How to Write a Perfect Email? Email Writing Tips (Samples)

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How to Write An Email? - A Definitive Guide To Email Writing

If you dig a little deeper, FIVE billion people globally send and receive SMS texts every day. That's about sixty-five percent of the world's population.

People have become excessively wrapped up their increasing workload. Due to this, every day, at least three to four text messages that unnoticed or ignored.

To tackle this issue, nowadays starting from friends to business persons—everyone preferring emails over text messages.

Now, when you compare a typical text message with an email, email is a bit formal side and has some critical etiquettes which one needs to follow carefully.

A text message is written in an informal language frequently. You include emoticons, non-standard short forms of words. A text message is preferred mostly when the person on the other side is known to you someway.

While email can be used for anyone—whether the recipient is a friend, a business person you met a week ago, an employer, or maybe an ex-colleague. You can use it for formal and informal communications—both.

Another important thing is emails has various types—emails to your friend needs a different language from the one you will email to your colleagues at work. The style and tone of your writing go in hand with the purpose and the person intended to receive the email.

To compose an effective email without embarrassing the receiving person on the other side, you need to know some basic email drafting rules.

So, to help you out, I have prepared this "Definitive Guide to Craft Emails Perfectly."

In this post, you will learn how to choose the perfect language while writing an email, how to find suitable words & punctuations that convey your message clearly—with some easy-to-understand examples!

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Must-know Terms for Before You Compose an Email

email writing terms

Email Writing

Before you jump into writing an email directly, here are some terms you need to understand one-by-one:

  • To: Here, you need to mention the email address of the person (recipient) who will receive the email.
  • CC: It means Carbon Copy, similar to the "To" field. When you want to send an email to multiple persons, but they are not the primary recipients. Remember that when you CC some people, all of them can see the CC list and will know that others also have the same email, as well.
  • BCC: It means Blind Carbon Copy. This feature is useful when you want to send an email to someone other than the primary recipient on the "TO" field without letting the primary recipient that you've sent a copy of this to any other person. When you have a large mailing list, you can include them in the BCC field so that no one would be able to see anyone else's email address.
  • Subject: Here you have to write the purpose or topic of your email in a line. Keep it short— within ten words.
  • Compose: Here, this space is for writing the content of your email completely.
  • Attachment: Here, you can attach any documents or files to your email.
  • Reply: A reply is when you want your message to go to a single person. The person can be either the sender or anyone who has sent the last message in the thread you are responding to.
  • Reply all: The Reply all feature is used when you want to respond to everyone on the same thread. People from "To" and "CC" too will receive your email reply.
  • Forward: Use this option cautiously when you want to forward an email to someone instead of typing the email body again.

The Structure of an Effective Email

email structure

Email Structure

As you have learned the essential terms of email: Recipient, Subject line, CC, BCC, Compose, and Closing, now it is for you to learn how to structure an email effectively.

Regardless of what type of email you are writing, every email has the same basic one-by-one structure. But as it differs from the standard text messaging, the language for every type of email has specific standards to be followed.

Here I have explained the right way to compose a perfect email. Let's have a look:

Subject line

The most important part of an email is its subject and the email body you will write. But most of the time, the subject remains an overlooked feature. In a subject line, you have to showcase the entire content of your email body in a concise yet eye-catching line.

It is because even before the recipient reads your mail, the subject line is the first thing that attracts the reader's attention.

So, you should take care of the subject line to make it to the point, precise, eye catchy, professional as well a non-generic one.

For example, if you write the subject as "hello" or "iNviting you to mah house for a dinner party"...

These are some examples of poorly crafted subject lines. Either the reader will send it to the trash, or the email will land in the spam folder for oblivion.

To avoid all these issues, before sending out an email, "you should spend double the amount of time crafting the right subject line as you do on the body because if they don't open the email, it doesn't matter how beautiful your body message is, as says Cole Schafer," an expert copywriter.


