Microsoft Editor is Now Available for Chrome & Edge Browser

What is Microsoft Editor?

Microsoft Editor is a newly launched AI-Based writing assistant, released on 30th March 2020. Since it is a browser add-on, so it will help you whenever or wherever you are on the web, right from writing an important email or writing a story on Instagram. Microsoft Editor enables you to write with more confidence in 20+ languages.

Microsoft Editor

How much does Microsoft Editor cost?

Microsoft Editor has two plans for its users:

The first one is free, which comes with basic features such as correcting minor grammar and spelling mistakes across the web. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 Personal plan costs $6.99/month. For the best value, a family of up to six members can try a Family subscription plan that costs $9.99/month.

The paid-upgrade of Microsoft Editor offers more features than the basic free version, such as suggestions for writing style, advanced grammar checker, vocabulary suggestions, conciseness, formal language, and much more.

The Microsoft Editor extension is currently available for only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser.

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Features of Microsoft Editor:

  • It has an inbuilt plagiarism checker.
  • Advanced grammar checker.
  • Spelling error detector.
  • Similarity checker.
  • Rewrite suggestions.
  • Punctuation mistakes detector.
  • Write polished prose.
  • Craft impressive emails.
  • Works across the web.
  • It enables you to write in 20+ languages.
  • It will work in MS Word application as well.
  • Microsoft Editor also works with Outlook.

So, these were the features that Microsoft Editor offers. I can surely say that the Microsoft Editor is the best alternative to Grammarly as it meets every criterion of a professional writer.

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