Quetext Review (2021): Is It A Reliable Plagiarism Checker?

We are here reviewing the most popular plagiarism checker, Quetext. Are you searching for a reliable plagiarism checker? Hands down, this is the page you are searching for. In this Quetext review, you will learn almost everything about this plagiarism checker tool as we are here reviewing the most popular plagiarism checker, Quetext.

Quetext Review
Quetext Review

You might have used many old plagiarism checkers, or you may be a newbie in this field, and want to check your article for an improvement. In this case, Quetext is the better option. In this article, we are going to review the Quetext plagiarism checker in detail.

Before moving forward, let us know something about plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

Copying content from any source of information, whether it is a book, a magazine, or the internet, is known as plagiarism.

However, framing your sentences by copying once data is not a crime, but probably people who write blogs by copying from any source of information, plagiarism is a critical issue. Therefore if anyone is aiming to rank, the site cannot afford plagiarism.

Hereafter knowing the problems and obstacles that content will create, the first thing that strikes the mind is a plagiarism checker. When we talk about the plagiarism checker, Quetext is one of the most famous and commonly used plagiarism checkers. You may also like to read this plagiarism avoiding guide.

Here we are going to enlighten the pros, cons, and other features of the Quetext.

Quetext Review

The Quetext is an online tool used to check plagiarism in the article. It works on Deep search technology. This plagiarism checker tool is designed by AI technology experts. If you are looking for an easy and fast plagiarism detection service, Quetext is the best fit for your all needs.


The innovative algorithm makes it a quick technique for finding plagiarisms. You can check your plenty of articles with ultra-fast speed.

Till now, over five million people use the Quetext plagiarism checker.

Quetext Features

The features of the Quetext plagiarism checker are as follows.

1. Deep search

Quetext DeepSearch

Quetext plagiarism checker allows you to check not only the phrases you have changed but also the ability to detect twisted words and duplicate texts.

2. Color Grade

Quetext Color Grade

The color grade feedback technology is used to engage with your results and improve results by taking appropriate actions. It also helps you in finding the same text matched in your content.

3. Citation Assistant

Quetext Citation Assistant

Quetext comes with built-in citation technology for websites that will help you search for the cite in your paragraphs. In simple terms, the citation uses data from a source of information and gives credit to that source.

4. Originality Report

Quetext Plagiarism Percentage

The final result that contains the process report, the percentage of the plagiarism, and other flaws highlighted is the originality report.

5. URL Exclusion

Quetext URL Exclusion

This feature allows you to exclude the URL, which was the source of your article. By this, it will be difficult to compare your article from the original one.

Is Quetext free?

After knowing all the features of Quetext, you must be eagerly looking for the price of Quetext. Also, the question arises, whether the Quetext is free or not?

Yes, you can use the basic features of Quetext for free.

Now, coming towards the plans of a Quetext plagiarism checker. There are two possible plans available one is for free, which comes with restrictions, and another is the pro plan.

How much does Quetext Pro cost?

Quetext Pro is one of the best plagiarism checker solutions available today. The Quetext Pro subscription costs you $9.99/month per user.

Quetext Cost

Quetext Pro vs Quetext Free

In the free plan, you will get:-

  • You can check three articles with 500 words per article.
  • Color Grade feedback to remove the plagiarism easily.
  • Contextual Analysis will help you frame your sentences with simple words.
  • Fuzzy matching is your backbone to catch the camouflage plagiarism.
  • Percentage score to heft and get the correct information about the plagiarism.

Signing up for a free account is easy. Click here.

In the pro plan, you will get:-

  • Outstanding support
  • URL Exclusion
  • Citation Assistant
  • Extended Deep Search
  • Interactive Snippet Text
  • Get your reports by exporting them in PDFs.
  • You may upload multiple files with no word limit.

Nothing is made perfect; everything has both faces. One is good, and another one is bad. Similarly, the Quetext comes with pros and cons, which we are going to discuss below.

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Quetext Pros

  • The Quetext is available in the free version.
  • You may Sign Up with your Google account by a simple single click.
  • The Deep Search technology scans your article thoroughly, which detects the smallest possible plagiarism.
  • Quetext comes with an upload file feature by which you may upload and scan your documents.
  • You may also exclude your source URL with the help of the domain excluder.
  • You may access your work history easily.
  • In just one click, Quetext checks up to 25000 words.
  • Quetext has privacy policies that secure your data end to end.

Quetext Cons

  • There is no annual plan available for Quetext. Still, if you wish to continue, you have to go for the monthly plan.
  • In the free version, only 500 words can be checked at a time.
  • While using the trial version of the Quetext, you can only use it for three searches.
  • Upload files and domain excluder features are only available in the paid version.
  • Exporting the reports of your article is also not available in the free version.

Quetext Alternatives

  1. Grammarly
  2. Whitesmoke plagiarism checker
  3. ProWritingAid
  4. Duplichecker
  5. SmallSEOTools

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. Is the API available in Quetext?

No, the Quetext plagiarism checker does not offer an API version. Moreover, in the future, most probably Quetext will be providing the users with API.

Q.2. Which browser supports the Quetext tool?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and opera are the browsers Quetext supports. Currently, Quetext is not available at internet explorer.

Q.3. Does Quetext save my text for their database?

No, Quetext has its privacy policies, which stops them from doing so. Although the Quetext strongly believes that the user has the right to maintain the data accordingly. None of any third parties are allowed on the server of the Quetext plagiarism checker. The text submitted remains private and encrypted.

Q.4. Does Quetext provide customer support?

Yes, Quetext also provides customer support to solve any of the billing issues. You can submit your request, and the customer executive will get back to you as soon as possible. The support team hours are 9 am to 4.30 pm CST.

Q.5. While checking for plagiarism, what happens to my text?

When you use the services of the Quetext, the text is processed by the server. You can see your data in your account in the form of reports. The data processed will never become part of a searchable database.

The Conclusion

Here the detailed review of the Quetext plagiarism checker end. We believe that we have provided you a complete idea about how the tool works, what it offers, and how accurate it is.

You may entirely rely on Quetext, and if we talk about its features or the privacy policies, you are definitely not going to dislike it. Quetext is one of the best plagiarism checkers available for free.

If you are looking for a free plagiarism checker, Quetext is the best choice. But moving towards the paid version, there are other better alternatives available, which offer you more value for money. They also provide you with more features at less price.

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