It is like the treatment you get at a reception before entering the hotel. Means, your opening should start with a short greeting so that it builds a connection with the reader at a personal level. An opening greeting makes your email sound more professional and urges the reader.

But you can choose to skip it while connecting with your close friends, and colleagues often. Still, if you want to add one, you should do it because it signals better professionalism.


The better you compose your email body, the more it accomplishes your purpose of the email.

Your body must be concise, stating a clear blueprint of your purpose precisely—whether you are writing for an apology, feedback, or instruction to the staff working under you.

Your words must be compelling enough so that a reader's brain can digest the content quickly. Never pack it with jargons and difficult to understand words.

To make it more conclusive CampaignMonitor has tracked "today, an office worker receives an average of 121 emails per day."

So when your email body is unable to convey a specific purpose, having some lengthy and jargon-filled lines, no check of punctuation or misspelled words — there is no meaning of hitting the send button.

If you do send, then you are risking your information to be skimmed or skipped due to lack of clarification.

To overcome this, you need to break your lengthy content into chunks of lines —not more than one or two, keeping it informative yet compelling to the reader.

In case you have some emails that need lengthy data and explanations in detail, do it with caution. Highlight the important points that the reader should not miss. Make the important figures and texts in the Bold and Italic format.

Whatever you write, keep in mind to stay focused on the topic where you started and try to limit it between FIVE to EIGHT lines of text.

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It is the last impression that you put upon the reader of your email. The way you invite, also it is necessary to close an email with the similar salutation for your reader.

Note: Don't forget to make use of a good grammar checker tool to fix your grammatical mistakes. For example, I use tools like to fix simple grammar errors, and for advanced mistakes, I prefer using Grammarly premium. For a discount, you can visit this link, or you can try the free trial version. For a piece of detailed information, read this Grammarly review.

Usually, these days, we use text messages or social media to have a casual chat with a friend. Though an email is less preferred, it sometimes is still the best choice for many.

In case you have an invitation card for a function or a little long content more than the limit of a text, then an email comes as a handy option.

Also, emails to friends are need not be formal. You can compose an informal and casual email to your friend without worrying about the professional rules too.

Emails to friends don't always follow any specific structure and are casual. To make a meaningful and friendly email, you need to know some essential etiquettes. Here are some of them:

Start with a greeting: As emails to friends are casual, it is always good to start with a "hello" or just "hey."

Explain the purpose of your email: If you are writing the email for an invitation to a party or for a casual meetup you can choose to mention that directly. In case you want to explain or share any experiences, you can add in that also.

Spice Up the ending with a Signature: To show a little friendship, you can leave the email with "awaiting you" or "talk to you later" in the end.

Using Acronyms: Instead of long sentences like "talk to you later" if the friend on the other side close to you, you can use acronyms like TTYL, LOL, etc. to compact your message within some lines.

Prefer using a natural tone and write the way you usually speak to your friend. With friends, an email is like a longer text only. Have fun!

Here is a sample email to a friend:

Hey Sam,

How’s it going? I was going to text you, but then I realized I had too much to say!

Sorry, I didn’t answer your text right away earlier. I was at a lunch meeting. It was soooo boring, lol.

After the meeting, we had pizza and soda, though, so everyone was happy.

You know that I’m visiting New York atm*, right? Well, I’m meeting with an old friend tomorrow, and I wanted to get your thoughts on it.

He’s the guy I met last year at that awesome New Year’s party. The one with the really nice shoes, remember?

And guess what. I have no idea how I should dress. Help!

[Your Name]

© ​​​​

Note: atm is an abbreviation for “at the moment,” meaning “now.”

With all of these phrases and email parts, now you’re ready to write your own email—whether it’s to a friend, acquaintance or coworker!

When you are out of your school and join a college, most of the time you have an Internship in your coursework.

At the same time if you do not have any idea of approaching for an internship, through an email, then how can you be successful in your pitch?

Don’t worry!

We have all been in such a state at some point. I will help you here with some actionable tips to craft an effective email to your employer that works.

