy with enough interest in it for the readers.

Additionally, the tone and delivery of the essay or article are analyzed to see if it is fit for the target audience.

Grammarly vs. MS Word Spellcheck

Comparing it to the traditional Spellcheck that is available in Microsoft Word, Grammarly shows an overall better performance in terms of detecting errors and correcting them. If you are writing your essay or article on Microsoft Word, then any spelling errors and minor grammatical errors will be pointed out for correction.

When you input the same text on Grammarly, it will point out spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes (basic and advanced), unnecessary words, and senseless phrases. It will also help you progress your writing skills by suggesting shorter and more meaningful sentences in place of any long, monotonous sentences you may have written.

If you use Grammarly Premium (paid version), you will be able to check your essay or article for plagiarism. It will compare your text to other documents on the internet.

If any length of the matching text is found, it will be highlighted and pointed out along with the reference link. You can change your words till plagiarism is removed.

Who can use Grammarly?

Even though it seems like tech-savvy people can only use Grammarly, it can be used by almost all people who require any editing in their essays or articles. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you set your goals for the article, you can easily use the website to achieve the desirable essay. You can also opt for the Grammarly free trial account, which is absolutely available at zero cost.

How to use Grammarly?

How to Use Grammarly

You can use Grammarly in the following forms:

Why should you use Grammarly?

Grammarly has its own set of advantages for people who use it for their essays or articles.

  • The entire layout of Grammarly is quite simple and easy to use for anyone. All the errors are displayed in an organized manner where they can be accepted or declined.
  • It is quite a versatile app that is available on many platforms. As already mentioned, it is available as a website, desktop app, add-in, Chrome web extension, and keyboard for iOS and Android.
  • It is efficient in detecting almost all of the errors that are present in any given article or essay. The developers regularly update their algorithms so that all mistakes can be detected.
  • Each error is accompanied by an explanation related to the correction. This helps you improve your writing skills, so you do not repeat the same mistake regularly. It also provides synonyms for repetitive words that will help increase your vocabulary.
  • There is the detection of long, unclear sentences apart from the usual monotonous ones so that you can correct them for a more precise explanation to the reader.
  • The best part of these suggestions is that you can either accept or reject them. Since it is still a learning algorithm, there may be occasional suggestions that do not fit in with the context. You can read Grammarly’s pros and cons here.

Why is Grammarly not considered cheating?

Grammarly is not considered cheating in the majority of the cases because of the carefully studied reasons given below.

  • Grammarly cannot answer questions. If you input a question in Grammarly, the answer will not be shown to you. Instead, the grammar of the sentence will be checked to determine if the question has been asked correctly. Only if you write your essay in Grammarly, it will check it for any grammatical errors. It will not tell you anything more or less than the text that you have entered.
  • Grammarly cannot guide you to write a more detailed answer for more marks. There is no system in Grammarly wherein an individual can use it to get more knowledge and facts about the topic on which they have written the essay or article.
  • The grammar can not be guaranteed to be 100% accurate every time. Even though Grammarly is a unique grammar checking algorithm, it still has a long way to go. It is not accurate every time.
  • It cannot makes changes on its own. It is incapable of thinking for you. It provides suggestions that you are free to accept or reject depending on its suitability. You can decide if any of the given recommendations are adequate to replace the existing text.
  • You are not paying someone to write your essay or article. Although you will often feel like a cheater on using Grammarly, you must understand that there is no individual who is writing all the pieces and articles for you. You are only correcting the grammar of your essay, and that too is entirely in your control.

Having spoken about the situations where Grammarly is not considered cheating, we will now focus on the conditions where it is considered cheating if you use Grammarly.

  • If the main aim of your essay or article was to help you learn or build your grammar skills, then using Grammarly is considered to be cheating through and through.
  • If you are learning how to build your writing skills, then using Grammarly is again a bad idea. It will be considered cheating if you use it. This is because Grammarly shows suggestions that help to improve writing skills. Hence, you will not be doing it on your own consciously but with the guidance of an intelligent algorithm.

Is Using Grammarly Cheating?

The straightforward and short answer to this question is — It is best to ask your teacher if you are thinking about using Grammarly. If they allow you to use it, then you can keep using it for your essays and articles except for any grammar or writing skills based essay or article.

For me, using Grammarly is not cheating if you are using it after taking the prior permission of your teacher.

The Bottom Line

Since we have established that using Grammarly is not cheating, then using it for your daily essays, articles, and assignments are highly recommended. As explained, it is not possible to cheat on your essay through Grammarly except in certain situations and cases.

Grammarly helps correct your spelling and grammar, making it very easy to put forth a clear message in your essay or article. However, all the relevant information and facts must be collected and written in a sequential manner by you.

You have to ensure that the flow of information is not disrupted. This way, you are not cheating your way to better grades.

Using Grammarly will give you an edge against students who do not use it since all the spelling and grammar will be checked by it. However, you must go through your work to ensure that the details and facts are accurate.

Any minor typos that may have been ignored by Grammarly must be sought out by you. It is, after all, still a learning algorithm. Just so you know, this article was also checked by the one and only, Grammarly!

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