Top 10 Best Scrivener Alternatives (Similar Software) 2021

If you are looking for some of the best similar software or Scrivener alternatives, then you are on the right page.

When it comes to the writing tool, the list of available tools is quite significant. Scrivener is a tool that is one of the most popular novel writing software out there.

Moreover, the Scrivener can do everything on your word processor. However, it does have some limitations like there is no way to collaborate, no auto-save feature, and many more.

So, Scrivener isn’t best suited for your work; there are plenty of other options available in the market. But again, finding the best Scrivener alternative is quite a hectic task.

Our team has done all the hard work for you and hand-picked some of the best Scrivener alternatives on the web.

Top 10 Best Scrivener Alternatives in 2021

Best Scrivener Alternatives

Here is the list of best Scrivener alternatives available on the web.

1. Pro Writing Aid


One of the best alternatives to the Scrivener is undoubtedly ProWritingAid. The Pro Writing Aid lets you start work on the online web version. Apart from that, you can also use standard desktop apps if needed. The tool is freemium, which means it has a paid version as well. Pro Writing Aid also allows you to check the errors and give suggestions on how you can fix the problems.


  • It helps you improve your writing skills.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Grammar Checker, Style Editor, Copy Editing, and proofreading.

Pro Writing Aid lets you write text, but it also helps you improve your knowledge. It Is the best grammar and style app available on the web. Overall, if you are looking for excellent copy editing and proofreading tool, then Pro Writing Aid is the best in business.

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Dabble Writer

Dabble is one of the most similar tools, like Scrivener. It is more streamlined and comes with unique features that no other tool offers. The tool comes with the goal tracker feature, and you can set the deadline and your word count of the content. Moreover, the tool has a drag and drop functionality, which lets you do better-organized parts, chapters, and scenes.


  • Plot Grid feature.
  • Drag and Drop to organize different parts.

Overall, if you are looking for an exact similar tool like Scrivener, then you must give a try to Dabble. The tool has features like Plot Grid, which organize plot lines and plot points. Now, you don’t have to pay the hefty amount to use Dabble. It costs around $10 a month.

3. Final Draft

Final Draft

Final Draft is said to be one of the best screenwriting app available on the web. So, if you’re a screenwriter or the one who has a dream to become a screenwriter should give a shot to Final Draft. Moreover, the Final Draft comes with the note-taking process and ample research. This particular tool is used to make writing books and screenplay more exciting.


  • The app does a better job than Scrivener for Linux.
  • The tool lets you export your manuscript as .fdx, PDF, HTML as well as .sex files.

Final Draft has around 300 templates covering different writing tasks like movie scripts, novels, books, and more. Well, Final Draft is the tool that can make your work more comfortable than ever. The only thing which can disappoint you is it doesn’t support formats like Word, Plain Text, as well as ePub.

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4. Script Studio

Script Studio

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Screenwriting tool, then Script Studio is for you. As the name itself tells you the story that the app is more tilted towards the screenwriters. Script Studio not only allows you to write, but it can help you polish your scripts and see the errors that you can avoid.


  • You’ll get 24/7 customer support.
  • It can block all the on-screen interruptions.

The main highlight of the Script Studio is the scene-by-scene tutorial. Apart from that, the tool lets you analyze the pace of your story, and if you’re looking for a tool, especially for screenwriting, definitely checkout Script Studio.

5. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

Zoho is one of the most reputed software companies that develop so many tools, and one such tool offered by them is Zoho Writer. Zoho Writer is entirely free os cost to use and brings a lot of ideal features for writers. Moreover, the tool provides you bunch of writing templates that give you writing abilities on both Windows as well as Linux.

The user interface of the app is quite straightforward, and you just need to login and start writing on the new document. You can use tools like Notebook if you ever come across any ideas and points while writing.


  • Free of cost to use.
  • You can export file like ODT, Word, PDF, RTF, Text as well as ePub.
  • It offers excellent writing templates.