Here are some actionable tips for creating an effective Email for an Internship.

Recruiter Background Research

Nowadays, with increasing numbers of aspiring students and limited availability of internships, the employers' Inbox is bombarded with numerous emails every day.

And, unfortunately, all of the students use a similar FORMAT of email by copying from web sources.

This practice makes an email irrelevant to the employers' organization or profile and doesn't build any connection at a personal level.

To avoid getting your emails marked spam or sent into the trash bin, you have known about the industry, company or institution applying for and then research about the employer and their perspectives of profits and other achievements.

When you research these, it will help you to personalize the email for your recruiter.

In the end, your email will be able to make the recruiter understand your ability and eligibility for the internship you are applying for.

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Customize Your Email Every Time

If you were a job employer, what would you have preferred:

  • 1
    A generic email that contains no information your company.
  • 2
    or, an email that mentions about your last year's profits, achievements and future aspirations your company have, etc.?

Without any doubt, the apparent winner would be the later one.

That means focusing upon customization and personalization of your email body every time with the recruiter's details gives you an edge over other participants.

There is no point in sending the email to a hundred other recruiter.

It is because now email spam checkers have turned intelligent and your email will be redirected to trash bin instead of Inbox.

That being said, apply for few but with customized emails every time. It shows that you have an interest in them and helps you grab the opportunity.

Write An eye-catchy email Subject LIne

Do not waste valuable space meant for subject line in an email.

I have mentioned about the importance of a neatly written subject line, in the above sections already.

A catchy and informative subject line is the best way to capture the reader's attention.

It increases the open rate of your emails significantly.

It all depends upon the words you choose to explain your purpose in short.


Subject line 1: John Snow - Internship Application

Subject line 2: Internship Application - The Physics Topper of 2020 (School Name)

When you compare, the later one uses the space for the subject line correctly. It describes the information that a typical recruiter seeks for.

But the former one describes unnecessary details like "Name" which is of no work probably unless you're a renowned young scientist or something similar.

Yes, your subject line matters!

Make the email Body Personalized

After the subject has done its work, now it is time for your email body to hook the reader.

To get your internship application some extraordinary favor, you too need to go the remarkable way while drafting it.

From the first sentence of your body, you need to create an interest for the reader. It helps to keep them engaged.

Hundred other applications arrive in the employer's Inbox, with a robotic tone of voice. But your email mentions a brief about the employer's profile, the overview of his company and products.

Now, tell me which one makes you feel more genuine?

Personalize for the specific recipient to increase your chances of approval.

Use a professional Email Signature in The end

Design a professional email signature that contains your headshot portrait, contact numbers, and other essential details for identity.

The employers will notice the proactiveness, and it gives a perception that you have taken the time to develop a robust personality from your own identity.

For making email signatures, you take the help of numerous applications and software available on the internet.

Include relevant coursework

As you are a fresher, it is apparent that you do not possess any previous job experience.

But often, students participate in various seminar discussions, enroll in a subject relevant certification courses, and also take part in summer internships.

If you have any of the above, include them to the list of previous experiences. It gives you an edge over the competition.

Explain Why You're a Good Fit for the Role

In not more than one or two sentences, describe why you are a good fit for the role and how your qualifications are going to help you in that job role.

Most of the recruiters build internship programs to help young students understand the practical skills inside an industry and to develop hands-on working experience.

So, always highlight what your career objective is and what you want to achieve through this internship.

Sample Internship Inquiry Letter (Text Version):

Dear Ms. White,

After researching a number of organizations for summer internships in the field of marketing, I was especially impressed with what I have read about Greenhouse Marketing Company and its mission to work directly with small businesses to increase visibility in the marketplace while creating an environment where they can compete with larger and more established firms.

In May, I will be completing my sophomore year at the University of Southern California, and my plan is to major in marketing. I have a keen interest in business and management issues with a specific interest in the area of marketing. Through this type of hands-on experience, I hope to develop further my professional background in preparation for a position in the marketing field after graduating from college.

