20 Most Beautiful English Words in the World (2020)

In this article, I will share some of the best and most beautiful English words that you should know to increase your vocabulary knowledge.

English is the only language that uses in almost every country. There are over millions of words in the English language, some of the words are with simple definitions; some of them have precise, beautiful meanings, and some of the phrases sound more beautiful when orally spoken. 

The words are everything, and they are more than the merging of words. They form not only the sentence but also the whole paragraph and the story. It is one of the dominant ways of communication between two persons.

That is the reason; we put that together that we consider and added 20 Beautiful English words in this article. This can be a perfect way if you are looking to increase your vocabulary and also to make it easy for the ears as possible. 

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most beautiful english words
Most Beautiful English Words

Here is the list of 20 Most Beautiful English Words:

Let’s check out our round-up of 20 most beautiful English words that can make you absolutely brilliant.

#1. Aurora

It is the name of the Roman Goddess sunrise. The word Aurora is now used to describe dawn and also the stunning atmosphere that takes place in the planet’s magnetic polar regions. For example, you must want to see the Aurora Borealis next to your wishlist.

#2. Inure

Inure, it looks like a beautiful word, but the meaning is different from the word. It is because not every beautiful word has a beautiful meaning. These days, the word Inure means to accept something unconditioned or undesirable. Example: If your family criticizes you, then constant doing this could Inure you from your loved ones.

#3. Mellifluous

Mellifluous, the actual meaning of this word is sweet and enjoyable. It is a kind of lyrical word, and you must have also heard the voice of chapping birds in springs, which is Mellifluous. It is generally a sound that people often love to listen to. The main synonyms of this word are sweet, soft, smooth, and honey. In a formally way, It generally described as “I grew up in an environment of beautiful and pleasant sounds around me.”

#4. Euphoria

This word is now used to describe the intense feeling and happiness. This word is derived from the Greek word. For example, you must be in Euphoria, and that is the reason you seem steerable. Euphoria is also used whenever there is a state of excitement and happiness within us. This is another beautiful word in English use to describe the mental state and guts the power of the person. Another example, if the person is convinced that he is in Euphoria, then he can defeat anyone using his excitements.

#5. Serendipity

Serendipity is the word that is used to realize the phenomenon. You can also call it something like coincidence shock or happiness. For example, you go for a coffee run outside and then found a sale on chocolate cake. Second, if you were cleaning your home and found those earnings which you were thinking was lost a year before. These types of coincidences are even described as Serendipity.

#6. Cherish

Cherish word is used to show care and attention to your loved ones. It doesn’t matter the front person is from your family, girlfriend, or anyone. You should cherish them with affection. This word is mainly used with loved ones, as I mentioned earlier, and the meaning of the Cherish is love and care. Probably, you will protect or care for some whom you love and cherish with.

#7. Demure

This (Demure) is the common and most phrased word used in the English language. This word is used to describe any modest or rough behavior of the person. Some people think it is copied from other sources. However, the word is initially invented, and I started using it.

#8. Elixir

This word is probably derived from the Harry Potter world, and you must have heard it before in the series as well. Elixir is the word that has been derived from the sorcerer’s stone. In the 17th century, people used to believe that they can use Elixir to turn stone into their lives and make people live forever. Today, this word is used to identify a substance that is capable of turning to gold from the stone.

#9. Eternity

The word actually means forever, lifetime, and until Eternity. This word is used to describe the feelings and inner aspects of the person. It generally used to describe the inner feelings of any person. For example, my love is for you is Eternity. Eternity is one of the most beautiful words of English, as it does mean the same as it sounds. 

#10. Felicity

It is another word for the people who loved ones around you. Felicity means happy, and usually, you feel it, whenever you are around some positive group of people or whenever you are surrounded by the people you love.

#11. Languor

It is a beautiful word but not with a beautiful definition. I mentioned earlier that not all beautiful words of English have beautiful meanings. This word refers to lethargy or weakness in body and mind. You might have felt this situation whenever you are working continuously for hours. Sometimes, also when you have over-exhausted yourself.

#12. Love

It is not only a beautiful word, but the word consists of feeling itself. You don’t need to define this particular word to tell someone about your feelings as the word “Love” is feeling itself. Love is also used to describe your feelings toward someone. It is the feeling only that describes this word, and that is the reason, It comes in the most beautiful words of English.

#13. Solitude

It depends; if you are an extrovert, then Solitude word is not ideal for you. But, if you are an introvert, then Solitude is the perfect explantation of yourself. This defines the alone and people who usually stay away from unwanted people in their lives.

#14. Epiphany

There are several meanings of this beautiful word Epiphany. It usually happens and associates with life-changing resolutions. For example, in a movie, a girl falls crazily in love with her stepbrother. It is also known as the manifestation of divine or guts of doing something unusual. There are very few people who are Epiphany.

#15. Quintessential

Have you ever met a straightforward guy and from the other city come to the metro city to fulfilling his dreams and career — these types of the person known as Quintessential. This is precisely this beautiful word mean.

#16. Plethora

This word has mainly two different definitions. The word Plethora usually means to increased blood in the specific area of the body, and the other meaning of this word is kind of dreaming. Likewise, dreaming for a disposable income. It means this word has both meanings, like the beautiful and not so beautiful as well.

#17. Nemesis

This is also one of the most beautiful words that usually slips out from our tongue. It is associated with rival or arch-enemy and can be used to describe the arch-enemy of vengeance. It means if any of your friends are saying something different about you with any other friend, then that friend might be your nemesis.

#18. Elegance

This is another beautiful word in our list of English words. It means exactly the same it sounds like. The whole meaning of Elegance is the quality of style and grace. This word is also used to describe the style and grace of any person’s clothes or anything. For example, a lady is coming, and her style is so Elegance to stalk her.

#19. Eloquence

This is the word that usually describes the qualities of politicians. It means how well the politician can speak and express himself/herself on the stage. How well he performed to collect the votes of people. Let’s find out the Eloquence in 2020 president elections.

#20. Peace

The other word, which does precisely, means the same it sounds. Moreover, peace’s actual meaning is the free state of mind and relieve from all negativity around yours.

Final Note!

English is one of the most vital languages used in every country. It is the most ancient language with powerful meanings of words and sentences. It is a quick task to pick out the most beautiful words from the English, but the thing that matters is their meanings. It means not only you pick those beautiful words, but you should also understand what they actually mean.

In this post, I have added 20 Beautiful English words, along with their meanings. You can check them out as they will not only help you to improve your vocabulary but also helps you to understand some new English words.

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