Zoho Writer is a versatile tool; however, it is not the perfect writing app for the majority of people. If you’re a freelancer, then Zoho Writer is a viable option for you to invite and share files with others.

6. Google Docs

Google Doc

One of the most popular and highest rated tools available on the web is Google Docs. Radically, Google comes as the part of G Suite and as a word-processing software. The tool is quite easy to use collaboration features so that you can share content with your colleagues for further changes.

Moreover, the user who has access to the file can work and leave a comment on the documents. The tool has a feature that allows you to see the entire document history and the specific changes made by each user.


It comes with easy to use collaborating features.
The tool is flawless, and the user interface is just fantastic.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tool that lets you collaborate with other writers or editors, then definitely check out Google Docs. Also, the tool is entirely free of cost and works offline as well as online. You might also like to know more about writing styles.

7. WriteMonkey

Write Monkey

The next tool featured on our list has handy keyboard shortcuts and work with .txt files. WriteMonkey is a text-editing tool that delivers the best writing experience. Primarily, this writing tool comes with the best user-interface, and people with less knowledge can easily manage each section of the app effortlessly.

The tool is developed for creative writers and novelists who need a full screen enabled writing platform. It is available for Windows and is entirely free of cost to use.


  • It supports Markup.
  • The tool comes with a distraction-free user-interface.

Well, if you’re looking for a writing tool that cuts on distraction, not on the features, then WriteMonkey is best suited for you. It is quite an innovative professional writing and editing tool available on the web.

8. Storyist


The next tool featured on our list is Storyist, which is a quiet, versatile screenwriting app. When it comes to the total number of export options you get in a screenwriting tool, then Storyist beats the Scrivener. The tool features an inbred corkboard that allows you to use color-coded index cards to take notes.

Storyist comes with the pre-designed writing templates. The tool has an agile support team that offers lightning-fast service to the users.


  • The tool is quite portable and easy to use.
  • It lets you enhance your writing abilities.

Overall, Storyist offers commending features to its users. This low-price tool supports all the formats and is quite handy when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. The only thing which makes the tool fall behind other tools is available on limited platforms like Mac and iOS.

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9. FocusWriter

focus writer

FocusWriter is one of the popular tools among every person who has the background of the writing field. It is a simple and distraction-free word processing tool currently available on the web. The tool is available for Linux, Windows, as well as macOS. Now you don’t have to pay a hefty amount as the FocusWriter is entirely free of cost to use.

To sum up, the FocusWriter is a tool that enables you to hide other apps, customize text appearance, and keeps track of all your activities. You can even add up the old-school typewriter sound effects.


  • It blocks all the distractions.
  • The tool auto-saves data.
  • It is available for all the desktop operating system for free of cost.

Overall, the FocusWriter lets you keep your mind on your work and blocks all the distractions while doing your writing stuff. Mostly, after the usage, our team has found the FocusWriter the best writing tool but not the perfect alternative to the Scrivener.

10. WordCradle


WordCradle is for the people who don’t have much knowledge to handle professional-level tools like Scrivener. Moreover, the tool has pretty simple and straightforward when it comes to features and usage. WordCradle is good free novel writing software that has more editing options than other tools.


  • Easy to use.
  • The software is portable and lightweight.

If you’re looking for a simple text editor tool with minimum yet excellent features, you can try to WordCradle.

The Conclusion

Hunting for the best Scrivener alternative is quite a daunting task. However, with proper testing modules, our team has made your work easier and effortless. Overall, Scrivener is the popular writing tool among Novelists, creative writers, and other people who are in the writing work. But it does have some of the limitations, which is why people look for its best possible alternative.

Now, all the alternatives to Scrivener available or featured on our list are personally tested, and after specific usage, Pro Writing Aid is the best alternative to Scrivener. Also, a tool like FocusWriter is pretty much versatile and does have better features when it comes to writing tools.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try these tools mentioned above and do let us know which one you like the most and why. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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