Enclosed is my resume offering a summary of my educational background and my previous internship experience in marketing. In addition to marketing, I also worked as a sales associate for Crystals in Los Angeles. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the possibility of an internship with Greenhouse Marketing Company during a follow-up phone call next week. You can also contact me at ***** or 415-***-56*3.

Lucas Grant
415 Ocean Highway Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 11234

How To Apply for a Job Using Email? (Templates Added)

If you are a fresher or have just graduated, then it may be a daunting task for you to find a prospective employer, to approach them and grab a successful job role.

Most cases were the same, before the worldwide acceptance of job applications through emails.

Now, have a look at the other side. What most of the freshers do is — they perform extensive research about the employing managers and the entity and craft a neatly tailored resume and cover letter. They are done.

They attach these documents in the job application emails, but what they fail to recognize is the importance of tailoring their emails the same.

To add a little, even if you are an experienced professional; there are times when you apply for a new job, your emails get no response from the employers.

It happens due to many reasons like poor writing skills and the flooded email inbox of your hiring manager, with poor subject lines.

So, if you do not follow the formatting best practices, minimalistic structuring then expects your mails to be sent to the trash as soon as you hit the send button.

To make your email impactful and outstanding, you need to stick to some professional styles and formatting rules that recruiters mostly adore. And, here I will help you with some easily actionable tips for crafting your job application email.

Keep reading for more.

Super Easy Tips That Makes Your Job Application Stand Out Of the Crowd

Before you prepare for your next job application, remember these tips and follow them in real for an elevated acceptance rate.

Use a Professional Email Address

When you are seeking for a job role, you are no longer a child; now you are on the verge of becoming a professional person.

So, never send your job applications from an email address like which you made as a teenager.

Recruiters mark this as a measure of unprofessionalism.

You are an adult now.

Your email should look professional; for example, or

Hiring managers, when receiving a job application from a professional-looking email address, they actually will take you seriously.

Otherwise, they will not.

Make it short yet self-explanatory

Keeping in mind that employers receive more than a hundred emails for a single job advertisement, you should make your job application email brief but focused on the point.

Get to your point quickly instead of writing a novel. Never waste the space meant for email body with unnecessary filler data which doesn't help a recruiter anyway.

Also, if an employee of the same institution has referred you, make a mention of this in your email. It adds weight as well as trust to your application.

Just because you have prepared a brief doesn't mean that your email should lack the required details.

No! Instead, your email should be self-explanatory.

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Don't forget to Annex Necessary Attachments

Often, while we are about to complete an email, unconsciously we hit the send button which turns out to be a big blunder later.

Why I said so above is that you should take care of the essential documents that describe your eligibility for the interview, while sending out an email for job inquiry.

As you must have prepared a resume, cover letter, and other essential documents in digital form, never forget to enclose them in your email.

Salutations and Greetings

Both in the beginning and the end of your email should contain a formal salutation.

Before you start your first paragraph, try to greet the recipient by mentioning his or her name (if available) with Dear Mr/Mrs. etc. — it makes the reader connected at a personal level.

The same way, in the end, add a phrase like "regards" or "sincerely" to show some gratitude to the recruiting authority.


Template 1 – For Young and Fresh Graduates

If you have just graduated, or about to graduate very soon, then you need to make this statement in your job application email. This template is made just for you to help you get started on your career.

Subject: Name of Applicant – Name of Position, Job Reference Number

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I came across an exciting position on your job portal that I believe fits me perfectly. I am interested in applying for the position of Development Engineer (Job Reference Number A123) at Sony Electronics. After reading the job description and requirements and matching it with my own experiences, I know that I would be a valuable asset to your organization.

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. I now want to apply my skills in a multinational company like Sony. As a development engineer, I can implement engineering concepts to design innovative and ingenious products for consumers.

I have attached a cover letter, resume, and certificates for your consideration. Please take a moment to go through them to get a better picture of who I am.

