WhiteSmoke Discount Code 2020: 50% Off Coupon Codes & Offers

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In previous, We have already shared Grammarly discount and Ginger Software offers with you, and this article is all about how to get the WhiteSmoke discount.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you improve your grammar writing skills, then WhiteSmoke will help you out. 

Out of thousands of online proofreading tools available in the market, WhiteSmoke stands out from the crowd by giving you top of the line features to help you improve your writing.

So, are you excited to get the WhiteSmoke coupon discount of 50% off?

WhiteSmoke Discount Code

Oh, and by the way, this discount is exclusive for our readers only, and I’m super happy to share it with you.

Let’s dive right in!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the post, I’d like to share a brief introduction of what WhiteSmoke is, and how it can help you create professional articles and content.

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What Is WhiteSmoke Software?

whitesmoke grammar checker

WhiteSmoke is an online proofreading tool that detects hundreds of grammatical and punctuation errors. The tool has an easy to use layout which anyone and everyone can learn.

WhiteSmoke detects all your errors in real-time.

The only thing that bugs me about this tool is, you don’t have a free version of the software. You get a free 4-day trial to try out the tool, though! But I feel there should be a free version of the software.

For a detailed guide you should check this WhiteSmoke review.

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Try WhiteSmoke Now!

WhiteSmoke Features

Although the features that you’d get in a proofreading software are almost similar, WhiteSmoke still has something unique to offer.

Let’s have a brief overview of the features:

#1. Readymade Templates

One of the unique features that you won’t get in Grammarly & Ginger Software is the 100+ premade templates that WhiteSmoke offers.

There are templates for resume, email, documents, and letters. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and use the things that are working.

#2. Desktop Software

There’s nothing new in this feature. I mean almost all the online proofreading software that you’d come across have a desktop software to use.

#3. Mobile Application

Just like desktop, WhiteSmoke is available both for Android & iOS devices. With this, you can check your grammatical and punctuation errors even when you’re away from your laptop.

#4. Translator

Make use of the WhiteSmoke translator and translate your text primarily written in English to multiple other languages.

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WhiteSmoke Pricing Plans

WhiteSmoke is available in four pricing plans. Below mentioned are the details about the plans:

NOTE: WhiteSmoke has Yearly and 3-year plans. Here I’ll discuss the yearly pricing plans.

#1. WhiteSmoke Cost for Chrome Extension Plan

WhiteSmoke has a special plan for Google Chrome browser users. It comes with features like the grammar checker, translator and plagiarism checker.

The extension will work in your Chrome Browser, Gmail inbox, Facebook, & Linkedin.

The plan is perfect for anyone who is running tight on budget and still want a decent proofreading tool. The extension will work in real-time and check all your grammatical and punctuation errors.

The Chrome Extension plan starts at just $4.16/mo and $49.95/yr after 50% off WhiteSmoke discount.

#2. WhiteSmoke Cost for Essential Plan

The Essential plan offered by WhiteSmoke is almost similar to that of the above plan. However, the above plan was only compatible with Chrome, but this one works with all the browsers.

In terms of features, everything remains the same.

I’d only recommend this plan if you use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any other browsers. The plan starts at $5/mo and $59.95/yr after 50% off WhiteSmoke discount.

#3. WhiteSmoke Cost for Premium Plan

As I discussed above, WhiteSmoke is also available for desktop devices if you want that you have to go with the premium plan.

The premium plan is compatible with Windows 7,8,10, macOS Sierra, MS Office, Gmail, and all the browsers.

Talking about the features, you get everything from the essential plan plus one-click instant proofreading, and the tool will work with third-party writing platforms.

The premium plan of WhiteSmoke starts at $6.67/month and $79.99/year after 50% off WhiteSmoke discount.

#4. WhiteSmoke Cost for Business Plan

The plan on the list is the Business plan. It’s a fully integrated system and comes with tons of useful features.

Regarding the features, you get everything available with the premium plan plus additional features like 3-license usage, phone customer support, external download warranty.

The Business plan starts at $11.49/mo and $137.94/yr, which is a stellar deal considering the features you get. And, this price is after 50% off WhiteSmoke discount.

Here are cost pricing plans of WhiteSmoke grammar checker software;

  • WhiteSmoke's chrome extension plan costs $2.78/month, $99.95/year.
  • WhiteSmoke's essential plan costs $3.47/month, $124.95/year.
  • WhiteSmoke's premium plan costs $5.55/month, $199.95/year.
  • WhiteSmoke's business plan costs $8.82/month, $317.5/year.

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How To Get 50% OFF WhiteSmoke Discount?

WhiteSmoke Discount

WhiteSmoke Discount

The process of getting the discount is straightforward just follow the steps mentioned down below.

Step 1: Click on this exclusive discounted link or the button below. [All the valid coupon codes will automatically be applied, so you don’t have to find the working ones.]

Step 2: Once you click on the page, it will open up in a new tab, and here you’ll see a green “GET WhiteSmoke” button.

WhiteSmoke Discount

Step 3: Click the button, and on the next page, it will ask you for your email address. Enter it and click on the green “continue” button.

Step 4: Next up, it will take you to the payment page where you need to select the time frame for which you want to buy WhiteSmoke.

Step 5: Finally, make the payment, and that’s it! You have successfully claimed a 50% discount.

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Final Words

I hope you find this short article on WhiteSmoke discount useful. If you did, don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let me know.

Also, drop a comment and share what all article you want us to publish on our blog, which helps you in improving your writing. We’d be happy to hear some crazy things from you guys.

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