15+ Weird English Words 😲 Nobody Knows, But They Exist!

Are you looking for the weirdest English words? If yes, then you’re on the right page. In this article, I will share some weird English words that are pretty hard to believe, but they exist.

English vocabulary has a tremendous range of words, and some of these words are too weird even to believe their legitness. All my gratitude to the loving dictionary that helped me to prove these words to everyone. You may also like to check these funny English words.

Let us not waste any more of our precious time and move further to the main subject.

Here are 15+ weird words in English you won’t believe exist:

Weird English Words
Weird English Words

Cutting off the crap and moving directly to the main thread, which subjects some of the weird English words.

1. Ragamuffin

It is derived from the word “Rag,” which means a filthy and torn cloth of something. And Ragamuffin is referred to as the person who wears torn & dirty clothes. It is often used for children who wear dirty clothes and sometimes even for filthy looking animals. So next time you see someone with shabby clothes, you know what to call him. It was popularly used in the Middle ages and is still famous in colleges to tease untidy kids. Also, check the Grammarly free trial.

2. Gobbledygook

It is undoubtedly not a stage name of some magician or a showman. This word came into existence in the early nineties and is registered initially as a legit word in American English. It is referred to all the words which have no meaning or are nonsense. It also subjected when people use too many technical words and are almost impossible to understand for an average person. For more information, you can check this page. You may also like to check how many words in English?

3. Agastopia

Is it an island? Or does it refers to a town/city? No, you are undoubtedly wrong. It is an emotion or can say love for someone’s body part. Some people also subject it as a disease, and many of them search for its cure. I personally don’t feel it as a disease. What about you? For more information, check out this page. You might also like to get a Ginger software discount.

4. Poppycock

This word might sound super weird and vulgar to regular people. Poppycock refers to the conversation where a person speaks about a subject he doesn’t know about.

Example: I heard that kid talking about Newton’s third law, and he was talking, “Poppycock.”

5. Halfpace

The landing of a staircase with ample space between two flights is subjected as “Halfpace.”

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6. Discombobulate

Perplexed? Confused? Or Discombobulate? All these adjectives have the same meaning. When somebody talks nonsense (poppycock) or stupid things, it is said that the person is trying to Discombobulate? This word is mainly used with a sarcastic or funny tone.

7. Lackadaisical

Wondering this as a critical disease? No, it is certainly not a disease or something. Lackadaisical is an adjective used to describe a person who is lazy & has no energy in his/her body. If someone is lazy and has no interest in some work, then you can surely use this word to describe them. Also, check this Grammarly discount offer.

8. Woebegone

Came from the Middle ages and is an adjective. It is a sure combination of two words: woe plus begone. Woebegone is an adjective that means “surrounded by sorrow or sadness.”

Example: The mother could tell that her son was woebegone when she said to him that he was grounded.

9. Curmudgeon

It refers to a person who has a bad temper; it is mainly used for old professors and households. For instance, I don’t like his grandmother as she is a serious curmudgeon.

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10. Flummox

Flummox is not a chemical or a serious medicine to cure anything. When I heard this word first, I confused it with some medicine name, but it is certainly not. It is an adjective that can be subjected to the synonym of discombobulated or perplexed.

11. Kakorrhaphiophobia

As per the last word suggests, it is undoubtedly a phobia of something, and this something refers to failure. Kakorrhaphiophobia is a fear of failure. Also, check the Grammarly cost.

12. Pauciloquent

It is an adjective that is subjected to a speech that is brief or short. As per its meaning, I won’t say much about “pauciloquent.”

13. Whippersnapper

This word has many different meanings, but finally, it has an absolute meaning right now. In the late 17th century, this word was used to subject people who are lazy and have an interest in work. But now it is used for little kids which converse quickly & intellectually. Whippersnapper is a sure fun word. Try Grammarly premium.

14. Hullabaloo

As per its sound, it is an aggressive word. Hullabaloo is referred to as loud noises & shouting of the people in anger. For instance, if people are shouting & fighting in a class, then it can be subjected: There is a Hullabaloo in the classroom.

15. Tittynope

Do not get this wrong; this word does not refer to anything vulgar. If you ever left something after your meal, the leftover meal is referred to as “Tittynope.” Also, check the Grammarly student discount.

16. Cacophony

As per the last word “Phony,” it is referred to like the mixture of different sounds. This word came into existence in the mid 16th century by the people of the greek.

Why should one learn these weird English words?

Knowledge never gets wasted, in life, you learn a lot of things, and you use them in places you don’t even realize. If you own a blog, then changing your vocabulary is undoubtedly the best thing you can do for your readers/audience.

And if you work as a copywriter, then learning native English words are compulsory for your job because a copywriter cannot deliver content with the same vocabulary.

Apart from that, using these words will enhance your personality to satisfy your client by high-level content delivery.

How to remember these weird English words?

I can understand the struggle to remember these words and to use them in your speech. There are a few things you can follow to retain & use it in your writings.

I have mentioned some tips that might help you to use these words in your speech or content.

Write Notes

The most helpful thing that you can remember these words is to write it down in your notebook or save on your desktop. While writing your content, you can use the list and enhance your piece.

Become An Abibliophobiac (Read More)

Read novels and search for meanings of the unknown or alien words; this will help you learn and remember more words. Use those words in your piece and deliver high-quality words.

Watch Movies with Subtitles

Hollywood Movies & Series help you know more new words with perfect pronunciation. You can always use those words in your daily routine, and it will also help you remember and then use it in your article.


English vocabulary is a sure big thing, and learning all the words of the English language is near to impossible. As the professors are only known to formal words and not the slang informal words.

All these things do not matter; what matters is the fun in learning those words. If you are a copywriter or a professional blogger, then learning these words is a serious thing as your career depends on how appealing your content is, and it totally depends on your vocabulary.

In this article, I have shared some of the alien weird English words for you to remember & use in your speech. I hope that this comprehensive information helped you and satisfied all your queries or doubts related to the topic – Weird English Words.

But if you have anything to say or ask then, please comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond with a helpful reply in no big time.

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