I would love to talk to you in more detail regarding this fantastic opportunity at your company. It would give me great pleasure to hear back from you regarding my application.

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

Template 2 – For Experienced Professionals.

If you have been working for many years already and now looking for a new job at another company in your industry, then this email template is made for you.

Your experience here is very important and should be emphasized in your email.

Subject: Name of Applicant – Name of Position, Job Reference Number

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I have 4 years of experience as a Software Developer at my previous company. I came across an exciting position of Software Tester (Job Reference Number 9467) on your website. Company XYZ is renowned for testing all kinds of software and applications before they are released. As I know how they were programmed, I would be able to quickly detect all bugs and errors that need to be rectified. My skillset and expertise make me a valuable asset to your organization.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, I worked at Company ABC as a software developer for 4 years. I designed and programmed engineering software that students use in academia. I now want to challenge myself in a new environment, and your company offers just that.

I have attached a cover letter, resume, and certificates for your consideration. Please take a moment to go through them to get a better idea of who I am.

I would love to talk to you in more detail regarding this fantastic opportunity at your company. I look forward to hearing back from you regarding my application.

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

© ​​​​

How To Apply For a Leave of Absence Using Email? (Samples Added)

Before you start compiling an email for your leave absence, first you have to do some groundwork. Here are some crucial points you need to consider while writing:

Mention the type of leave

While starting an email for a vacation, you need to cite whether the leave is meant for any healthcare issues, to attend a cousin or friend's marriage anniversary, or it is some personal requirements—whatever it may be.

Mention Duration of Your Leave

It is highly essential for a leave application email to containing both—the leave start date and end date. Also, it must indicate your last day in the office and the day of your joining after you return from your leave.

Attach the Supporting Documents

In case you are applying for sick leave, never forget to attach the medical documents, for example, "illness certificate" that supports your claim.

8 Email / Letter Samples and Templates of Leave Request.

Dear [Recipient Name]

I would like to kindly ask for your approval to my [leave type: urgent, unpaid, annual, etc…] leave starting on [date] and ending on [date].

[If your leave requires justification, write a few sentences here to explain].

I appreciate your prompt response to my request.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Dear [Recipient Name]

I want to request for [15] leave days starting from [some date] due to [some reason: wedding, personal issues, death, personal reasons, etc…]. Please rest assured that all my projects and tasks are running according to schedule. [Mr. X] will cover for me during my absence and will temporarily assume my duties.

I appreciate your consideration and approval to my request. Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Dear [Recipient Name]

I want to inform you that I am planning to take my annual leave from [start date] to [end date]. I have checked with my colleagues to make sure that everyone is available in that period, but further verification from your side would be optimal.

I need to start preparing, so I would be really grateful if you can give me the green light at the earliest. Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Dear [Recipient Name]

I would like to kindly ask you to permit me to leave the office for [5 days]. I am really sorry for the very late notice, but I did not plan for this urgent and unforeseen situation. [You may want to explain the case in a few words to validate your request].

I wouldn't dare to make such a request hadn't I anticipated a recipient with a tolerant character like yourself. I am confident about your good judgment, and I'm sure that you will understand the situation.

I have talked with my colleagues, and they are more than happy to cover for me in my absence. I appreciate your consideration of my request. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Sample Email: Annual Leave Application Mail Requesting for Approval

Dear [Manager Name],

I want to apply for annual vacation starting from [start date] till [end date] and want to ask for your approval. These dates are important to me because they coincide with [the big festival in my hometown]. I have checked with my colleagues, and there is no conflict in the schedules, coverage will be maintained during my absence.

I am looking forward to your approval for my annual leave application.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Sample Email: Annual Leave Grant Email - Requesting for permission to go on vacation.

Dear [Manager Name],

I would kindly like to ask for your permission and approval for my annual leave application, which I'm planning to take from [vacation start date] till [vacation end date]. I am sorry for the short notice but [my sister waited until the last minute to announce her wedding date].

Thank you very much for your understanding. I am looking forward to your positive reply.

Your Name

Sample Email: Leave of Absence.

This leave of absence example letter provides a formal request for a leave of absence from work, following a discussion with the employee's supervisor.

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number

Supervisor's Name
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

This letter is a formal request for a leave of absence to follow up on our meeting yesterday. As we discussed, I would like to request a leave of absence from April 1 through June 30, 20XX.

I will return to work on July 1, 20XX.

Please let me know if I can provide further information or if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your consideration in providing me with this opportunity for personal leave.

Your Signature (hard copy letter)
Your Name

Subject: Leave of Absence - Your Name.

Dear Jennifer,

As we discussed yesterday, I would like to request a formal leave of absence from my job. I plan to be away from July 1, 20XX - December 31, 20XX, returning to work on January 1, 20XX.

If approved, I would be glad to help with a plan to cover my workload in my absence. I would also be available to answer questions and provide assistance while I am away.

Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much for your consideration of my request.

Your Name

Quick Tips for Crafting a Perfect Business Proposal Email

A business proposal is used in formal business communication. It should showcase the services you offer and how they are beneficial for the client.

The proposal should convey a clear intent to the client — this helps them easily find the information they're looking for. Thus they become engaged and give your proposal a complete read.

Now, as everything is digital, business proposals are sent electronically too. As I have explained the basics of writing an email, it would not be a problem for you to master the art of crafting a perfect business proposal email.

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Still, there are some ingredients you need to take care of while you write a business proposal email, these are:

Tailor the Tone

While you speak, you can show your emotions through expressions, but while writing no one sees your hand gestures and facial expressions. Here is written a form, your choice of words and punctuation express the tone of voice of your proposal.

As you are representing your brand through the proposal, before hitting the send button, ask yourself first, whether you sound polite, humble, confident, authoritative, like a leader?

Does it represent your brand? Whether it will correlate your brand voice and client services?

Prefer a conversational tone while writing your proposal keeping above things in mind.

Get to the Point Quickly

The best practices for writing a business document is to keep it short, compact, and precise.

Most of the business managers are deep buried with their everyday workloads and will not click-open your proposal email to read a novel filled with jargons to decode. They do not have time for all these.

For this, you need to breakdown your long paragraphs into shorter ones and bluff out any filler words from sentences and make it clear, to the point.

Use Proper Formatting

Never go overboard with funky, cursive fonts with a broad heading on the top. It shows sheer unprofessionalism and makes your proposal less impactful. For this, always try to keep your proposal simple, yet professionally formatted.

To help you out here are some tips for a clean and professional-looking business proposal:

  • Use 12-14 pt fonts for subheadings.
  • Use 10-12 pt fonts throughout the content body.
  • Make all of the headings and subheadings BOLD.
  • Use BOLD letter only when you need to emphasize something.
  • Prefer Helvetica and Verdana for most of your business documents.
  • Use highlighter sparingly to highlight figures and any business terms.
  • Keep your paragraphs short— 2-3 lines each, maintain proper spacing and shorter sentences.

Make Use of Persuasion

While you write with facts and data points.

Add Appealing Visuals

Use mascots, photos of your work, infographics, team member headshots in the signature section to make your proposal stand out from the other hundreds. Visuals, when used sparingly with proper placements appeal the reader and gives a positive message.

Use Quantitative Data

Summarize your or your company's achievements into a catchy sentence something like this: "We have helped more than 659 companies to optimize their Ad campaigns and saved 34% of their annual expenses to-date." Numbers and figures help to build trust and make your achievements realistic in a glimpse.

Go Completely Digital

Today, everyone is packed with hours of office work and have no time to read a ten-page long business proposal that you crafted carefully.

So, to not get them bored, you need to embrace the digital ways that reduce the text-based information. Include videos about your products, feedback, and testimonials from customers.

Use fillable PDF documents and ask them to annotate easily, edit, and even encourage them for signing off the docs with digital signatures.

Read, Reread, and Edit

To get a deal done, a business proposal Email will travel from your end to the client's inbox, but what if it is full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes? It will feel sleepy, will make a wrong impression at first glance, and ultimately, the deal will break before it starts.

Business Proposal Email Samples And Templates

Deiric McCann
Profiles International
5205 Lake Shore Drive
Waco, Texas 76710

Joseph Blayne
ClientCo Industries
[ClientCo Address]

Dear Joseph,

Profiles International is delighted to have the opportunity to respond to your requirement for a solution that will dramatically increase your sales volume over as short a period as possible.

The accompanying proposal provides an extremely comprehensive response to all of the requirements outlined by the ClientCo team in over discussion over the last several weeks.

Until we meet on Wednesday and I present the main points of the proposal to you in person, here is a quick overview of the proposal’s content:

ClientCo’s Challange

ClientCo’s sales team has 45 sales professionals – all hired for a specific combination of education, skills, and experience that they share in common, and which should assure that all are highly successful in their positions. However, sales performance across this team varies widely – from the highest performers who deliver a performance against the quota of as much as 139% (the top ten range from 111% to 139% with an average performance of 125%), to the lower performers who deliver as little as 82% against quota (the bottom seven range from 82% to 99% with an average performance of just 92%). It is this gap of 57% between the highest and lowest performers that rightly concerns ClientCo.

ClientCo has the potential to increase their sales output by a factor of several hundred percents—if they can determine what it is that makes their top performers so much more productive than their average and bottom performers, and if they can use that information to raise the performance of every member of their sales team to the level of their top performers.

Profiles Solution

As discussed, Profile will establish a customized Online Assessment Centre (Profiles on the Web) to enable ClientCo to assess their sales team comprehensively. Using the ProfileXT, we will assess your entire group and use our unique ‘success pattern’ technology to identify the particular combination of attributes that make your top-performing salespeople so successful.

By analyzing the Top Performers, we will identify the particular combination of learning abilities, behavioral/personality characteristics and work interests/ motivations that makes these people capable of performance at such a higher level than their peers.

As you saw, the proposed ‘Profiles on the Web’ (POTW) system provides a wide range of ‘plain English’ reports that will allow you and your managers to manage every people decision you ever have to make—but will most particularly help you to:

  • Identify candidates with the same unique combination of success characteristics as your current top performers.
  • Provide detailed information to sales management on precisely what combination of coaching, training, and management is required to raise the game of each of your average or below-average performers to the performance level of your top people.
  • Use the success pattern and candidate information you build on your POTW system to more effectively manage succession and career planning activities

Benefits of the Proposed Solution

  1. Exceptional Return on Investment.
  2. Meager entry costs.
  3. ‘Pay as you use’ model.
  4. Proven track record with similar organizations.
  5. Fast implementation—no specialized training or certification required.
    Countrywide support.
  6. Inexpensive to take nationwide—and global.

All at Profiles International are completely committed to dramatically increase the sales results in ClientCo by several hundred percents in a matter of a few months.

Assuming ClientCo decide to proceed with implementation by May 11th the solution can be fully implemented by July 1st, with the first concrete results ready to report well in advance of the ClientCo Annual Conference planned for Q4.

Many thanks for the opportunity to work with you on what we are certain will be a conspicuously successful partnership.

Deiric McCann


To summarize everything you read in the end, I would put a few thoughts for you.

Now, as you saw how busy people had gone today, they are submerged with innumerous data. Inboxes of hiring managers are flooded with hundreds of emails every day.

I think the time for improving your email strategy has arrived. You now need to use strategies that increase your acceptance rate, boosts your value and makes it connected to every subscriber at a personal level.

Keep a mantra remembered that, "it is not how much of emails you send out every day, it is what how much of response do your emails get in return." It matters the most.

So, this was all about how to write a perfect email, and I hope I've helped you in crafting an effective email. If you have any query, do not hesitate to comment below.

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